That's how he had gotten into this situation, fucking Kanda into his bed as he screamed and moaned for more.

It had all started as a joke, Allen handing cuffing Kanda to Lavi's bed with furry black handcuffs and making him wear short, sexy black lingerie. Making him leave his long raven hair down instead of tied up. Not to mention Allen, being sick and twisted for payback against Kanda, had left Kanda embedded on a 6-inch dildo, which rubbed against his prostate every time he moved. Okay, so maybe it wasn't as a joke as much as it was for Lavi and Kanda to get together.


Kanda had been struggling the past half hour, thus receiving abuse to his prostate and leaving him with an aching hard on. He was as desperate as anyone could get. As soon as Lavi walked in, he turned a pleading gaze upon him.

"Please Lavi… I need…" all Kanda could do was gasp and moan as he moved on the dildo little by little. Lavi's blood rushed south and he dropped everything he was carrying, pouncing onto Kanda like a lion and it's prey, his worthy prey.

Flashback End

So there they were now, Kanda being fucked into the mattress and both of them near orgasm.

"Please… Lavi I-I'm going to… Ah!" Kanda gasped out as he felt his lower stomach tighten.

"Cum for me Yu." Lavi whispered into his ear, being close himself. With that being said Kanda came, arching completely off the bed and screaming Lavi's name. Lavi groaned out Kanda's first name, Yu, as he rode out his orgasm. They both collapsed onto the bed, laying sideways and holding each other close.

"I love you… Yu." Lavi whispered as he moved some of Kanda's hair from his face.

"I love you to Lavi, more than you know." Kanda whispered, falling into a light sleep. Lavi pulled him closer, cuddling as he to fell into a blissful sleep, holding the person he cared for most in his arms.

The next morning Allen had cautiously peeked into Lavi's room to see a sight that made him nearly pass out. Lavi and Kanda were both awake, having enough decency to wear boxers at the time. But they were cuddling together on the bed, Kanda in Lavi's lap while Lavi brushed his long hair.

That was to much for the young Allen and he hit the floor, the door closing and his presence going unnoticed, at least by Lavi that it.

"I'll remember to thank Allen by running him threw with Mugen later." Kanda thought, forgetting his though as Lavi continued to brush his hair.

"Love you, Yu-chan." Lavi said, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Love you to, Lavi." Kanda said, giving him a wuick smile before he went back to brushing.

Hope you all enjoyed that! Sorry for it being so short, it's just a quick one-shot I randomly typed up and my first LaviXKanda. Hope you enjoyed, R&R! Plz+Thx