A/N: It's been a while, but here's chapter 7. This chapter is kind of one big fight, which turned out to be alot harder than i thought. Mainly because i didn't realize i had about 16 different people fighting at the same time. So yeah, apologies, I don't have alot of experience with fight scenes. In fact there were so many fights that I showed only parts of certain fights so to not bore me (or drive myself insane). You'll understand when you read it.

The Fate of Our World chapter 7

"It's nice to see your still well Sasuke," Orochimaru uttered. "I wouldn't want anything to happen to your body. I'll be needing it after all…" Nobody said anything. The room was deathly quiet as everyone else in the room was quite confused.

Orochimaru was standing on a pile of rubble in the far side of the destroyed room. After the earthquake, the entire palace had fallen underground and Naruto and friends had gone to see what had happened. They came across their friends Sasuke, Gaara, Rock lee, Sokka and Toph in the wreck along with three other girls. All eight appeared to be fine for the moment but in such a mass of destruction it was hard to verify anything.

Orochimaru was not alone either, standing behind him were five fire nation troops each dressed for combat. Looking further you could see they were standing in a premade tunnel that was unharmed by the earthquake. The sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the tunnel and as they got closer a young man appeared. It was none other than Kabuto who stood at his master's side.

"Your goal Sasuke," Orochimaru continued not noticing the silence. "Is to kill your brother to avenge your clan. Join with me and I will grant you the power you desire."

"Never! I am not weak enough to sell you my body for power! I can get it without your help." Sasuke told him as he stood up proudly from the wreckage.

Orochimaru sighed and shook his head, "Tsk, tsk Sasuke. You still don't understand do you? I already own your body. I've owned it since the day I marked you with the curse mark on your shoulder."

At that moment Sasuke felt the mark pulse beneath his shirt. Unable to stop himself he found his arm pushing down on the mark. "The mark was my gift, but without my training to control it—"

"Enough of this foolishness!" Azula yelled at the man as she walked over towards him. "Who are you and what are you doing here? You've put my entire plan in jeopardy and when my father hears about this…" A sting of pain interrupted Azula and she put a well manicured hand to her face she felt a large cut dripping blood.

"Quiet you annoying girl," Orochimaru yelled at her. "Or I will have Kabuto teach you some manners." Kabuto cracked his knuckles behind him.

At this Azula was absolutely fuming as she grinded her teeth together and clenched her fists. Her eyes caught the soldiers behind Orochimaru, "Soldiers! I am princess Azula and I command you arrest this man for attacking me!" However none of the soldiers moved to attack or for that matter did anything at all.

"What are you waiting for?" She screamed at them. "You will pay for your insubordination! But for now I'll do it myself!" She broke out into a run and bended some lightning in her right hand which she shot straight at the man fueling her rage.

However the lightning did not reach its target as one of the soldiers stepped up and redirected it away from Orochimaru. "The reason," Orochimaru started to speak. "They will not follow you orders is because you're a lower rank than I am. They have been ordered to follow any of my orders and protect me with their lives."

"But you shouldn't worry about your plans for this city, as we speak my soldiers are taking control of it. In a few hours this city will belong to the fire nation."

"We won't let you get away with that!" Aang yelled at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru spared a glance at the newcomer to the conversation as if he hadn't realized he was there. "Ah, the Avatar. Surely your own body would make a good host transfer. I would so like to…examine it." At this Aang shuddered.

"Hey Ugly!" Toph yelled at Orochimaru as she slammed her foot down on the ground. "You keep your hands OFF of Twinkle-toes!"

"Twinkle-what?" Orochimaru shook his head. "Never mind," he said before snapping his fingers.

"What do you want Orochimaru?" Naruto yelled at him.

"The fire lord has hired the sound to take over this worthless city in his name," he said. "And to do that I'll need to kill all of you." And at that three more fighters appeared in front of him. The first was a boy with white hair and a purple shirt; the second was a female with red hair and glasses and the last was…

"Jet?" Katara cried out at the sight of the third boy. "Is that you? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Katara," he said coolly. "In fact, thanks to Orochimaru I'm much better than fine."

"I thought you hated the fire nation Jet," Zuko questioned him. "Why are you siding with him? He just told us he works for my father!"

Jet chuckled, "Of course I still hate the fire nation. I always will, I swear it! Orochimaru's plans are more complex than you could imagine; this is just a small step to take in destroying them. Not to mention this is an opportunity to destroy both the fire lord's son and daughter!"

"I don't know who you are," Sasuke stated. "But Orochimaru will just use you too." And while their conversation was going on Azula was pulling Mai and Ty Lee out of the wreckage.

"Wake up," She said slapping them. "Wake up! Damn it, they're out cold!" Pushing their unconscious bodies up against a nearby wall she knew she would have to do this alone.

"Your outnumbered, Orochimaru!" Naruto yelled at the strange man. "Just tell your lackeys to back down and this won't have to get ugly."

"Am I, Naruto? A decaying wall falls to only one swift stroke. Kabuto! Karin!" Suddenly Kabuto and the girl with glasses now identified as Karin appeared in front of Gaara.

Using faster than human speed she formed multiple hand signs and then struck her hands out facing Gaara at the palm. "Arcane torrent!" She yelled out and a sliver of blue seemed to streak the area.

Coming up quick behind her was Kabuto. His left arm gripped his right arm tightly which was glowing red at the fingertips with chakra. Gaara tried to call out his sand but something was wrong; it wouldn't come! Gaara was laid defenseless as Kabuto slammed his fingers into Gaara's stomach and wrenching left.

"Aaahhh!" Gaara screamed as Kabuto pulled out and jumped back.

"Gaara!" Naruto screamed as he ran forward to help his friend. The red-headed boy's hands gripped the sides of his head; his fingertips dug into his scalp. Naruto tried to grab hold of Gaara's arm but Gaara pushed him away with a demonic arm. Naruto blinked and looked again; Gaara's arm was normal but a moment ago it had resembled the demon inside the boy.

"What did you do to him?" Naruto yelled at Kabuto.

"Feeling a little helpless Naruto?" Orochimaru chided him. "Arcane torrent is a move I taught Karin myself. She is able to momentarily stop a person's chakra or bending within their body for a small amount of time. Gaara was unable to summon the sand he relies on so much which made him easy prey for Kabuto's seal."

"What's it doing to him?" Tenten asked as she watched the energy around Gaara react violently. His sand had returned and it was now swirling violently and seemingly uncontrollably.

"Let's just say I made a hole," Kabuto said as he adjusted his glasses. "And now Gaara will have to use everything he has just to hold himself together."

As Orochimaru listened he bit open his thumb, made a few hand signs and thrust his hand at the ground initiating a summoning. A poof of smoke later and Orochimaru was 20 feet higher riding on his giant snake, Manda.

Sokka stared at the snake wide-eyed, "Holy crap! Is that thing for real?"

"Naruto!" Sasuke said as he tried to get the blonde's attention. "We have to attack together now before he takes out anymore of us."

"Right!" He turned to look at their strange group. "Guys I know we don't all know each other but we have to stop Orochimaru if we want to get out of here."

"Guards," Orochimaru commanded. "Attack!" At that moment the five fire nation guards ran to attack but were stopped at the sight of a twelve-foot wall of earth about to crush them.

Running to the left to avoid a horrible death the five found their feet frozen in ice. Looking up they saw Katara facing them ready to fight in her octopus attack maneuver.

At the same time Naruto had made about fifty shadow clones of himself and charged Orochimaru. They didn't get far however as Orochimaru jumped off Manda and had the giant snake attack. It was only too easy for him to crush most of the clones with a mere body slam.

Then Sasuke, Azula and Aang all attacked the sound leader at once. Using a quick speed jutsu he was able to dodge their attacks and reposition himself in the middle of the battlefield. A quick glance around showed the battle had indeed started and no one was left out.

"Aww man," Naruto whined. "Not another giant snake!" He said remembering his first fight with Orochimaru. Thinking up an idea he formed another clone only to have it immediately destroyed by a kunai to the head.

Surprised enough to look behind him he barely managed to avoid a second kunai by jumping back. It was then followed up by a kick to the head that seemed to come out of nowhere. However the one-second glance Naruto got showed him the kick had come from Kabuto.

He had hit the ground hard but instead of standing up he flipped over to avoid decapitation. He was being attacked continuously so he didn't have time to think. And it was working. The blonde was managing to not get himself but that wasn't good enough as Manda had finished his clones off and was coming for him.

Manda was getting closer and closer until suddenly Rock Lee appeared and kicked him straight in the head. "Yes! Alright Naruto I'll take care of the giant snake; you hold off Kabuto!" He turned back and ran straight for Manda.

"You got it fuzzy-brows!" He yelled back as he jumped back to avoid being sliced in the stomach. He wasn't fully successful as Kabuto's kunai managed to rip a gaping hole in his orange vest. "Not the jacket!"

Now a bit pissed off Naruto met Kabuto's attack head on and grabbed the incoming Kunai and sent a kick at the man's stomach. The Kunai drew some blood from Naruto's palm as it stabbed down but Naruto's kick managed to hit before Kabuto withdrew with a back flip.

Gaining the moment to think he needed Naruto started running in the opposite direction and pulled off his ripped vest. Turning around he saw Kabuto was already headed for him. Oh crap, he thought. I need a plan! Not sure what to do Naruto summoned four more clones.

Meanwhile Sokka was bothering his sister. "Katara, psst!" She slammed another fire nation soldier to the ground with her water-whip.

"What is it Sokka? I'm kinda busy right now."

"I don't know what I should do; these guys are way out of my league!"

"You're supposed to be the brains, why don't you find us an exit."

He quickly dodged the body of a soldier that she had thrown at him. "Exit? There's no exit! This place is caved in on all sides; we can't even get Appa to fly in and save us."

"Well then be creative. Why don't you build a bomb or something?"

"A bomb? How am I-"But Sokka cut off his own sentence when he realized his sister was a little busy. "Alright I'll just get right on that…" He said as he quietly crept away.

"Give it up whoever you are!" Aang threatened Orochimaru. "You're outnumbered!" He said as both Sasuke and Azula prepared to attack the sound leader alongside himself.

"Silly boy," Orochimaru replied. "Three verses one is the same as three verses three," He said before a volley of hand signs passed by his hands before ending on the tiger form. "Tri-form!" And before their eyes two more Orochimaru's seemed to rip themselves out of the original. It looked quite painful.

Is he using the shadow clone jutsu like Naruto? Sasuke wondered. It seems different and that's not what it's called.

"T-There are t-two more of you?" Aang asked in shock. Azula also seemed surprised.

"Is that a shadow-clone jutsu?" Sasuke asked out loud.

Orochimaru shook his head, "No Sasuke. This is the tri-form; shadow clones are obsolete in comparison. My power is equally divided amongst all three and they can't be 'dispelled' by injuries; only killed."

Sasuke gritted his teeth, "Why are your arms working Orochimaru? I heard they had been broken beyond repair when you killed the Hokage."

"Always the thinker Sasuke," Orochimaru chuckled. "And your right. Unfortunately when you didn't comply right away I had to find another body to sustain myself. His arms were working fine however so it's no trouble."

"And the best part was the ability he left in these arms. But enough talk, the night grows late and I have much to do." At that all three Orochimaru's pulled shot out their arms a wave of blue fire at each of the three.

"So he's a fire-bender," Azula muttered after avoiding Orochimaru's attack and landing on her feet. "Then let's see whose fire is stronger!" She yelled out at the Orochimaru who she was fighting before unleashing a huge wave of blue fire at him.

The fire never reached him however as Orochimaru unleashed his own wave with only one hand. The two blasts met somewhere between them and fought to see which was stronger. "Don't underestimate me little girl," Orochimaru told her. "I'm not just a fire-bender."

"Wha-?" She said before looking down to see the ground itself had cemented itself over her feet; stopping her from moving away. With her attention divided Orochimaru shot out a wave of flame from his other hand which made his blast twice as huge.

His huge blast overtook the fire princess whose own fire was no match. Unable to move Azula was consumed by Orochimaru's flames. Covering her face with her arms she tried to use her own flames to shield herself but to little avail.

With her eyes closed Azula never saw as Orochimaru appeared mere inches from her and kicked her straight into the wall. He then proceeded to pummel her with his fists. His attacks actually put out the fire but she was having a hard time trying to take control of the situation.

She managed a kick out with her left leg which Orochimaru elegantly avoided with a back-flip. Taking advantage of him not being in her face Azula ran off to her left. Avoiding some of the other fighters she sent the occasional blast of fire in Orochimaru's direction in order to keep him at bay.

Stopping for a moment to take a breath she was assaulted by seven shuriken flying through the air towards her from the right. Jumping to the left she managed to avoid the shuriken only to fall in Orochimaru's trap.

As she jumped to avoid the shuriken she fell into a prison made of earth Orochimaru had made. There were no prison bars but earth completely covering all six sides. She attempted to fire-bend her way out but was getting any results and noticed the walls were closing in on her. At first she none of the walls were touching her and she had room to move but soon she could barely move at all.

Outside of the trap Orochimaru was admiring his handiwork. He knew she would soon be squished to nothing and he could move on. The trap got smaller and smaller until it suddenly exploded.

"What the…" Orochimaru covered his eyes to avoid the blast. Looking back a moment later and he saw the raven-haired girl fall out unconscious. Not bad, Orochimaru thought. She created a bomb out of fire so when the sides touched it the whole thing exploded.

He walked over to her unconscious body. Foolish of course, since she took herself out along with the trap. Either way I still win.


"Why…can't…I…hit…you!" Toph yelled out at Suigetsu as she unleashed another attack with every word. She found she was unable to hurt her opponent because every attack with her earth-bending was ineffective. Suigetsu could reduce his body to water and had been playing defense the entire fight. Toph was sweating and breathing heavily.

After her last attack he reformed again and ran straight for her. Enlarging his hand to the size of a giant mallet Suigetsu launched it straight at Toph. Barely managing to create an earth shield in time Toph was still thrown back a few feet and landed on her butt.

"Oww…" She complained before attempting to get back to her feet. Suigetsu smiled at her as he drew ever nearer. She racked her brain but couldn't think of anything that would work when suddenly a voice cried out to her.

"Toph!" Katara called out as she ran over to help the younger girl. Katara stood behind Suigetsu who was between the girls. "I know what to do Toph, attack him from above one more time!"

Toph wasn't sure what Katara was thinking but she didn't have any better ideas. "You got it…sugar queen."

Suigetsu groaned in complaint, "What are you stupid? That's what she's been doing the whole fight new girl and it won't work." As he finished a huge boulder fell from the ceiling and landed on him. He didn't even try to avoid it and instead turned to liquid.

Moving away from the boulder he started to reform and it was then that Katara unleashed her attack. Unleashing the water she kept in her water pouch it covered Suigetsu's unformed self and started swirling upwards into a tornado of water. Too dizzy to think clearly Suigetsu was unable to reform. A moment later the water suddenly stopped as Katara froze the entire thing. Suigetsu was frozen solid unformed inside a block of ice.

"Katara, that was awesome." Toph said, giving out a rare compliment.

"Thanks Toph," The water-bender said with a smile. "But unfortunately that's all my water. If I take it back he'll reform and attack us again so for now I'm defenseless."

"It's cool. Why don't you go help Sokka? I saw him earlier hitting the back wall with his boomerang. I'm…not really sure why."

Katara laughed. "Probably trying to find a way out. Anyway…" Her sentence was cut off by the sound of a crash and the whole room shaking. "It's that giant snake," She said with a hint of fear. "This whole room is unstable, if it crashes into that wall again this whole place could come down!"

"Alright I'll go help that weird guy in green and kick that snake's butt!" Toph told her before running off. Katara nodded knowing she wouldn't be able to stop Toph even if she wanted to.

As Toph approached the snake she saw that it was about to strike the boy in green again. Rock-lee was quite the fighter; but giant purple snakes named Manda were not his specialty.

His attacks did little damage to the mighty creature; even after taking off his weights! That wasn't the big problem however. Manda's fangs were the problem; they could temporarily paralyze an opponent. Lee had been bitten in his left arm which should've paralyzed his entire body but he was able to keep it locked inside his arm. Unfortunately Manda later bit him in the right leg.

And now Rock Lee could barely stand. All of his energy was put into keeping the paralysis from completely encompassing him. As the giant snake pulled its head back to strike Rock Lee could only think how disappointed his sensei would be if he were to die here.

However before Manda could strike a huge rock collided with its face. Looking to see where it came from Lee spotted the young girl Toph standing tall with her hands on her hips. "Hope you don't mind, but I've always wanted to kill a giant snake." She told him. Lee smiled as he told her he didn't mind and watched as she prepared for another strike.

"I give up! I give up!" Karin cried out to her attackers. Suki had pinned her down while Tenten pointed one of her numerous weapons (this one a pole-arm) at Karin's throat.

"That wasn't too hard," Tenten said as she bound Karin's arms and legs. "We make a pretty good team, don't you think?"

Suki nodded, "Yeah, I'd like to learn where you got all those weapons from." Tenten laughed awkwardly at that.

"Must…keep…control…" Gaara muttered under his breath as his fingernails ripped at the flesh of his own arms. He had spent the entire fight sitting on the ground making sure the tailed beast inside of him didn't escape.

"Won't …let…" He breathed for the first time in a minute as his eyes rolled in the back of his head. "…lose…control. Naruto said…" An image of Naruto popped in his head. "Not…monster…no!" He shouted the last word as the creature's arm replaced his and it shot out into the midst of the fight.

Elsewhere Kabuto smirked as he pushed his glasses up closer to his face. Finally catching Naruto in a moment of helplessness he drove his weapon down toward his opponent's throat. However the weapon didn't reach as Gaara's arm shot out and slammed Kabuto straight into the wall.

Grabbing a kunai from his pouch Gaara stabbed down onto his arm. A scream escaped his lips as the blade hit and the arm retracted to normal. Kabuto fell to the floor along with some debris; he was dazed but certainly alive. He stood up and continued his fight with Naruto.

Gaara gritted his teeth as he pulled the kunai back out of his arm. Taking a deep breath he felt the monster inside of him retract. Subdued…He thought. I did it. His mouth tried to smile but instead his eyes closed and he hit the floor unconscious.

Not doing quite as well as some of his friends Aang fell ten feet onto the floor. "Ughh…" He groaned in pain as he stood up. Looking up he could see Orochimaru standing on the wall as if it wasn't against the law of gravity. His hands were crossed and he seemed amused if not a little bored.

"Aang!" Katara yelled as she ran over.

"What is it Katara?"

"We need to get out of here Aang! More soldiers keep appearing and were taking casualties. You mastered the Avatar state with the Guru right? Do you think you could use that power to find us a way out?"

Aang nodded at his friend. It was true; he had mastered the Avatar state. He was very hesitant at the time to give up Katara but the Guru was very persuasive and Aang eventually gave in.

Sitting himself in a meditative position Aang concentrated as he tried to bring out the Avatar state. Katara stood over him watching as his tattoos and eyes lit up blue. Orochimaru had been watching too; curious to see the effects of the Avatar state.

Focusing his power on the nearest wall Avatar state Aang concentrated his power into digging a hole straight through to the other side. As the tiny hole became visible Aang then started to slowly expand it, bigger and bigger.

Meanwhile Sasuke continued to stand his ground against Orochimaru. Sasuke had for the first time unleashed his stage two of the curse mark. His monster like body and the strange wing-like appendages allowed him to float in mid-air against the third Sannin who was doing the same.

"Excellent Sasuke," Orochimaru complimented him. "You've managed to activate the second stage of your curse mark all by yourself. You know, ever since I marked you in the forest of death I've felt a bit like a father watching his son grow-"

"-Shut up! You're not my father!" Sasuke yelled at him.

"…Nevertheless Sasuke, you've shown that you're capable of great power. However you should be aware that I've only been toying with you up to this point. Seeing your improvements and your faults. But it seems playtime is over."

The sound of an explosion drew Sasuke's attention away from Orochimaru. Looking to his left he saw a giant hole had been made in one of the walls and the others were using it to escape.

"Sasuke!" Tenten yelled up at him. "We have to go! Come on!" She yelled at him. Sasuke noticed she was carrying an unconscious Naruto on her back.

"I'm coming! Go on ahead, I'll grab anyone left and follow you!" He yelled back and Tenten nodded.

"Guards!" Orochimaru yelled, "Stop them!" And twenty more soldiers appeared. On the ground Aang still in Avatar mode was trying to fight off the soldiers while holding the gate open. He had given his whistle to Katara who had called for Appa.

Suki and Tenten had found Toph unconscious near the corpse of the giant snake and carried her out onto Appa. Katara was currently trying to support a limping Zuko while looking for anyone else when the extra soldiers appeared.

"Oh no," She mumbled to herself as the guards started fire-bending at them. "We have to go now!" Aang heard her and air-bended an enormous wind that knocked all the fire-benders away. Picking up Katara and Zuko she carried them onto Appa where Tenten was waiting for Sasuke to get back with the others.

As soon as Aang set everybody down the Avatar state gave out and he went back to normal for a moment before falling unconscious. "Alright Appa," Sokka said as he held the reins. "Yip, yip!"

And with those two words Appa lifted up and flew away from the carnage. "No!" Tenten cried out. "We have to go back! My friends are still in there!"

"I'm sorry," Sokka said. "But…we can't."


"It's too late Sasuke!" Orochimaru said as the other two half's of him molded back into one. "Your friends are gone, you can't escape now. Just surrender and I promise to give you the strength to defeat your brother!"

"Never!" Sasuke said as he started to charge a Chidori. "I'd rather die than join you!"

Orochimaru sighed, "Fine, Kabuto!" he yelled out and a moment later a battle-worn but still alive Kabuto showed up.

"Yes Lord Orochimaru?"

"The boy?"

Kabuto nodded and snapped his fingers. A moment later two soldiers came out carrying Shino. He looked horrible. Clothes torn, bruises covering his body and blood everywhere. "Shino?" Sasuke said with a slight gasp.

"Give up Sasuke," Orochimaru ordered him. "Or else…" And with those two words a sword was drawn to Shino's open throat.

"Shit…" And with that Sasuke dropped to the ground and his curse mark retracted. A small smile reached the madman's lips before he appeared right behind Sasuke and hit him hard across the back of his head. He didn't make a sound as he fell into the man's arms unconscious.

"Kabuto what losses have we suffered?"

"Jet was pierced through the stomach and is in critical condition. Karin and Suigetsu are fine but Manda is dead. Also some guards are dead."

"This has been a long day," The man sighed as he gripped his forehead.

"What about the others, sir?" Kabuto asked.

"Hmmm," Orochimaru mused. "Well I could always use them in some of your experiments. Take them as prisoners." Kabuto nodded and waited until his master left. Covering the entire battleground he found the unconscious bodies of Gaara, Rock Lee, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. He went quickly about his business knowing Orochimaru would need him to finish what was left of the takeover of Ba-Sing-Se.

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