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Summary: After being falsely accused of murdering Hyuga ninja Naruto is banished from the village. He doesn't go alone though as he brings along some friends. After a while they board a boat that takes them to the ATLA world and meet Aang and friends.

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The Fate of our World

It was a chilly night in Konoha as one Naruto Uzumaki strolled down the street. He wasn't heading anywhere particular, merely attempting to end his boredom by taking a walk. It was the night after the third hokage's funeral so the streets were empty and quiet. The silence almost seemed spooky to young Naruto.

The blonde continued walking aimlessly until unknowingly he found himself walking past the Hyuga compound. He was broken out of his daze by the sound of a female scream from within. He jumped up in surprise, so taken back by the broken silence that it took him a moment to realize he knew that voice. He had heard it scream out a mere month ago for it was the voice of young Hinata Hyuga.

Snapping into action he jumped over the stone wall separating the compound from the town and landed on the grass. He instantly recognized the smell of death and noticed the bodies of multiple guards that had the unfortunate duty of patrolling that night. He quickly pulled out a kunai and crouched into a defensive position.

Scanning the area and realizing there were no visible enemies he made a shadow clone. Before he could formulate a plan he heard another scream come from the second floor window. He immediately sent his clone over there while he climbed the nearest tree.

The clone crashed through the window with all the subtlety of a cement truck while the real Naruto watched on from the tree. The clone's eyes lit up in surprise at what he saw before him. The room was a wreck, furniture thrown all about and covered in blood.

In front of Naruto was Neji with his back turned to him facing Hinata. Hinata was breathing heavily and bleeding from multiple wounds. On the ground to the side lying face up was Hinata's father, Hiashi. His neck was snapped and blood leaked from the side of his mouth.

Naruto took all this in during a mere moment and it took even less time for Neji to turn around and face him. "Naruto!" Neji called out in surprise, he had hoped no one would hear Hinata's scream, especially not Naruto.

"Naruto," Hinata yelled out. "Run away! Get help but make sure you get away!" Hinata loved Naruto and as much as she wanted him to save her she was more concerned with his safety than her own.

"Hinata, Neji, what's going on?" Naruto of course knew what it looked like but was too trusting of people to accept what was happening.

"Hello Naruto," Neji said politely. "I'm defying my destiny, just like you told me to. You were right, I had to break free and now I am."

"What the hell are you talking about? I told you not to be controlled by the Hyuga mentality, not to kill people!"

Neji frowned, "And I won't be controlled by them anymore Naruto. I was able to avenge my father and end the slavery that is the house of Hyuga!"

"But why are you trying to kill Hinata? What did she ever do to you?" Naruto tried to reason with Neji, hoping he could at least save Hinata's life. But Neji was in no mood to tell Naruto his story right now. Though he couldn't help it running through his mind as Naruto questioned him…


Like the rest of the Konoha ninja, during the attack by Orochimaru only a few days prior Neji was engaged in combat with sound ninja. Though tired from his recent fight with Naruto, Neji wasn't going to stand around while his village was attacked. He was currently fighting off two at once, back to back.

He had already sealed off the chakra points off one when a third came up behind him with extreme subtlety and landed a kick straight to the back of his head. Neji hit the ground but used the opportunity to kick at his opponents' legs and then stand back up. What he hadn't noticed in the heat of battle was his headband had been knocked off by the kick.

Fighting off three enemies at once was much harder than two and Neji realized he would lose if he didn't do something quick. It was then that Neji noticed his team leader Gai running towards him. "Need some help Neji?" He asked as he landed a mighty kick on two of Neji's opponents.

Neji nodded his thanks as he fought the third sound ninja while Gai took on the other two. The Hyuga was quick to dispose of his opponent but when he turned to help Gai he noticed one of the two sound ninja were gone. He heard a noise behind him and turned around as quickly as he could to discover the sound ninja slashing at him with a kunai.

Neji leaned back to avoid the kunai at the last second but unfortunately it wasn't enough and the blade slashed across his forehead leaving a deep gash. It had hit right over his tattoo and suddenly Neji's body was wracked in pain. He screamed out in pain moments before passing out.

The next day Neji awoke in a hospital bed with a large bandage over his forehead. The battle was over, Konoha had been victorious but at the price of the third Hokage's life. Neji had little interaction with the man but this depressed him none the less.

Realizing nothing was broken Neji got out of his bed and headed into the nearest bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror above the sink and unraveled the bandage over his forehead. What he saw astounded him. The Hyuga tattoo that branded him to the second house and forever making him the slave of the main house of Hyuga was gone! Instead there was a large scar mark where the Kunai had slashed him.

Neji ran his hands over it. He couldn't believe it, for a while he just stared wide-eyed into the mirror amazed. "I'm free…" He uttered it out loud, hoping it would make it seem more real. The fatalistic boy wondered what he should do now that he was free. He thought that Naruto or Lee would probably start jumping up and down but Neji wasn't like that. He was a Hyuga.

It was then that he realized the horrible truth. If the main house found out they would either brand him with another one or even execute him for betrayal. He sighed deeply as he realized as long as the main branch was there he would never be free. Then it hit him: get rid of the main branch. Kill Hiashi, not only would he be free but it would avenge his father. He never believed that BS story Hiashi had told him about his father volunteering to die; and even if it was true it didn't change the facts.

Realizing what he had to do Neji retied his forehead protector to make sure no one would notice his tattoo was gone and left the hospital. He went home and devised a plan on how he would avenge his father. On the day of the third's funeral Neji's plans were complete and he waited until nightfall to strike.

The outside guards had been easy, nothing compared to his strength. He made his way through the mansion with little opposition. He made his way to Hiashi's room quickly and when he entered he didn't waste time talking. He made use of his uncle's surprise and attacked.

Hiashi was a strong ninja, to lead the Hyuga he had to be. Unfortunately for him Neji was not only in his prime but also a genius. Though Hiashi had fought back it was ultimately no use as Neji sealed his chakra points and beat him to the ground. Neji had one hand on each side of his uncle's head as one word whispered out of the man's mouth, "Why?"


And then Neji swiftly and without mercy snapped the leader of the Hyuga's neck. He let go and the body fell to the floor unceremoniously. "It is over, I am free…" Neji took a deep breath, however before he could fully enjoy his victory the door cracked open and Hinata meekly wandered in.

"Father?" She whispered before her eyes lit up as she saw Hiash's body on the floor. "Oh my gosh!" One of her hands covered her mouth. "Neji?" She pleaded, wishing he would tell her what she was looking at wasn't true.

"Hinata…" Neji uttered as he tried to figure out what he should do now. Hinata didn't have anything to do with this, did she? But she was the daughter of the main house and thus may have been taught how to seal a member of the second house. Coming to the conclusion that his freedom might still be in danger Neji attacked the girl.

*End Flashback*

"I don't have time to play twenty questions with you Naruto." Neji told Naruto as he clenched the Kunai in his hand tighter. "Just stay the hell out of my way!" He yelled as he slammed his fist into Naruto. The shadow clone disappeared in a puff of smoke; though Neji knew enough of Naruto to not be surprised by this.

Not wanting to fight off two genin at once Neji lunged straight for Hinata while Naruto jumped from the tree through the window into the room. Hinata was low on blood and barely had the strength left to stand up, much less defend herself. It was only too easy for Neji to slash his kunai across Hinata's neck and watch as dark red blood splashed out.

"No!" Naruto yelled out. He had jumped in as fast as he could but he couldn't make it in time to save her. He watched her body fall limp to the ground as her blood stained the floor red. Hinata Hyuga's last thoughts were: I hope Naruto will be okay…

Naruto ran over and flipped Hinata carefully over onto her back, but it was too late. She was already dead. He turned back to face Neji, "Why? Why did you do it? Hinata never did anything to you! She was a nice, shy girl who never hurt anyone!"

Without Naruto even noticing it red chakra was seeping throughout his body. "SHE DIDN"T DESERVE THIS!" Naruto screamed at Neji. At this point Neji's eyes were wide in shock as two of the Kyuubi's tails were visible outside of Naruto's body. Naruto lunged at Neji with inhuman speed, catching him completely unaware.

Naruto's fist appeared in front of Neji's face milliseconds before it slammed into it, breaking his jaw and knocking him through the wall. Neji crashed out of the wall and fell onto the grass below. Before the Hyuga genius could stand back up Naruto had jumped down and drop-kicked Neji in the stomach.

Neji let out a scream of pain that went ignored by Naruto as he started punching the boy repeatedly in the face. "WHY? WHY?" He continued to scream, no longer in control of his own body. All he could see was red until he realized Neji was no longer screaming or trying to fight back. The blonde blinked a few times until he knew that Neji was dead. Naruto realized he was crying and that all his rage had left him with only sadness.

Looking around it become painfully obvious that he was no longer alone. Other ninja and ANBU were staring in horror at the container of the Kyuubi. They had seen what had happened. Before Naruto could say anything however two ANBU agents grabbed him by the arms and knocked him unconscious before fleeing the scene.

Naruto woke up hours later in a dark room that resembled a courtroom, but instead of one judge there were a bunch of old people Naruto recognized as the council of elders. His head was throbbing and his hands and feet were in shackles. He then remembered what had happened only hours earlier and he suddenly felt sick.

"Naruto Uzumaki," The old man in the middle said, breaking the silence. "You are charged with murdering Hiashi, Hinata and Neji Hyuga along with several Hyuga guards. You are also charged with unleashing the powers of the Kyuubi to help you accomplish your evil deeds knowing full well the danger you put Konoha in. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Wait that's not what happened!" Naruto pleaded, "I didn't kill all those people I swear! Neji did, I killed him after he killed Hinata!" At this the council laughed at him evilly and ridiculing him.

"A likely excuse."

"Why would Neji kill his own clan? Ridiculous!"

"Next time you have to lie to a council try something a little more believable monster!"

Naruto was stunned; they didn't even consider what he was saying! "No…it's true. I don't know why but…" His excuse was cut off.

"You have been found guilty of all charges Naruto; you are hereby sentenced to death!" The old man told him as he slammed down his gavel. Naruto continued pleading as the guards started to drag him away. However before they could pull him out of the room the door opened and Jiraiya walked in.

"Stop, Naruto is innocent! I have gathered several witnesses who can testify to Naruto's innocence."

"Nuts to your witnesses Jiraiya!" An old woman whose eyes were always closed yelled at him. "We finally got something on the monster and this time he's not getting out of it!"

Jiraiya took a deep breath; he had feared this might happen. "If you won't listen to reason then at least listen to this: if you kill Naruto in his current state you might unleash the Kyuubi back upon Konoha." A murmur ran through the council as they heard this startling revelation.

A few minutes passed as the elders discussed this quietly between each other before the oldest of the elders finally spoke up. "For the sake of preserving the peace of our village," Jiraiya snorted at this. "…We have decided that Naruto will instead be banished from Konoha forever. He has twenty-four hours to get out of the village. We will also make an announcement to the village that he is the murderer and reveal to those that don't know that he is the Kyuubi's vessel. This court is dismissed!"

At that the gavel was banged and the council walked out. The two guards released Naruto from the shackles on his feet and arms. Naruto rubbed his wrists and looked around confused until he saw Jiraiya motioning for him to come over.

"I'm sorry Naruto," The toad sage told the boy as he walked over to him. "I tried my best but with the third gone the council holds all the power now."

"Pervy sage, am I really banished?"

"I'm sorry Naruto," Jiraiya answered him, lowering his head.

"B-But I was going to be Hokage! What do I do now?"

"The only thing you can do now Naruto is get your stuff, say goodbye to your friends and leave…" Naruto saw no lie in his teacher's eyes and was forced to accept the grim reality. He nodded and walked out of the room to find it was early the next morning.

Before he could head home however he heard the sound of voices yelling out at the people. Naruto jumped onto a nearby building to get a better look and noticed it was the councilmen that were shouting. They were all gathered around different parts of the town and were surrounded by people who had gathered to listen to their announcement.

"People of Konoha!" The one nearest Naruto's position yelled out. "A terrible tragedy occurred late last night. Members of the Hyuga clan including Hiashi its leader were murdered by the demon boy Naruto Uzumaki!" At this the people let out shouts of shock and anger.

"Make no mistake villagers, it is true! For his crime he has been banished from Konoha forever! He will no longer plague our wonderful village with his demon infested body any longer."

"To those of you not aware twelve years ago our great fourth Hokage gave his life sealing the Kyuubi inside Naruto's body. Now the demon is in control of his body and trying to escape. We do not tell you this to frighten you, but because you need to know what he is capable of. Do not think of him as a mere child, for he is not!"

At this Naruto sighed and headed home. He knew by now everyone would hate him and he had no choice but to get his stuff and leave and hope to avoid any angry mobs that would be forming.

However when he reached his apartment he noticed the door was blocked by his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. When Naruto came closer Sasuke unfolded his arms and walked over to him. "Sasuke, it wasn't me I swear." Naruto hoped to get at least someone to believe him. "It was Neji he did it, I was just stopping him, you got to believe me!"

"Calm down dope, obviously I believe you."

"W-What?" Naruto asked, utterly bamboozled. "You do?"

"Duh, anyone that knows anything about you should believe you. Why the hell would you kill Hinata? Ridiculous."

"Yeah," Naruto gave a short laugh. He opened the door to his apartment and the two walked in. Sasuke sat on the old couch while Naruto started looking for his backpack. "I'm really glad someone believes me Sasuke. Not that it matters since they're banishing me…"

"Yeah about that, I'm coming with you." Sasuke told him, as if it was a small matter over food or who was stronger.

"Huh? No Sasuke you can't do that!"

"Sure I can, there's nothing in this village for me anyway."

"But…why? No one here hates you, no one's making you leave!"

Sasuke shrugged, "The only thing I care about is killing my brother. I don't need to remain here any longer when I can go with you and get even stronger." Sasuke didn't say it but Naruto was the only person Sasuke considered a friend and he wasn't just going to let them kick him out.

Naruto continued emptying drawers and putting things he could use in his pack. "Wow thanks Sasuke that means a lot to me. Hey maybe Sakura will come with us?"

Sasuke scowled, "I doubt it." Naruto asked why, "Go ask her yourself if you don't believe me." The blonde decided to finish packing later and he and Sasuke went to find Sakura. However before they found her Kakashi suddenly appeared right in front of them.

"Hello Naruto, Sasuke." Sasuke didn't bother to reply, however Naruto was ready to convince another person of his story and jumped right in. However before he could list off his apologies Kakashi interrupted him.

"Don't bother Naruto I know you didn't do it."

"So you believe me then?" Naruto asked not realizing he hadn't actually told Kakashi anything.

The white-haired man nodded, "I just came to confirm something about Sasuke. It looks like I was right, well anyway I'm sorry this will be the last time we'll get to see each other again. I wish you both luck, it's a hard world out there." And at that Kakashi vanished again, leaving Naruto confused.

The two genin continued walking through the village until they came to team seven's training ground. Sakura was standing there with her arms folded looking rather mad. When she saw Sasuke and Naruto walking over to her she ran up to them.

"Naruto you bastard!" Sakura yelled before punching Naruto hard in the stomach. "I can't believe you killed Hinata and Neji! And you're a monster, that doesn't surprise me," She screamed as she continued to beat the blonde up.

"No wait Sakura," Naruto said in between getting punched. "It's not true I didn't kill Hinata! Tell her Sasuke."

Sasuke looked around bored, "Naruto's telling the truth."

"Oh no Sasuke," Sakura stopped hurting Naruto and ran over to Sasuke. "Naruto's tricked you, hasn't he? That monster! Well don't worry just come with me and I'll make you all better!" She said batting her eyelashes.

"Piss off," The black-haired teen said as he pushed her off of him. He then grabbed Naruto by the arm and jumped off into the trees to escape the pink-haired girl. He ran them over to a nearby deserted park and dropped Naruto carelessly on his head.

"Told you dope."

Naruto rubbed the top of his head. "S-Shut up. Man, I can't believe Sakura doesn't believe me!" Naruto pouted.

"Why do you like her anyway?" Sasuke managed the curiosity to ask.

"Well she's really pretty and when we were kids she was nice to me once."

"Once? A lot of girls are nice to you now after seeing you in the chuunin exams; why pick Sakura?"

It took Naruto a minute to answer; he seemed to be thinking deeply. Something he didn't do often. "I guess you're right, I mean she does beat me up a lot. And she is kind of a bitch. Maybe it's better this way that she doesn't believe me. Sasuke agreed but left Naruto alone after informing him he needed to start packing.

Naruto decided to go say goodbye to the nice people at the ramen stand who always treated him right. They believed him instantly and were very sorry to hear he had to go but wished him well. After he wished them goodbye he ran into two familiar faces.

It was Rock Lee and Tenten. Tenten was looking at Naruto warily and Lee was leaning on his crutch. Before he could greet them Lee enveloped him in a hug. "Naruto I must ask forgiveness for Neji's behavior! And also for not knowing about your condition, it is certainly most un-youthful."

Naruto looked confused, "You know the truth? You believe me bushy-brows?"

Lee nodded, "Your wonderful sensei Kakashi told me and Tenten the truth. I could hardly believe my ears!"

Lee might have been crying but Tenten had a frown chiseled into her face. "I can't believe it, why would Neji kill Hinata? I mean yeah he doesn't like her, but kill her? That seems a bit much! Or why would the village lie to us all if what you're saying is true?"

Naruto did his best to describe what had happened to the two. By the end Lee was in tears and Tenten seemed to believe him a bit more. "Naruto I volunteer to join you and Sasuke in your banishment! I can no longer stand to make such a horrible place my home!"

"That means a lot to me Lee but there's kind of a problem…" Naruto pointed to Lee's broken leg.

"Oh of course, I would slow you all down immensely. Not to mention I'm no longer useful as a ninja, I understand…" However Lee looked extremely depressed.

"But wait Lee," Tenten interjected. "Isn't Jiraiya going to get Lady Tsunade to fix your leg? Then you could go."

"Yes that is true, but Naruto has to leave now, he can't wait around for me."

"Well how bout this bushy-brows," Naruto said as an idea came to him. "You stay here and wait while Sasuke and I find Tsunade and send her to Konoha to fix your leg. Once you're healed you can come and find us."

"That is a great idea Naruto!" Lee said, displaying a sparkling smile.

Tenten sighed. "Well Neji's dead, Lee's going with you Naruto, there's nothing left for me here. I always wanted to see the world…I guess I'll come too." This announcement excited Rock Lee so much he tried to do pushups again until Tenten stopped him. Naruto was just glad he wouldn't be banished alone.

The made a plan that Tenten would also stay behind with Lee gathering supplies and information until Tsunade fixed Lee's leg and then they would set off together. Both agreed to see Naruto and Sasuke off early the next morning.

The boy in the orange jumpsuit finally made it home and after a bowl of ramen he finished his packing quickly. Before he went to sleep in his bed for the last time he heard a knock on his window. Opening it a blue bird flew in with a message tied to its leg. Naruto unrolled the message and read while the bird flew back out the window.

Naruto I've found someone that wants to come with us. He's strong and will be useful so I let him come. I'll meet you at the gate tomorrow morning at five A.M. and he'll be there. –Sasuke

Naruto was astounded to learn he had another companion for his journey, and a bit mad that Sasuke had invited him without telling Naruto first. After making sure everything was ready Naruto fell into a dreamless sleep.

When Naruto arrived at the gates of Konoha the next morning he was the last one there. Sasuke was leaning against a wall looking bored. He was wearing the same outfit he wore when he fought Gaara and was carrying a backpack.

Tenten and Rock Lee were also there, Lee looked excited even though he wasn't going and Tenten just looked sleepy. Beside those two was Sasuke's mysterious person he invited, which it turned out, was Shino.

Naruto had little experience with Shino but from what he did know Shino was a mysterious guy. However he seemed nice enough for a guy who's body was filled with bugs. He was dressed in his normal outfit and also had a backpack on.

"Hey guys," Naruto greeted them. "Sorry I'm late." He was wearing a slightly different outfit today where his orange pants were shorts and his orange jacket was sleeveless revealing the blue shirt underneath (A/N: the outfit he wore in the 3rd movie).

"Naruto you are late!" Lee told him energetically. "If you were me, Gai-sensei would've made you run ten laps!"

"You have to be out of the village in twenty minutes dope, are you stupid or what?" Sasuke asked, completely ignoring Lee.

"Shut up Sasuke, I got here didn't I?" Naruto turned to Shino, "So Shino I guess you're coming too?"

"Yes, I will be joining you."


"I can't tell you, however I will say that I believe that you didn't kill Hinata. Hinata was my only friend and I am sad that she's gone."

Naruto nodded, "I miss her too. But hey, isn't Kiba your friend?"

"No, I hate Kiba." Naruto looked confused but just nodded again.

"Anyway Sasuke, Tenten and Lee are going to come with us after we find Tsunade and have her heal Lee's legs."

"Yeah whatever, let's just get the hell out of here." Sasuke told him and without waiting for a reply he started running into the forest. Naruto and Shino followed him while Lee waved goodbye vigorously. Their journey was just beginning, they had no idea their leaving would help shape the fate of their world.

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