Doctor Who Fic:

Disclaimer: I don't own the original stuff :(

Pairing: 10th Doctor/Rose main focus...later on also Jack/Gwen. Mickey/Martha. Clyde/Rani.

Spoilers: Doomsday, Partners in Crime, Torchwood Series 2 ending spoilers too (only slightly)

Summary: After the Doctor is reunited with Rose, the two of them plus all the companions, Torchwood team & Sarah Jane's team, prepare for a very special day. 10th Doctor/Rose main focus. Also Jack/Gwen. Mickey/Martha. Clyde/Rani. Fun fic!

Author Note: Hi guys, i've had this story written since before Series 4 aired but i've only just decided to upload it (keep this in mind, there is something i changed in this fic, that isnt the same in the actual show, you'll notice it instantly when you get to it, but i won't spoil it by saying what it is now). The main concept of this fic was to see the Doctor with his companions and what happened with them really, all a bit of fun. There are mentions of the Torchwood team in this, including spoilers from Series 2 finale. Aswell as that i have added the gang from The Sarah Jane adventures, but they dont appear till near the end. I've also changed some things after the revelations in The End of Time Part 1& 2 about Mickey and Martha so i've included that near the end. And also the main character loss from Torchwood Children of Earth too. Anyway, i make it sound confusing lol but just go along with it, it won't seem that way i promise :) Hope you enjoy!


"That's it. We have no choice. We have to bring back the one thing he so desperately needs" Donna said as she looked around at Martha and Jack.

They all knew exactly what Donna meant and looking at eachother with knowing expressions the three companions said in unison "Rose."

The Doctor had been rescued from an army of daleks thanks to Donna and Martha releasing him from the underground base he had been kept hostage in. Whilst Jack had distracted the daleks and was exterminated a few times in the process, as always miraculously coming back to life.

Now the Doctor was lying in the medical bay of the TARDIS, in a coma, completely unaware that his companions around him were planning on bringing back Rose Tyler.

"How are we going to do this?" Martha wondered as she sat down on a chair near the Doctor's bed "I mean, surely if there was a way to get Rose back then the Doctor would have done it?"

Jack sighed and scratched his neck "I don't know, but we have to try, it's the only way we are going to get him to wake up" he looked down at the Doctor's form in the bed "He needs something to fight for."

"Rose" the sound of the Doctor's voice scared the three friends.

"Did he just?" Donna said in shock.

"Doctor? It's Martha can you hear me" she said as she bent over him.


Martha frowned and took his hand "Squeeze my hand if you can hear me" she instructed.

Again, there was nothing.

"What on earth?" she said as she stood up straight and looked at the other two "Did we just imagine that?"

"No, no I saw him say it, but that's not possible. How can he speak while he's in a coma?" Jack said, baffled.

"Must be a timelord thing" Donna said "Maybe he can hear everything around him; he just can't move or open his eyes. Bit like when someone's paralysed."

She turned to look at him "Doctor, it's me Donna. We are going to get her back, okay, we are going to find Rose and make you better."

"Rose" the Doctor said again, in a whisper.

"It's like every time we mention her name he repeats it back" Donna said in disbelief.

"I've never known anything like this before" Jack said as he looked away from the Doctor "Okay let's do this, let's get our Doctor back."

So the three of them set to work searching through ancient, dusty books hidden away in the TARDIS library. Staying awake for hours and hours, teasing through every possible angle looking for any solution they could in getting to the parallel Earth.

They each took it in turns watching the Doctor just in case there were more developments with his condition. His two hearts were beating steadily and his breathing was normal. He just would not bring himself out of unconsciousness.

Martha was alone in the Medical Bay sitting on a chair next to the Doctor's bed and holding his hand; she watched him closely and began talking to him.

"Why won't you wake up, Doctor?" she said quietly "There is nothing physically wrong with you, I can't understand it" she gave a sigh "We are trying y'know, we are trying so hard to get her back. Just wish we knew how." Martha watched his chest rising and falling as he breathed.

"Jack reckons he's found an old timelord vigil that will open up part of the parallel universe" she gave a shrug "don't know whether to believe it or not, suppose it's worth a shot."

She suddenly felt a slight pressure on her hand as she felt the Doctor squeeze it ever so gently.

"Doctor?" she said in shock, "Did you just squeeze my hand?" she felt him do it again and she gave a joyous cry "Oh my god! Doctor can you hear me speaking?" and he repeated it once more.

"Someone quick!" she screamed loudly, she quickly heard the sound of running footsteps and Donna appeared.

"What is it, what's wrong?" Donna said hurriedly.

"It's the Doctor, he's responding by squeezing my hand if I ask something!" Martha told her happily.

The two women heard the Doctor begin to cough and his breathing became erratic. Alarms on the machine began going off madly.

"What's happening to him?" Donna said in blind panic.

Martha was fiddling with all kinds of medical equipment and trying to stabilise him.

"He's not breathing!" Martha nearly screamed.

"Well do something!" Donna said in a high pitched voice.

Martha gave him mouth to mouth and within seconds he was breathing again, the two of them gave a huge sigh of relief and shared a brief hug. Before looking back at him and for the first time in weeks, Donna and Martha saw the Doctor open his eyes.

"Oh Doctor, you're awake, thank heavens!" Martha said joyously.

The Doctor gave a brief smile to both her and Donna before frowning as he looked around "What am I doing in here?"

"You've been in a coma for five weeks, we needed to keep an eye on your condition" Martha informed him.

"Five weeks!" he said loudly. Martha and Donna nodded,

"Do you remember anything before you fell unconscious?" Donna asked him.

"No, not really, just you lot coming to rescue me. By the way where is Jack?"

Donna and Martha glanced briefly at one another; the Doctor noticed this immediately "What?"

"Uhh well, a strange thing happened while you were in a coma. Whenever we mentioned … Rose you said her name aloud."

"Really?" he repeated again, not sounding that alarmed by the revelation.

"Yeah … how could you possibly be speaking when you're in a coma?"

The Doctor sat up in his bed and ruffled his hair "Uhh I think I should explain. Timelords, if we have found ourselves in a situation like that, but its not powerful enough to make us regenerate, then we do have an ability to speak aloud what we need to get us to come out of, in this case, a coma, quicker."

"So basically what you're trying to say is…you needed Rose?" Martha inquired.

"Needed? Martha it's not the case of I needed her, I do still need her!" he felt slightly annoyed; "Rose broke my hearts."

"Ohhh Doctor" Donna said, almost feeling tears in her eyes as she came and sat on his bed next to him.

Martha couldn't question any further as Jack came into the room, screaming with joy.

"We've done it! We're in the parallel universe! More imporantly, we've found Rose!"

"What?" The Doctor, Donna and Martha replied loudly. Whilst Jack stood, dumfounded, at seeing the Doctor awake.

"Doctor, you're awake!" Jack said happily and he came over to his bed.

"Yeah enough about that" the Doctor began hurriedly "What do you mean you've found Rose? It's not possible; how did you get to the parallel universe?"

Jack beamed "Ah you see I've found the solution, I'm assuming the girls here have informed you of what you kept saying in your coma?"

The Doctor nodded, eager for Jack to continue "Well, we decided to find a way of getting Rose to return to hurry your recovery. We've been researching all these weeks and I've performed this ritual to open up a gap between the two universes and I've managed to get the TARDIS to slip through and we've landed outside the Tyler residence in London."

Everyone stared at Jack in complete stunned shock.

"I…I ... how, I just..?" The Doctor stuttered.

"Come on Doctor, just get dressed quickly, I met Jackie when we arrived and she's told Pete and Mickey to get Rose."

The Doctor, at the back of his mind, still had hundreds of questions, but the prospect that Rose was about to be back in his life again, was just too overwhelming to ignore. He gave a very wide beaming smile and instructed the others to wait outside while he got dressed.

Jack, Martha and Donna were waiting just outside the TARDIS, with Jackie who was holding a pink bundle in her arms.

Pete pulled up on the driveway and he, along with Mickey and Rose, got out of the car. The instant Rose's eyes landed on the shape of the TARDIS she let out a joyous scream "Oh my god! … It's the Doctor, is he here, oh my god where is he?" she was shouting desperately to Mickey who was closest to her.

"I'm here" the Doctor's voice echoed across to her as he appeared just outside the TARDIS, beaming smile on his face.

Rose looked over to him and her smiled matched his. They ran as quickly as possible, until Rose ran into the Doctor's open arms. The two of them were hugging so hard that both weren't able to breathe, not that either of them cared. The Doctor swung Rose round as he held her in his arms and the two of them cried joyously.

He put her down and the two of them broke out of the hug slightly to have a proper look at one another.

"Missed you" the Doctor said simply, but wholeheartedly.

"Missed you too" Rose replied, feeling the happiest that she had done for a long time.

Everyone else watching, was either in tears or had tremendous smiles on their faces.

"I never thought I'd see you again!" Rose said with tears in her eyes.

"Me neither, god I've missed you, I still can't believe you're here" he cupped her cheek. "Rose Tyler I love you."

Rose reacted instantly by reaching up and kissing him very deeply, the Doctor reacting just as eagerly.

All the others started wolf-whistling and cheering, and in Donna's case, clapping. The two reunited lovers broke out of their kiss and Rose said to the Doctor "You know, I still love you."

"Quite right too" the Doctor said with a beaming smile and took her hand. "Now Rose, I think there's someone who's very eager to see you" the Doctor told her and made her turn around and the first person she spotted was Jack who was smiling.

"Jack! You're alive!" she rushed over and hugged him.

"Aww it's nice to finally see you again Rose, missed ya."

"Same here" Rose replied happily "How did you survive?" she asked curiously.

"Oh I'll tell you all that later, I think the Doctor has some introductions to make."

Sure enough Rose spotted two girls, one of whom she had not met before, and that person was Martha.

"Hi Rose, how are you?" Martha said politely and shook her hand.

"I'm great thanks Martha, so how long have you been travelling with the Doctor?"

"It wasn't long after you had left, he was in bits Rose, I could tell he was missing you terribly, kept mentioning you at every available opportunity."

Rose glanced back at the Doctor who was smiling.

"Thanks for being there for him Martha, it means a lot" Rose reached across and hugged Martha who hugged her back, happily, now understanding why the Doctor loved her so much.

"And finally Donna" the Doctor said to Rose who stood in front of Donna who was grinning "I've met you before, remember when I told you to tell a woman about a bin?"

Rose grinned "Yeah I remember, thought you were a bit crazy at the time."

Donna and Rose laughed.

"How are you doing, Donna?"

"I'm brilliant thanks; all the better for finally seeing you and him reunited" she glanced at the Doctor "He didn't half go on about you" she giggled and Rose smiled.

"Come on you lot, let's get in the house" Pete instructed.

Sounds of agreement were heard as they all went indoors, the Doctor and Rose following on slowly behind, their arms around each other.

"How long has it been?" the Doctor asked.

"Just over eight months" Rose informed him, "Felt like longer though."

The Doctor gave her a squeeze in his arms as they entered into the living-room where everyone was gathered.

"Blimey what a massive house!" Donna said in awe as she sat next to Martha on a sofa. Everyone grinned and chuckled, whilst the Doctor rolled his eyes.

'Typical Donna' he thought.

"Doctor" Jackie said as she came over to him, smile across her face.

"Hello Jackie" and before he knew it, she slapped him clean across his cheek before giving him a bone crushing hug "Welcome back."

All of the Doctor's companions were trying not to laugh, including Rose, whilst the Doctor rubbed his cheek "Nice to see you too."

Everyone else began to meet and greet the other people who they hadn't met, with Mickey giving the Doctor a huge welcoming smile and a hug.

There was a small cry from the bundle Pete was cradling in his arms, "Aww, pass her to me Dad" Rose said before getting handed the baby, and walked over to the Doctor who had realisation in his eyes.

"Oh yes, forgot to say, congratulations!" the Doctor said with a smile towards Jackie and Pete.

"This is my little baby sister, Poppy" Rose said as she showed him the bundle in her arms. The baby had light brown hair and the same gorgeous brown eyes as Rose had.

"Aww hello" the Doctor cooed.

Rose handed her baby sister to the Doctor who was happily content with cradling her.

"She looks a lot like you" the Doctor said as he gazed back up at Rose, warmly. Rose beamed and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Jackie was in tears. Martha and Donna looked on the verge of them.

"So with this reunion at last, who fancies some champagne?" Pete asked to everyone.

"Oh yeah, brilliant idea!" Jack said enthusiastically and got up, leaving the room with Pete to help bring in the glasses.

Jackie came over and took baby Poppy from the Doctor, as Poppy needed her nap.

Leaving Mickey, the Doctor, Rose, Martha and Donna alone.

"How did you all get here?" Rose wondered, as she turned to the Doctor.

"Well, it was kind of all Jack's doing really. He found this ancient vigil in a book deep in the TARDIS library, I hadn't known about it until now; I've not long got out of a coma."

Rose's eyes widened in worry "A coma, oh my god, what happened?"

"Myself and Martha rescued him from this basement in London where the daleks were keeping him hostage" Donna told her "Kind of scary at times, but luckily Jack was on hand to distract them."

"How did he do that?" Rose wondered before addressing the issue to the man in question, who had entered back into the room with Pete.

"How did you distract the daleks, Jack? Surely you would've got killed?"

"Ah" Jack said "I think you had better brace yourself, there is something you need to know."

Jack explained his situation to Rose, about him being immortal. Rose was absolutely gobsmacked at hearing the news, but Jack reassured her that it was all fine.

The Tyler family, along with all of the companions, spent the remainder of the evening together and into the night, Jackie and Pete preparing a fantastic spread of food for them all to eat.

The Doctor and Rose stuck to eachother like glue the entire time, neither of them quite believing that they were with eachother again.

It was getting late, everyone was reasonably drained from the eventful day that they had had, everyone laughing even more than normal due to the large amount of champagne they had all consumed.

"Right then" Jackie said returning into the living-room from the kitchen "How are we going to organise sleeping arrangements?"

"Well...uhh…" said Rose thinking it over and after a pause of thought she began talking "Girls do you want to share a room?" she indicated to Martha and Donna who both nodded and smiled in agreement.

"Excellent" Rose continued "Uhh Mickey, would it be okay if Jack shared your room?"

Mickey raised his eyebrows, whilst Jack gave a cheeky grin "Uh yeah I suppose so." Mickey turned to look at Jack "No funny business though" he warned him.

"Course not Mickey Mouse" Jack replied, trying to hide a cheeky smile.

"Okay well that's all the bedrooms taken up" Rose turned to the man next to her "Doctor, it's your choice, you can have the sofa, sleep in the TARDIS or..." she hesitated slightly "Youcansharemyroom" she said hurriedly.

Everyone else was feeling slightly uncomfortable, so they all left the room wishing everybody goodnight. Leaving the Doctor and Rose on their own.

"Uhh" the Doctor began scratching his ear "I ... I don't mind, I mean it's up to you Rose."

Rose gave a smile, suddenly feeling quite bold she gave him a deep kiss "My room."

The Doctor grinned back "Okay."

They held hands and headed upstairs, both giggling like love struck teenagers.

All the bedrooms in the Tyler Mansion led off one corridor. Rose's bedroom was next door Mickey's room. Opposite Mickey's room was the twin bedded guest bedroom the girls were sharing, with Pete and Jackie's room next to that and Poppy's nursery on the other side.

Martha was getting herself settled into her single bed, whilst Donna had her ear pressed against the door, listening out for the Doctor and Rose.

"Donna, come away from there" Martha said to her.

"Alright, alright" Donna said, conceding defeat and clambered into her own bed "We'll hear them all night anyway."

Martha looked at her with a shocked face but also smiled.

"Donna!" Martha giggled "You can't say that!"

"Why not?" Donna said with a grin "It's true. Listen, those two have been apart for a long time, they are so in love with one another. They need to catch up on the times they've missed" she gave a wink at her friend before turning off the light. Martha just shaking her head and smiling, knowing full well that Donna was right.

Captain Jack was sleeping on a camp bed that had been constructed in Mickey's bedroom. He was lying there thinking about the Doctor and Rose and how he loved to see them so happy, he thought about his Torchwood team back home.

How Gwen and Ianto were coping without him, especially now that Toshiko and Owen were no longer around. He was eager to get back to Cardiff, but equally he was happy staying in the Tyler's mansion, knowing that he had helped bring the two time travellers back together with eachother.

Just as it should be.