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Hey, I'm back….and there will be just as many surprises in this story than there was in the last, so enjoy. This is a strictly Edward and Bella story, no matter what happens in later chapters. So…remember that. I have a good feeling about this story, so I hope you all like it!

Chp. 1



"Oh, I've got it!" I exclaimed, breaking the thick silence that had formed between my husband and I. "You, Renesmee, Emmett, Alice, Esme, and Carlisle can be Cullen's. Jasper and Rosalie can be the Hale twins again. Jacob can keep his last name, Black. And I'll be Bella Masen. I don't want to be a Swan again, it just feels wrong somehow."

He hummed as he pondered my words, then his face broke out into that delicious half smile he knew I adored. "You want to go by Masen?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered without a moment's pause. "If I go by the last name Masen, I'll still feel like I'm married to you. The last name Swan tacked onto my first one would feel unnatural."

Edward was about to say something, but Alice bounced into our bedroom, her eyes bright. "I foresaw you suggesting those names and already told the rest of the family. They agreed with them, so now I'm here to tell you your background stories."

I nodded for her to go on and she looked straight towards me. "Edward and Renesmee will be twins, and are sophomores. They were adopted when they were 9 years old by Carlisle and Esme, and never knew their birth parents. Emmett will be a junior, as will Jasper and Rosalie, and they will be acting as twins too. Jacob will also be posing as a junior. As for you and I, we will be freshmen," she frowned as she said the last sentence.

I groaned. "Freshmen, really?"

She nodded glumly. "Carlisle thought it would be best."

"Damn it," I muttered under my breath. I really hated posing as a freshman, but Carlisle usually made Alice and I, because it allowed us to stay in one place longer. Plus, Alice and I looked the youngest. I've had to start as a freshman 2 out of the 3 times I've been to high school as a vampire. My own child, Renesmee, looks older than I do sometimes. It's annoying, is what it is. "So what's my story?"

"You're parents died in a house fire while you were out with friends when you were 12."

"Oh, lovely," I replied sarcastically.

Alice ignored me and kept speaking. "We'll have to doll ourselves up to make us look more believably younger. So I want you in my bathroom at 6 o' clock sharp Monday morning, clear?" She eyed me for a few moments until I finally caved, allowing her free rein in dressing me for school.

"Fine," I huffed.

"Perfect," she chirped. She smiled and skipped out the door.

When she was gone I plopped myself down on the humongous mess of sheets we called our bed. It was a very pretty, deep blue colored comforter, made of silk. The sheets underneath were midnight blue, and the pillows were huge and fluffy and wonderful. But, our bed was a complete mess from the night before. And there really was no point in making the bed if we'd just mess it right back up again tonight.

"It'll be alright, Bella. Being a freshman isn't too bad. Sure, you have to go to school longer than the rest, but you like school," Edward's soft voice filled my ears as I felt the bed shift beside me, and I nearly forgot all about why I was angry.

Somehow, I remembered. "But I won't be in any of your classes," I muttered. Whenever Edward and I are in the same grade when we go to school, we get identical schedules.

"No, you won't, but at least you'll be in some of Alice's," he reminded me. "I can even convince the secretary to change your schedule to match hers, if you'd like."

"Just leave it. I'll manage…somehow."

A comfortable silence fell over us, and I glanced around our new room. I was still upset that we had to ditch our private cottage back in Forks almost twenty years ago. Ever since moving from Forks, we've had to live in the same house as the rest of our family, which sucked more than I ever thought it would.

"Come on, love, Ness just got home." He could barely finish his sentence before I flew out our bedroom door and into the hallway. I sprinted as fast as I could down the hall and staircase, through the living room and out the front door. When I caught sight of my daughter getting out of the car, I launched myself at her.

Renesmee and Jacob had gone on vacation to get away for a couple of months, and I had missed her more than I could have possibly imagined. She had never been away from me for that long before, and it killed me the entire time she had been gone.

Her arms wrapped around my torso and she squeezed as tight as she could. A small squeal escaped her lips, "Ah, mom, I missed you so much! So did Sarah," she nodded in the direction of her husband carrying the grinning child in his arms as he approached us.

Three years ago my daughter had given birth to my beautiful granddaughter, Sarah Marie Black. She was named after Jacob's mother, Sarah, and they had also given her my middle name, Marie.

When my daughter found out she was pregnant, Edward blew a gasket, seeing on how we had no idea what this child would be. Renesmee was half vampire, and Jacob was half werewolf. Edward was enraged at the thought that the pregnancy would be similar to mine, and pounced Jacob. Emmett and Jasper had to pull him off of Jacob and outside before he could do any real damage.

Luckily, everything had turned out fine.

Renesmee's pregnancy was the same as one would be for a normal human woman. Completely natural. The baby spent nine months in the womb, and didn't try to rip its way free when it was ready to come out. She gave birth like just like any other human would.

When Sarah was born, Carlisle did several tests on her. Turns out, she was almost completely human, with only a little bit of wolf and vampire genes. Her skin tone was neither pale, nor dark. It was a fairly regular color, an almost exact mix of her mother's paleness and her father's dark skin. Her eyes were exactly like her mother's, and mine when I was a human. She had that same mop of crazy bronze hair that her mother and grandfather both shared, and the deep chocolate brown eyes that I had as a human, although they were slightly darker. She was much more fragile than Renesmee was when she was a child, but she wasn't as weak as a human. She could lift several hundred pounds with just one hand, but she still scraped her knee when she fell outside. Her skin wasn't as tough as ours was. Her blood was unappealing to the lot of us, as it had hints of werewolf and vampire in it. She was very intelligent for her age, and could read books far beyond a child her age's comprehension level. She was faster than any human, but only went about 50mph or so at full speed. Her body required sleep and she wanted nothing to do with blood, she only liked human food. Her growth pattern would allow her to go to a regular school when she was old enough, as she only grew ten percent faster than children her age. Carlisle predicted that she would eventually stop aging just as the rest of us did, but that was only a guess. I couldn't bear to think of what would happen if she aged and got old and eventually died.

Instead of dwelling on that thought for long, I rushed towards Jacob and snatched Sarah from his arms. I spun us around in a small circle and planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek. She giggled. "Grandma!" she squealed, her tiny arms coming around my neck.

Still, to this day, being called 'grandma' is strange for me. I'm forever 18, and look only 18 years old, but am a grandmother, as well as a mother. If I were human, I would be around 38 years old. That, in itself was weird to me. But then again, my husband is 126 years old, if you were being technical.

"Hey, baby," I cooed, pulling her back to study her face. She looked older, but only slightly. Her face was slightly thinner and she seemed to have grown a couple inches, but that's pretty much it.

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Edward walk past us and to his daughter, taking her in his arms. I smiled as he placed a lingering kiss on her forehead as she locked her arms around his waist. Sarah took notice of her grandfather and squealed even louder. "Grandpa!"

He smiled before turning to face us, and she jumped out of my arms, running towards him. He caught her as she jumped up to him. I turned towards my best friend and immediately beckoned him over to me. He grinned before jogging over towards me, lifting me off of the ground and squeezing me in an embrace so tight, it rivaled one of Emmett's bear hugs.

"I missed you, Bells," his familiar husky voice said softly into my ear.

"I missed you, too! You guys can't go away from me like that again!" I made sure to scowl at my daughter as I said this. She rolled her eyes, but was cut from my view as Esme stepped in front of her to welcome her home.

After everyone greeted them, we all settled in the living room. I sat on the loveseat with Edward, Sarah wedged between us, one of each of our hands clasped tightly in her tiny ones.

Carlisle cleared his throat and began telling Ness and Jake what the plans were for school this year. They both agreed, but headed up to their room to investigate, as they hadn't seen it yet. Edward lifted Sarah off of the couch and then took my hand, pulling me up as well. He led us back to our room, where he plopped Sarah down upon the bed. She giggled, then started bouncing up and down. "I missed you guys!" her adorable squeaky voice called out.

"We missed you too, sweetheart," Edward was looking at her as if she were the most amazing thing in the world. I smiled, he was putty in the little three year olds tiny, but capable hands. She had him completely wrapped around her finger from the minute she was born. Anything she wanted, he gave it to her, no matter what it was. He was such a softie, even more so than he was with Ness.

He sat down on the bed next to her, and I did the same. "So tell us about your vacation,"

And so she launched into the tale of the last couple of months of her life. She talked, often using her hands to describe what she was speaking of, for almost an hour. Her eyes, wide the entire time, started to droop as she spoke of the car ride home, and before she could even finish, she had fallen fast asleep. By then, Edward and I were already laying in the bed with her wedged comfortably in between us. I laughed softly as she stopped mid-sentence, falling unconscious.

I pulled the covers out from underneath her and placed them atop the three of us. Edward grabbed my hand and twined our fingers over the top of the covers on our granddaughter's stomach.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you, too," he replied.

The remainder of the night was spent exactly like that. Occasionally Edward and I would speak, but most of our time was spent just watching our granddaughter. Never in a million years would I have imagined our life to end up this way back before I was a vampire. But, I'm so thankful it did. Besides Edward and Renesmee, Sarah was the light of my life. I could not live without her, now that I had her. The same goes for my husband and child.

As the sun began to rise, I spoke again. "We should probably get up soon," I told Edward.

He nodded, but lay still for a moment. Then, after one more kiss on Sarah's forehead, he got up out of the massive bed and began walking towards our closet, stripping off his shirt on the way and throwing it in the hamper. I got up after him and found him in our giant walk in closet, in nothing but his boxers. My eyes roamed over his body, and I had to remind myself of my granddaughter just in the next room to clear my thoughts, because they were definitely trailing off to some pretty inappropriate places.

He turned towards me after a moment, holding up a navy blue button up and a plain grey t-shirt, silently asking me to choose one. I picked the grey one, because I was going for casual today and I didn't want him to look too fancy next to me. He nodded and hung the other back up on the rack. As he pulled on his shirt, he spoke. "You should wear that dark purple V-neck shirt with a black tank top underneath. I love that color on you."

And so I pulled that shirt off the rack and threw it on. I paired it with some light wash jeans and a pair of black flats. I yanked a brush through my tangled hair and then pulled it up into a messy bun. Edward stood in the doorway, and as I walked towards him he leaned down and pecked me on the lips. But the jerk pulled away before I could deepen the kiss. I glared at him, and he just chuckled.

We walked down the stairs to find Esme cooking breakfast for Jacob, Renesmee, and Sarah. Edward veered off into the living room where Jasper and Emmett were playing chess, but I plopped myself down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar. "Hi, Esme," I greeted her.

She smiled warmly at me as she scraped some eggs onto three separate plates. "How was your evening, Bella?"

"Wonderful. I am beyond ecstatic that they're finally home. I don't think I'll be able to handle them being away for that long again. At least not for a long, long, long time," I answered truthfully. She nodded in understanding, and I kept talking. "They probably think I'm crazy, by how much I called them and how I practically attacked them before they could even fully get out of the car."

Esme shook her head, a small smirk present on her lips. "No, they don't. They knew you were just worried. I know they missed you just as much as you missed them."

She placed three strips of bacon on each plate, then got three glasses out of the cabinet. She poured milk in one, and orange juice in the other two. I got up and helped her carry the plates to the dining room table, then offered to go wake everybody up while she cleaned the kitchen.

I darted up the stairs and was outside Ness and Jacob's door in an instant. I knocked softly, but there was no answer. So I knocked again. No answer.

I rolled my eyes, pushing the door open to reveal exactly as I had suspected. Renesmee and Jacob were both passed out, atop the covers, still in their clothes from yesterday. I laughed silently at them before I ran over and jumped in between them on the bed. Neither of them noticed I was now kneeling in the middle of them. I placed one hand on either of their shoulders and shook forcefully. Jake shot up immediately, tumbling right on to the floor with a loud THUNK!

Renesmee on the other hand, muttered something unintelligible before smacking at my hand.

"Time to get up, sunshine."

"Go away," she grumbled.

"Aren't you just too sweet in the morning?" I paused, "now get up. Esme cooked you breakfast, so go eat it before it gets cold."

She opened her eyes to glare at me, but I was unaffected by it. I gave her 'the mom look' and her eyes widened. She shot up and threw her legs over the side of the bed, getting up and jogging to her closet to get dressed. I chuckled, that look always worked with her.

I made my way up to the third story where my bedroom was located and went inside. I scooped up the little girl currently occupying my bed into my arms and began carrying her down the steps. I whispered to her to try to get her up. "Sarah, baby, it's time to wake up now," I paused to kiss her on the forehead.

Her eyes fluttered a little before closing again permanently. I stroked her little cheek, and tried again. "Wake up, little one." I placed another kiss on her cheek.

Her eyelids fluttered again for a moment and then opened fully, revealing the big, chocolate brown irises that I had come to adore. I smiled. "Good morning."

She yawned, stretching her tired limbs. "I smell breakfast," she mumbled, her voice heavy with sleep.

I chuckled. "Grandma Esme made you breakfast, but you have to be fully awake first."

She opened her eyes as wide as they would go and sat up, still in my arms. "I'm awake!" she shouted.

- -

The rest of the day passed by fairly quickly. Renesmee, Rosalie, and I went out to explore the new town for a few hours in the morning, and my afternoon was spent playing dress up in my closet with Sarah.

As she tried on one of my dresses, she dropped everything in her hands, forgetting her task as a new one came to mind. Her eyes widened and she looked straight at me. "Grandma, I have an idea!"

"And what is that, sweetie?" I helped her step out of the dress that was now a pile at her feet, and change into her regular clothes as she told me of her newfound idea. "Let's play house!"

"You want to play house?"

She nodded eagerly. "Yes! I can be the mommy, and I'll go get one of my baby dolls to be my baby. You can be my sister."

"Do I get a baby?" I asked.

She paused to think about it for a minute, and then her eyes brightened as she thought of something. "Grandpa Edward can be your baby!"

I grinned, highly amused at her idea. "That's a great idea! Why don't you go down and tell him about it. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to be my baby." She nodded and then darted out of the room and down the stairs. A minute later, she entered the room again, Edward trailing behind her. He shot a glare right at me, and I struggled to contain my laughter.

By now, Sarah had already gotten a baby doll for herself, and it was situated on her hip. She looked straight at me, and then pointed to Edward. "Okay, now go get your baby."

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I burst out laughing. Sarah, confused by my laughter, furrowed her brow, looking at me as if I were insane. "What's so funny?"

"Yes, dear, what's so funny?" Edward asked through clenched teeth, causing me to laugh even harder.

I waved my hand. "Oh, nothing, nothing. Let's play."

And so we did, Edward frowning the entire time as I had to hold his hand when we would go to the pretend mall – my closet - so Sarah could pick out a pretty dress, or whenever she claimed he was being bad, and I had to put him in time out.

Oh how I love my granddaughter and her hilarious ideas.

So….how do you feel about Sarah? Grandpa Edward? Please, let me know!