I love how Gibbs and Abby are close and I wondered what would happen if Abby went after him when he retired to see why he left. just wanted to get this chapter out there to see what people think. please

He kissed me on the cheek while I cried silent tears. He just left. I didn't want him to leave. How could he do this to me and the rest of the team? He is like my father. Why would he do this? I thought he loved me. I looked at the person lying next to me. He was sound asleep, my wonderful Timmy. I hated do this to him but I needed to go find Gibbs and see why he left. We had gotten back together after Gibbs left and Timmy has made things so much easier for me. But I had to do this, I had to find Gibbs and ask him why he left. Timmy would never let me go on my own to find Gibbs, so I was going to have to leave without him knowing, so he couldn't protest.

I had already packed and hidden my suitcase in his hall closet behind some fluffy coats. I grabbed my suitcase and left the note on his kitchen table. He would find it when he woke up.

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