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It took me awhile, but finally! Here is the ninth chapter of 'Viva Las Vegas'. Enjoy!

Chapter nine

After rubbing Eliot's back, Parker went to take her own shower while Eliot turned on the tv, making sure his back didn't touch anything until the cream had the time to dry a little.

It took her about half an hour to return, looking fresh and beautiful in a light-blue cocktail-dress and dark blue high heels, her blonde hair in a cute, loose bun with some pieces of hair framing her face

Eliot groaned inwardly, he was gonna have to beat up a lot of guys tonight with her looking like she did.

"Is this okay?" Parker asked unsurely, looking into the large mirror by the door.

"I've never gone out in Vegas, so I don't know the dress code," Parker told him and he smiled at how innocent the best thief in the world could be.

"It's more then okay, darlin', although it's a little short," Eliot answered.

"That's what I thought, but Sophie insisted that I bought it," stupid Sophie, didn't she know how many men would be bothering her with this dress, Eliot grumbled.

He couldn't deny that Sophie had great taste though, the dress looked amazing, it wasn't her fault Parker looked so…edible.

"So, where are we going?" Parker asked, looking into the mirror one last time.

"Well, I did promised you we would go gamble," Eliot mentioned and Parker let out a little 'yay'-sound and Eliot grinned at the cute expression on her face.

"We're gonna eat first though, I'm starvin'," Eliot grunted.

"Me too, what are we eating?" Parker asked and Eliot shrugged.

"How you feel about Greek?" the long haired hitter suggested and Parker looked mildly interested.

"Will it be as good as when you make it?" she asked, all cutely and Eliot grinned.

"Darlin', when're you gonna learn nothing tastes as good as when I make it," he boasted.

Parker just shrugged, he was right, she had yet to taste a dish in a restaurant that Eliot couldn't prepare better.

Both of them grabbed their stuff and made their way to the door.

"Hey Eliot?" Parker and Eliot grunted.

"Do you think they'll have fortune cookies" and Eliot rolled his eyes. Parker and her freakin' fortune cookies. He should probably learn how to make those himself, it would save them thousands of dollars, since Parker usually ordered tons of Chinese food, just to grab the fortune cookie. Then they would have a week worth of leftovers that eventually got tossed in the garbage.

"You know, Parker, I think fortune cookies are a Chinese thing, call me crazy but I don't think they have that in a Greek restaurant," Eliot said and closed the door behind them.

"You know, this is pretty good," Parker smiled taking a bite of her souvlaki.

"It's all in the marinade," Eliot told her, agreeing with her.

They went to a little Greek restaurant Eliot had spotted when they were desperately looking for a hotel that wasn't infected with bugs.

"What is this anyway? Pork?" Parker happily took yet another bite."

"Lamb," Eliot corrected her, having no idea how in the world she could confuse the two.

"Lamb? Are you telling me we are eating those innocent cute thingies that go 'mehhh'?" Parker asked, her eyes looking shocked.

Eliot was a little confused, Parker never gave any indication of having problems with eating meat? In fact, he remembered her being ecstatic after finishing a con where she took the role of a vegetarian just so she could have a burger.

"Yeah?" he said, a little unsure about the reaction she would have.

"Oh, okay," she said and went back to her food, happily munching on a piece of goat-cheese.

Eliot just rolled his eyes. There was something seriously wrong with her and some of her reactions, but then again, she wouldn't be Parker otherwise.

It took them 45 minutes to finish their meal and they both had an amazing time. If this would have been a date, it would defiantly have been a success.

'But it wasn't' Parker had to remind herself a few times.

She didn't know much about dating, in fact, she'd never been on a date before. When she was a teenager boys thought she was a freak. When she got older guys still thought she was a freak but figured it would make the sex hotter, but they still didn't bother with asking her on a date.

Now she had learned a thing or two from Sophie about dates and she was pretty sure that this could have been considered a date.

After dinner they hit the town. Parker had never been to Vegas before, no good museums to rob, but she had to admit this town was pretty great. It was so…bright, and beautiful

She was getting a whiplash turning her head so much, wanting to see everything and not miss anything.

Eliot was just feeling very relaxed and enjoyed Parker's laughter and 'oohs' and 'ahhs' when she saw something she liked.

"Come on, Parker," Eliot said and led her into a casino she didn't know 'Ceasar's Palace' or something.

"Wow, you sure you don't want to steal something?" Parker asked, once inside, looking at all the beautiful and expensive stuff.

"No stealing, Parker, tonight, we're normal," Eliot answered, gently leading her to one of the bars, his hand on her back.

"So tell me, what would you like to play?" Eliot asked, all gentleman-y, letting the lady choose and all.

"Those vending machines look safe," Parker said, pointing to some slot machines and Eliot raised his eyebrows, since when did Parker play it safe? That didn't sound like her.

"You ever been in a casino, Parker?" he asked and she shook her head, looking at the ground.

"Okay, I'll teach you some stuff, but the slots are just boring," the hitter told her.

Eliot then spotted a roulette-table and thought it would be just as good as any other place to start.

Two hours later Eliot left Parker's side for the first time that night to get them some refills for their drinks. Since there seemed to be no waitresses around at the moment, he figured he would hit the bar himself.

It took him about ten minutes to get some booze, stupid bars in these stupid popular casino's.

When he got back at the Blackjack-table, Parker was obviously having more luck, seeing as she was happily winning, beginners luck, Eliot figured.

"Eliot, you should have taken me here before, look: MONEY!" Parker's happy scream caused the dealer to cover his ears. Eliot smiled, this place was indeed great for Parker.

"And it was so easy to get it! This is a really easy game, all you have to do is count right," she kept going and Eliot groaned when he saw a glare on the dealers face.

"Parker darlin', how about we go play something else, okay," he took her arm before the dealer could respond.

Parker collected her chips and let Eliot lead her away.

"Why was that man looking at me angry?" the blonde thief asked her muscled friend.

"Because counting cards is considered cheating, Parker, kinda takes the whole 'gambling' part out of gambling," he explained.

"Oh, I didn't know that, I thought it was just how you were supposed to play it," Parker told him, she seemed kind of upset.

"I know, darlin', it's okay."

Parker was very innocent and kind of naïve when it came to rules and stuff you would expect even a child to know. But that was just Parker, and if she wasn't socially awkward, she wouldn't be Parker anymore. He didn't like that idea of Parker not being Parker, that was why it always bugged him when Sophie was giving her one of her 'How to be more like the rest of the world'-lessons.

"Tell you what, it's getting late anyway, lets get out of this place, I saw a small Chinese place a few blocks away, maybe we can get you some fortune cookies."

Eliot smiled when he saw the face of the blonde thief light up like a Christmas three and chuckled when she hugged him tightly.

"Come on," he grunted and threw his arm around her shoulder;

He made Parker happy, that was good, now he only had to figure out why he had liked her hug. He was so not a hugging kind of person!

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