Chapter Three

"Seriously Blair, how can I give you advice?'' Jenny asked. Advise! She was the worst to give it. "I ruined your fashion catwalk before, hell I told my brother how to date, did that work for him.''

"That catwalk was ages ago. And speaking of your brother, how is he?'' Blair did really despise Dan, but him of all people did warn her about Chuck before. It would of only been kindly to ask about the depressed sibling, since he was going through a rough patch of heartaches and lies too.

"He's not getting any- wait, why do you even care how Dan is? You've always hated the sight of him, calling him cabbage patch kid and the rest.''

"Maybe because I know what he's going through,'' she mumbled. "It doesn't even matter anyway. I'm here because I need advice. And since you're the only person who is even willing to speak to me, then I guess you'll have to do,'' she got louder as she spoke the tears starting to spring from her eyes at the thought of even thinking of Chuck and whatever he was up to. "I'm sorry,'' she shook, not quite controlling herself. "I just.. My best friend's kind of ignoring me lately and my other best friend moved away and Chuck….. this whole thing's about him.'' Jenny kept her head down, she knew what it was like to miss Nate too, she could of guessed she wasn't the only one drowning in sorrow.

"I'm sorry to. I shouldn't be so bitchy to you, when you're the one coming here for help. The least I could do is being a friend when you need one. Because I do remember the times when you actual was there for me when I was having problems with my father.''


"Dan, what are you doing here?'' Nate asked, again. Confused why the Brooklyn boy was standing there looking a lot different from when the past 4 months he saw him.

"Hey, Nate. Surprise,'' he wiggled his eyebrows up and down, and then let himself through the door of Nate's house without even asking.

"Dude, seriously what are you doing here? And what's wrong with you, are you on drugs or something?'' He asked. Gazing at the bags Dan now had creeping under his eye's.

"More like depression. I just had to fucking get away from it all, you know bro. Serena don't speak to much anyone anymore. Chuck's been Chuck, a bastard. Blair's hiding herself away from the world apparently, my fucking girlfriend left me for a fucking celebrity, whoop to do, I mean come on, what's so good about them? Oh and I found out my sisters pregnant, but she doesn't know that I know she is, stupid bitch left her tests in the bin, what a coward she couldn't even tell nobody. Like whoever the fuck would want to do it with her anyway,'' he slurred on, taking out his extra bottle of whiskey he had been carrying around with him on the trip there.

"Your sister's pregnant?'' If there was ever a time where your whole life felt completely still, this would be the time. His back curled up and his throat hang open. It couldn't be true…. It couldn't be his, it just couldn't.

"Yeah. She's been pregnant for a couple of months now I think. Just wait till my dad get's back he's going to kill her,'' he laughed, sipping the last bit of alcohol he had left.

"I think you better get cleaned up mate. You look like shit, your hairs overgrown and your beards horrendous. What's happened to you Dan?'' He asked, trying to ignore the feeling of his old mate, carrying his baby right this minute. It hurt him to know, he couldn't go and see if she was alright, but his main priority was his fiancée , and he was set to get married in a week, he couldn't just drop everything now.

"Life happened to me,'' he groaned, throwing up all over Nate's clean pair of shoes.

"Let's get you in the back bathroom, you can stop here for a couple of nights.''


"So how long we going to keep this up, Mr. Bass,'' Serena commented, giggling at his cold hands on her belly.

"What do you mean?'' He asked. Not really listening.

"I mean until you tell Blair you don't want to be with her, and that you want to be with me instead,'' she said seriously. She loved Blair and everything, but she also wanted Chuck, and no matter what they did now anyway their friendship would never be the same, so she knew she might as well come clean. That meaning having Chuck to.

"I'm not breaking up from B, Serena. I do love her, you have got to understand that. I'm just sick of the same route were doing, and that's why I've come to you, you know to have a little fun. That's all this is, fun. Nothing else, but two people living life a little. Meaning no strings attached, none of us falling in love.'' She kept quiet then, she knew one of them might of agreed to those rules, but she had total broken all of them.

"Right of course, Blair always get's everything she wants,'' Serena sighed, rolling onto her back, moving away from Chuck.

"No she doesn't, you've actually taken a lot from Blair's that was fully hers, you have no right to say that,'' he argued back. He had saw this from seeing events happen themselves.

"What like Nate? I liked Nate a whole lot more than she did, even if she was in kindergarten with him. She always gets the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect mother who cares about her, and a dad that actual wants her. What do I get nothing,'' she argued back, standing up from the bed, to put her clothes back on, not really wanting to go into topic.

"Is this what the whole having fun with you is about then, because Blair's got it, you want it. Because if it is I don't want to do this anymore, any of it.''

"And what if I tell Blair what you've been up to. What you going to do then? Huh, I could make her hate you forever, and if you love Blair that much you would shut your gob right now,'' she screamed, throwing her phone at him.

"She would hate me, but she would hate you too.'' Chuck said.

"Do I look like I honestly care anymore? I've wrecked our friendship as it is, what's there from stopping me from telling her, I have nothing holding me back.''

"Oh but I do. I know you still love Dan. And you can hide it, but we all know you love him, you have since the time you met him, you called his name in sex before!''

"Shut up about that,'' she yelled. Walking out the apartment, slamming the door behind. Speaking about Dan and mentioning him, just sent her crazy, he was everything she hated in men now. Perfectic and weak.


Serena slowly made her way up to the suite where the boy she loved, the poor brooklyn boy was. She needed to confess her love to him. It was now or never, she told herself.

"Serena what you doing here?'' Dan asked, slightly confused.

"I needed to come here. I needed to tell you something." She confronted, looking deep into his eyes.

"What do you mean?'' Dan asked.

"I love you. I love you so much, and it hurts, it hurts that your with that girl and your not with me, I've never stopped loving you, and I've tried moving on but it's not working,'' she paused. Noticing him staying completely silent. "Say something.'' Before he could speak a girl irrupted from his room, it was Olivia wearing his shirt.

"Dan you coming back in bed- oh Serena I didn't see you there, why don't you come in?''

"No it's okay. I better be going, I see I have important things to do, bye.''

Present day.

And to this day, it still hurt. Everything, she was humiliated and desperate for someone to just want to love her, for once in her life.

Authors Note: I thought I did this chapter well, then I read it and had missed alot of spelling out. oopps my bad. Ohwell you either like it or not.

If you have noticed though not one of them is happy at the moment in the story. There all kind of down about something.