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Previously On P.K

"Oh no!" Tohru said suddenly causing the two others to look at her." I forgot one of the bags at mom's grave!"

Kyo sighed "c'mon lets go get it" they all walk back to the grave. When the grave came into view they saw some one standing in front of the grave. Going a bit closer they could see that it was a girl their age. She was wearing a tattered long black trench coat that reached five inches above the ground. The bottom seemed to be torn and what look like burned in some places. She had on black cargo pants and a fitted crimson red shirt. She had fury red hair that looked like it had to have been died that reached just past her knees. She was holding a black rose in one hand the other was stuffed in her pocket. From their vantage point they could not see her face.

"Um excuse me," Tohru start trying to get the girl attention.

"It's been a while, Hime-Chan" the person said in a soft angelic voice turned to look at them showing half her face. Knowing only one person gave her that nickname.

"N-Naru? Is that really you?" Tohru asked hopeful.

"The one and only" Naru turned full giving her cousin a foxy grin.

The Princesses Knight

Chapter 2: let's go to the park

Now On P.K

"Na-Chan!" Tohru yelled as she jumped into Naru's waiting arms.

"It's good to see you Hime-Chan" Naru said as she hugged Tohru tight. Naru opened her eyes briefly looking at the boys staring at her.

"You really came back, just like you promised"

"Of coarse is did, I always keep my promise's" she released Tohru and took her face in her hands pressing their foreheads together, "did you ever doubt me?"

"No I never did!"

"I'm so happy," she hugged Tohru again "that I could see yo-"she didn't finish as she passed out in Tohru's arms.

"N-Na-Chan!" Tohru said frantic "Please wake up!" she shook the girl as Kyo and Yuki came to her side.

"What happened?" Yuki asked

"I-I don't she just fainted" Tohru said frantic and Yuki put his hand on the girls forehead. "She burning up!" he concluded

"Oh no what do we do!" Tohru was frantic "You two can't carry her Um, Um I'll try my best!" She said trying to hold Naru's weight. Which was surprisingly easy, seeing as how light the girl was.

"You sure you can carry her?" Kyo ask slightly concerned.

"Y-yes she's really light" Tohru said as they began to make there way back home.

*** At the house***

They put Naru in Tohru's bed with Tohru watching over her. She had put a cold rag on her face trying to cool the fever.

Down stairs Yuki and Kyo told Shigure about what had happened.

"So that girl was Tohru's long lost cousin" Shigure mused

The two younger Sohma's nodded. "And by the looks of things she was a little worse for wear when you brought her here."

"Well it can't be help I'll see what I can do" with that Shigure left the room. Leaving the two boys alone.

***Tohru's room***

Tohru was currently sitting next to her bed where her ill cousin laid "please get better Naru-Chan"

The next morning Naru was awakened by the sun peering through the window. She sat up trying to figure out where she was. Until she saw her cousin sleeping beside the bed resting her head on said bed. Naru smiled as she gave her cousin a gentle shake. "Hiiiiiiime~" the called in and angelic voice. Tohru stirred at the sound of the voice and her name being called.

Tohru sat up rubbing her eyes at bit "Naru-Chan" she said in a tired voice before she realized that her cousin was wake "NARU-CHAN! YOU'RE OKAY!" she yelled jumping into a hug again. Causing her cousin to chuckle "Of course I am." Naru said smiling "I'm sorry I made you worry" she then apologized.

That was when the door slide open reveling three boys two of which see saw yesterday the older one was unknown. "Well looks like our sleepy beauty has awakened" the older man said which made said girl blush a color that matched her hair.

"Knock it off" Yuki said pushing Shigure aside entering the room. "You gave us a scare, I'm Yuki Sohma" he said

"I'm Naru Uzumaki Namikaze, it's a please to meet you" she did a slight bow.

'Definitely Tohru's cousin she very polite' Shigure thought.

"Oh um Na-Chan that one over there is Kyo Sohma" she pointed to Kyo "and that one is Shigure Sohma" Tohru introduced.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." She gave another slight bow

"Well I take it you don't have anywhere to stay right?" Shigure asked. She nodded "Well then you can stay here."

"R-really are you sure its okay I mean I just appeared at random and-"She started but was cut off.

"Yes, yes its fine you're Tohru's cousin after all and I've already got it Okayed" Shigure cut her off as he turned and left the room. Leaving the four teens in silence.

"Sooooo," Naru said after a few seconds of awkward silence "mind telling me how you came to be living with three hot guys and not you're grandfather" she said nonchalantly as if she had not just said that the two boys in the room where hot.

"Oh well er, um" Tohru stumbled out

"Let me guess" Naru took a thinking pose "Some event happened in which left you with out a house for a while and instead of going to a friends house you choose to live in a tent where they found you and offered you room and board for cleaning or something"

A cue shocked faces of the other three occupants of the room.

"How the hell did you know all that!?" Kyo asked/yelled.

Naru chuckled in amusement "Lucky guess"

"Um Na-Chan?" Tohru started nervously.


"W-what happened to you after you left" she asked

Naru sighed with a sad express "A lot happened but long story short I'm here to stay and nothing will make me go back to that place"

"That place, mom told me what your life wad like before you came to us and that it would be the same when you got back," Tohru looked Naru in the eye "Naru-Chan did they-"

"Yes but it was worse much worse" Naru cut her off with a solemn expression that quickly changed into a big smile "but its okay! Cuz' I'm here now and no one can hurt me ever again, so don't make that face I told you a princess like you should be smiling" Naru said when she saw the sadden look on her cousin's face.

Kyo and Yuki clearly confused decided it was best not to bring it up although it did make them wonder about the mystery that was Tohru's cousin.

"So boys," Naru changed to subject "how about we get to know each other today, is that park that we used to go to as kids still here?" she looked at Tohru for the last part.

"Yes! That's a great idea let's go to the park!" was the answer

*** At the park***

The group arrived at the park around noon. "This hasn't changed a bit, right Tohru" Naru commented

"Nope not at all!" Tohru replied

Naru who was now wearing a clean pair of black cargo pants and a dark blue shirt with a leather jacket, walk over to the sand and ran her fingers through it she smiled. "This is where a beat up that kid who messed up your sand castle."

"Oh that's right and this," Tohru ran over to the slide "is where you fell chasing that kid"

"H-hey I was tripped!" Naru said in defense. "So what about you boys got any fun park stories?" Naru asked trying to get to know the two Sohma boys.

"Not really, I didn't go out much when I was younger." Was Kyo's response.

"Me either" Yuki added

"Oh that not fun at all," she said walking over to the boys and grabbing their hands pulling them into the sand box " look here" she point to a spot on the sand "this is where you will make your first sand castle with Naru Uzumaki Namikaze!"

"That's a great idea lets make a sand castle!" Tohru agreed running over to them.

"Sounds good" Yuki agreed.

Kyo sighted "fine but there's just one problem we don't have anything to build it with"

"You just leave that to me." Naru said.

***Ten Minutes Latter***

The four teens now sat around the half made sand castle. A funny sight them playing in the sand that is.

"Miss Namikaze where did you get theses buckets and shovels from?" Yuki asked after a while of wondering where they came from.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me" Naru said with a foxy grin.

"Try us" Kyo added in.

"Okay well you see I created 8 clones of my self then had them transform into shovels and buckets." She finished with her foxy grin when she saw their dumfounded looks. "See told ya you wouldn't believe me."

"So where did you really get them?" Yuki asked

"I told you see I created 8 clones of my self then had them transform into shovels and buckets." She began digging again. "You don't have to believe me."

"C'mon Na-Chan tell us" Tohru tried.

Naru sighed, "Fine I'll show you" she looked around there was no one but them around at this time in the day. "Kyo um toss that shovel over there" she pointed in front of them.

"Fine" Kyo tossed the shovel. Where the girl had pointed

"Now watch cuz I'm only doing this once." She said as she put her hands in a seal her index and middle finger together while the rest were all down "Kai!" she said after a second of concentration. There was a puff of smoke and where the shovel was there was now a second Naru.

The three, - Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru, look on in awe as they saw a shovel transform into a person. Naru signed the same hand sign as before and made the clone "puffed'" away. Naru chuckled "Told ya"

"What the-"Kyo began "Hell was that?"

"A Shadow clone" Naru said like what she had just done wasn't humanly impossible." It's something I learned when I was at my old 'home'" she finished 'If you can call it that' she added in her head.

Naru put her index finger to her lips "But don't tell anyone it's a secret kay?"


"Well" she looked up at the sky the sun was all ready setting "looks like it's already getting dark" she looked at the group "maybe we should head back." She tilted her head to the side ever so slightly.


"Yah let's go back" Kyo agreed getting up. Tohru stood as well Yuki follow. Naru stood and looked at the unfinished sand castle "Lets finish this sometime"

"Defiantly!" Tohru agreed.



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