Classic Act

Chapter One

Looks like the upper east sides gone wild. Jenny's done a Juno. Nate's ran away to marry a hometown country girl. Chuck's sleeping with Serena behind Blairs back. And Dan, eh? Well he's kind of too drugged up to take any notice in any of this.

A/N- Characters arent mine, except Nate's country western girl. Remember this is a Gossip Girl fic- meaning any couple could happen. The only couple going on at the moment though are Chuck and Blair.

Plans for the future:

Become Mrs Bass -

Own up to atleast 500 pairs of shoes -

Rule NYU college -

Take revenge on Vanessa bitchface.

Smiling to herself, Blair placed her diary shut and quietly crept out of her bed, down to the front room. It was minutes before that when Chuck had only just come in. Now living together the pair found it getting harder as the day went on, for Chuck because the relationship was getting put to the test and because of the amount of arguments they had. And for Blair because Chuck hardly took any notice in her anymore. Talk about hardly getting noticed. Blair thought gazing at the man in front of her.

''And where have you been?'' She asked, her face slightly disspointed, mixed with sad emotions. It took a while for him to think up a brilliant exscuse to where he had been spending the whole day. If she knew the truth to his lies! Then she would never forgive. Never.

''I had the Bass industry to take care of, you know that, right?'' Shaking her curled hair around, Blair just huffed and strolled back up to bed. It began to become a routine for them both. Waking up in the morning, with a hello. Chuck saying he had buisness to take care of, Blair saying she was going to shop at bendalls, then them both not seeing each other to the early hours of the morning. Every day was the same, and Blair was fed up of it now. Since Nate Archibald had left, or maybe even call it, run away, people had changed. Chuck was a mute and even Serena herself didn't contact Blair as much as she used to. She felt...lonely.

''No goodnight kiss tonight Blair?'' Chuck shouted up the stairs. Ignoring his calls, Blair pushed the pillow against her face, ignoring the salty tears falling down. When did things go wrong? She thought.


Possitive. Looking down at the test in front of her, Jenny didn't know what to do or say. It was all a blur, happening to fast. Biting her lip, to stop herself from crying, she gathered the five test results from the floor and binned them all quickly. Jenny was no tart, she had only done it once with Nate, and that was two months ago, just before he left. She knew test results could be wrong, many girls had gone to the doctors before and found out it was a false alarm, sure this was one to? Trying to encourage herself that the tests were false, she walked out of the bathroom, trying to look as happy as a clown could be.

She noticed her brother on the sofa in front her. Smoking pot. As usual. She rolled her eyes at his stupidty. It had been a month since Dan had turned stone cold to everyone around him. He used to be that, sweet, sarcastic guy that everyone loved. Now, now everyone could bare to be around him, his attiude was just damn wrong. Dan dropped out on NYC, since Olivia broke his heart and since his buddie Nate, decided to skip town. And so Jenny didn't have a brother she could talk to anymore, it was like the world around her was dimming, no one gived a shit about no one, well no one gave a crap about her. Plus Rufus had gone on tour with Lily for his new song out, and hadn't been back for 5 months now, so it seemed like they didn't have any interest on what was going on around her.

When did things go wrong? She thought.


Your amazing, can't wait to see you again. You make buisness sound so much fun xx C

Smiling up from the text message she had just recieved, Serena was glowing like angel, from how good her evening had been. She knew it was wrong to sleep with the best friends boyfriend, but she couldn't help it, Chuck was addictive to her. Since the night Chuck comforted her at the Shallow ball, Serena couldn't seem to keep her hands off him. He was different from when he was with Blair, he wasn't some creepy pervert guy or someone who had prove something to the other. He was just Chuck. Himself. He didn't act like a jerk either, he treated her with full respect.

Walking to her bedroom door in complete excitement, from the show Chuck performed early for her, she noticed a picture of two 10 year old girls dressed up all fancy for a party. It was then that she realised it was her and Blair at Elenors birthday bash. Serena remembered the day like it was yesterday, when everything was drama free. Not like now, her sleeping around with her second boyfriend was just stingy. It took Blair a long time to forgive her about sleeping with Nate, so telling her about Chuck would just reuin there friendship for ever.

When did things go wrong? She thought.


Mikala Carmen was in love with Nate Archibald.

Nate Archibald was in love with Mikala Carmen.

The two fell in love just under two months ago, when they met at a countryside village. He was only supposed to be there for his grandfather, looking for buisness for him, but instead he found her. She was a small queit country town girl, from the rich parts of the town. He liked her; she liked him. So he moved there, to live with her, forever. They planned on getting married in just a under a couple of months, he knew it was soon, but he also knew he loved her. The only thing Nathaniel didn't know about was the girl who was carrying his baby and the people he had left behind. Another thing, he didn't know was when things went wrong. To him everything was right.


Short? I know. Seriously just giving you a look onto whats going on in their crazy heads. So much drama lies, and I want loads of things like this to happen in the show, but thats pretty going like rock at the moment, so I'm taking it, on how I want it. Check out my other stories, it's pretty much.. drama, drama, drama too. Also if your on the fictionpress ite, I have plenty of reads on there.