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The Princesses Knight

Chapter 3: The Lake House

"Wow! There's a lake!" Naru said as she looked out toward the Beautiful lake "It's so pretty!"

"And so big!" Tohru added standing next to her cousin looking at the sparkling lake.

A man with black hair with bangs that covered his left eye resting his hand on the top of the window seal to look out at the lake. "Is it that unusual for you to see a lake?" Hatori Sohma asked to two fascinated girls.

"Yes! This is the first time I've seen a real one!" Tohru replied happily with a bid smile.

"I've seen one before but never this beautiful!" Naru said in the ways as Tohru but with a foxy grin.

" Huu Huu Huu…" came a creepy laugh from Shigure. "A summer home like this by the lake you would half expect Jason to show up!" he said fanning himself as Hatori ignored him.

'Jieison… Jaysun?' thought Kyo who sat a bit off to side leaning against a support beam with his legs and arms crossed. 'Now where have I heard that before?'

"There he goes again…' Yuki said as he and the girls turned around to look at Shigure.

"Jason is a new species of bear, you're so ignorant Kyo-kun." Shigure said a-matter-o-factly.

"Shut up!" Kyo yelled at Shigure a slight blush and tick mark on his face, "I knew that!"

"That's not it…" Hatori said, which by the way went unnoticed by most of the people in the room.

"Is it a foreign kind of bear?" Tohru asked

"It not a bear" Naru piped in having studied almost all specie of animals, having that knowledge can come in had when you're in an unfamiliar environment and to find something to eat.

'Hello, everyone! It's sudden but right now… where at a Sohma summer home. Surprisingly Hatori is with us too. I'm so happy!


"Honda…san." Yuki hesitated

"Yes?" she asked as she turned to face him.

"um…well" he was looking down as he thought of the baseball hat he saw in her room and a younger Kyo, he's hand clinched on the window seal as he thought of it, he looked away " never mind. It's nothing. I'm sorry"

Tohru tilted her head slightly confused and concerned.

I can't quite put my finger on it…

Tohru looked over to Kyo, who was looking at her, turned away upon meeting her gaze.

Naru was completely oblivious to this as she looked out at the lake wondering just who long she would get to stay with her cousin.

But there's something strange… about the way Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun are acting. It all began yesterday after we got home from the park

The four, Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, and Naru all sat at the low table and eat in a slightly awkward silence.

They were both very quite as if they had something heavy on their mind

"Um…?" Tohru shakily began as footsteps came toward the room.

"I'm Ho-Me~!" Shigure said as he popped into the room via the door.

"Ah! Welcome home Shigure-san!" Tohru greeted.

"Welcome home" Naru echoed.

"I'm back. Welly, welly well then! You'll all come with me tomorrow, won't you?" He asks the four teens in the room.


"Well golden week start tomorrow right?" he began to explain, "Vacations like this don't come up everyday so lets go somewhere!" he summed up.

"…Why are you suddenly saying stuff like that?" Kyo deadpanned "Are you drunk" he asked

Shigure chuckled "I protest! I may drink sake but I do not get drunk."

'Not that it would mater he always acts drunk' Yuki added in his head.

"Come on, come on!" Shigure pushed, "We could go to a Sohma summer home or stay at a resort! Right Tohru-kun? Tell `Em." He said turning his attention to the brunet girl.

"Eh!?" came the ditzy reply "b-but I've already been treated to a trip once this year, so…"

"Ah! But I didn't go with you that time!" he cleverly countered he sighed "truthfully Tohru-kun my heart longed to go with you… I left so left out…" Tohru got a sympathetic look on her face.

"All right, then lets go!!"

"DON'T MANIPULATE HER!!!" Kyo and Yuki yelled in unison.

"Yes, yes and now you two will join us, won't you? You wouldn't dare leave me alone with poor defenseless Tohru-kun, would you?" Shigure asked mockingly

'GRRR…' both Kyo and Yuki thought

"Now you're being manipulated" Naru deadpanned

"Well then now that we're all in agreement we can zoom there via car!" Shigure exclaimed "I'll drive" he added in a sing song voice

"Shigure do you even have a license?" Yuki asked

There was a pregnant silence...

"… Of course I do!!!" Shigure finally said

"Then what was that pause for?" Naru, Kyo, and Yuki asked in unison

In the end Hatori Sohma drove them to the summer house.

'But I can't help worrying about the two of them brooding like that.' The overly worried girl thought

"Hey Shigure, what made you decide to do this trip all of a sudden?" an annoyed Kyo asked with sidelong glance at said person.

"Huh?" he faked ignorance.

"That's what I want to know." Yuki assed on with equal annoyance, "You don't have some Ulterior Motive?"

"Dear, dear you two are so cynical." Shigure said resting his closed fan against his tempo almost in a thinking pose. "I honestly just wanted to go on a trio with everyone. It saddens my heart that you would suspect me so. If you don't have anything better to do than pick on people…" he paused as if thinking " the two of you should take the girls for a walk down to the lake." He suggested


"What? What's eating you two?" Shigure asked "You're so gloomy."

"Ah! Um, its okay we can go by ourselves! Right Na-Chan?" Tohru said trying to defuse the situation.

"Right, Right!!" Naru also insisted

Both of whom went unnoticed as Shigure continued " Hmph. You leave me no choice. To cure this gloom… we need someone bright." Resting his against his chin in a thinking pose "Of Course!! Let's call Aaya!!!~" he chirped reaching for the phone.

"CALL HIM AND I'LL KILL YOU…" both Kyo and Yuki said in unison. Both taking on blood-lusting dark auras, cause Shigure to sweat a bit as he held the phone.

Thus the four teens left for the lake.

"They should have just gone in the first place. They've been strangely down since the other day." Shigure said off-handedly, As Hatori lit a cigarette.

"…Shigure. About why you suddenly decided to come out here…" he paused "Don't tell me. You're being mean to you're editor again?" he concluded

At Shigure's house his editor was currently having a break down at his absence.

"I'm not being mean! I'm just playfully teasing her!" He protested with a sheepish type smile on his face.

'That poor woman…' Hatori thought in pity

*** That Night- 09:50 pm***

Tohru and Naru both opted on sharing a bed despite the boys attempted to give the girls their own beds. The two girls where now lying in the bed together facing each other.

"Good night Hime-Chan" Naru said quietly

"Good Na-Chan" Tohru replied as the girls drifted to sleep.

*** Naru's Dreamscape ***

Naru was in an ally surround by shadowy men. She looked down at her self to see that she was naked. Her face taking on a horrified look she began to shake and back up. Only to bump into something well more like someone. She could feel another body behind her. The man behind her put her arms in an arm lock, so she could not use them and to keep her stationary.

She began struggling trying too break free. Tears gathered in her eyes. Not again. A fist connect with her stomach making her drop to her knees as the man behind her let go of her arms. Another connected with her jaw sending her sprawling to the ground.

Two men held her arms down, keeping her in place.

"P-Please S-stop" she begged

"Shut up Demon Whore!" a man yelled as he moved her legs apart and penetrated her rough and deeply.

She let out a scream that was silenced as some else straddled her neck and shoved their cock into her mouth.

The one at her lower region continued to pound mercilessly into her as blood spilled out. Tears flowed from her eyes as the man came inside her mouth, but continued to push in make her deep throat him and gag so she would swallow it. Some of the remains that were not swallowed spilled out the corner of her mouth. All the other people vanished until all that was left was a new man that was pounding into her as she cried out and begged for it to stop.

There was then laughing as a man with long wild red hair stood over her. He had slitted red eyes and nine fox tails behind him. The other man was gone now but she still laid there naked and broken. Tears streamed down her face.

"Look at you" he let out a sadistic laughas he crouched down to her level running his fingers through her hair "You see what they've done to you kit. Those were just wicked memories that you lock away pretty well, just not well enough." He laughed "Don't you want to take revenge" he said as voices rang out in to the semi-darkness

"Die demon!"

"Stop it"


"Please No" she clutches her head and covers her ears, curling into a ball.

"Demon Whore!"

"I'm not-"

"Kill the Demon bitch!"

"Please" She begged as Kyuubi laughs sadistically, she was so pathetic like this.

"Go back to hell bitch!"

"No, Please stop it" she's shaking now.


*** Wake- 12:25 ***

Naru woke up in Tohru's arms said girls rocked back and forth. She realized that she was crying and shaking.

"It's ok" Tohru's voice reached her, "They can't hurt you here."

"I-I'm so s-sorry H-Hime-Chan" Naru says through the tears "I'm c-causing you s-so much trouble." She tried to subdue her tears but fail miserably

"No you're not!" Tohru all but yelled "It's not you're fought, It's there's! What they did to you was unforgivable!"

"I'm n-nothing b-but a d-demon w-hore" she chocked out.

"Don't ever say that Na-Chan! You're not a demon or a whore! You're Naru Uzumaki Namikaze, do you hear me!?"

After a while Naru cried her self back to sleep and Tohru dozed off after she made sure her cousin was sleeping ok. Little did the girls know that three other people heard Naru's nightmare- she was talking in her sleep as well as their conversation. Shigure and Hatori whose rooms where on either side off the girls heard it all through the thin wall that separated the rooms.


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