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The sky was a light shade of gray and the streets were wet from the rain that had fallen earlier that evening. Richie Richard let out a melodramatic sigh as he glanced out of the window. Eddie wasn't even around to listen to him complain about it. But no – Mr Hitler had gone down the pub a few hours ago. 'Gone' probably wasn't the right word to describe it, 'eloped'was more suited to the purpose. Richie had only gone upstairs for a moment when Eddie had made a break for it. Not very subtly, at that. The loud stair-stomping and subsequent "I MADE IT, LADS!" were rather difficult to miss.

Eddie wasn't as dumb as he appeared to be – not compared to his halfwit friends, anyway – and skipped on the Lamb & Flag in order to make sure Richie wouldn't come after them. Just him, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog. No room for Richie. That's just effing marvellous. They'd had good times together, hadn't they? They were the Hammersmith Hard-men for Gods' sake!
He briefly considered going to the pub on his own in some pitiable attempt to pick up some birds, but it just wasn't the same without Eddie, even if they more than once sustained physical injuries because of it. So, no pub tonight.

"Bollocks." He mumbled to himself in a slightly theatrical tone and turned on the telly, letting himself fall on the sofa with a slight thud. Having flicked through the channels for a while he came to the conclusion there was absolutely nothing really worth watching and absentmindedly stared at a late re-run of some rather dull cooking programme. After some time of seeing a salad being prepared, Richie checked his watch. Nearly half past one. He turned off the television set and had a last look out of the window before going to sleep, leaving War & Peace to rest on his bedside table.
He didn't know why he bothered sometimes.

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