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Peanut walked home with Marshal and Eggy at his side. "You know, I could've sworn I heard my mom talking to someone when I left for school this morning." He said facing Marshal and Eggy. "Is that weird, or is it just me?" he said pushing his small bag, that held his school stuff in it, up on his back some more, so it didn't fall.

Eggy laughed and patted Peanut's back. "He finally figured it out!" he said, making Peanut playfully shove him, but the three were laughing as they walked pass Joey's habitat receiving a death glare from the kangaroo, so they started running.

When they were safe and away from him, Marshal got his breath back first. "Probably not, I mean, what's the chance that you're psychic or that you're mom had an invisible friend?" Marshal asked.

Peanut shrugged. "Pretty low, but I know I heard something." He said. He looked up and saw his habitat coming up. "I gotta go, bye dudes!" he said with a wave as he ran home. "Hey mom!" he called out when he was inside. "I had a good day at school, but I think Joey's gonna kill-who is that?" he asked just noticing the new animal in their cave.

Marlene smiled. "Peanut, this is Megan. She's going to be staying here for a while, so please don't pull any pranks on her." She said giving him a warning look.

"Pft! I doubt that he'd want to try with me!" Megan said. "My last prankster pulled his last prank when he put some hot sauce in my smoothie." She said with a laugh at the memory.

Peanut's eyes widened. "I'll keep that in mind." He said backing away from her.

Megan smirked at him. "Cute kid."

Peanut smiled and started to feel a little more comfortable around her, but then he hear what she said, "Hey, hey, hey, I'm not cute lady! I'm Peanut, the trouble maker!"

Megan laughed and patted the little otter pup's head. "Peanut, cute name." she said making the little otter pup roll his eyes.

"We don't choose our names do we?" Peanut asked giving a small glare to his mom, who only shrugged nervously.

"Nicknames," Megan pointed out.

Peanut smiled this time. "Yeah, like, I know, I'm Peanut the pup, so I'll be PP!" He hollered out, making Marlene and Megan burst into laughter, and Peanut blushed when he realized what he just said. "You know, Peanut's cool now." He said trying to hide the blush.

The Meerkat nodded. "It sure is." She said still chuckling. "PP" she said making Peanut blush harder. She faced Marlene. "So what do you do around here? I'm kinda bored since I've been stuck in a crate for hours." She said. She then clutched her growling stomach. "And, well, ya know." She said with a small smile.

Marlene smiled. "Well, I know that it won't be long until Skipper and his team comes by here-"

Just then the man hole opening popped open, and Private popped his head up. "Hey Marlene, Skipper sent me by because Marshal said there were some funny noises going on around here. Is everything alright?" Private asked looking up at his friend a little worried. He then turned and saw Megan. "Oh, I see it's a new roommate, again." He said with a small chuckle.

Megan didn't know whether to wave or not. She never saw a penguin that popped out of the sewer before. "Um…what's up?" she tried.

Private jumped out of the sewer opening with a perfect flip and ran up to her. "I'm Private!" he introduced himself, he held out his flipper, and Megan slowly took it and shook it, not really sure if she should trust this stranger yet.

"You see! Private, that's even better than Peanut, Thank you mom!" Peanut grumbled as he crossed his arms stubbornly, looking up at the two shaking flippers and paws. Marlene rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Megan took her paw back the minute it was free from Private's flipper. "You know, it's been interesting, funny named otter pups and penguins popping out of manholes." She said pointing to Peanut and Private. "But, I was wondering-"

Just then, Marlene's cave shook as music from the lemur habitat echoed through the room. Peanut rolled his light blue eyes and sighed. "J.J. and Julien, at it again." He said, revealing the obvious, but only Megan was confused here. The four walked out of the cave and saw all five lemurs dancing around.

"Shake your booty son!" King Julien hollered out to Prince J.J., who, once again, stole the spotlight. He turned to Maurice, Maurisa, and Mort. "See that Maurice, I have taught him everything I know." He said in a smug tone.

Maurice snorted and held her paws up to her mouth, but she stopped when Maurice gave her a small look, but she could see a smile somewhere in her dad's yellow eyes. "Sorry dad." The young girl whispered. She then leaned to one of his large ears. "I guess it wouldn't be too hard to teach someone everything King Julien knows." She said, making Maurice chuckle.

"What are you laughing at?" King Julien asked, making the two lemur's eyes widen and stop chuckling in an instant.

"Uh, we're laughing about just how amazingly great you are, your majesty." Maurice said with a nervous smile. Behind him, Maurisa gave the lemur king an innocent smile and nodded in agreement. "See?" the big lemur said putting his arm around her; he sighed in relief along with Maurisa, when King Julien bought it and continued dancing with his son.

"That was a close one." Maurisa said.

"I hear ya." Maurice said.

"Oh, look!" Mort hollered out. His little paw pointed to Marlene, Peanut, Private, and a new animal climbing over the gate. "I like new people!" Mort hollered out, noticing Megan, who looked both nervous and interested as she entered the lemur habitat.

"I still can't believe you want to come over here." Peanut said over to music, standing next to his mom as they made their way further into the lemur habitat.

Megan shrugged and continued to look around. "Hey, you gotta explore your surroundings." She said. She looked around and saw what had to be the best habitat on earth. There was a snack bar, a bouncy, fruit everywhere, and music blasting around. It felt like a fair. "I mean, why wouldn't someone want to come here? This place is awesome!" she said, tapping her foot to the beat. A certain lemur king noticed her pretty good dance skills and decided to meet this new comer to his kingdom.

Peanut looked up, and sure enough, King Julien was coming over. "There's your reason."

King Julien came up. "Hello new comer to my kingdom, uh…who the heck are you?" he asked with his heavy accent, cocking a brow at her, as he examined her. This made Megan feel really uncomfortable as he circled her like a vulture.

"Uh, J.J.," Peanut whispered, as he leaned towards the lemur prince. "I think your dad's freaking her out." he said, the two boys watched Megan grow more and more uncomfortable.

"Uh…how can I put this nicely? STOP CIRCLING ME!" the meerkat shouted out, making the lemur king jump back in shock.

"Sheesh, do you know who I am?" King Julien asked.

"Uh…a weirdo?" She said, putting her paws on her sides.

The lemur king laughed. "No, silly animal, I am King Julien!" he answered a little smugly.

Megan rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She said, she didn't like King Julien. She tapped her feet again and began dancing again. "Hey, at least your place it alright." She said while dancing. She bobbed her head, shook her hips, and laughed.

"You go girl!" Prince J.J. called out, throwing one paw in the air, a few other animals started to cheer her on as well.

King Julien immediately felt a little envious of this newcomer. "New comer!" he hollered out, pointing a finger at her in a challenging manner.

Megan rolled her eyes and stopped dancing to give him a small glare. "Please, call me Megan." She said in a sassy tone.

"Okay, regan,"


"Who is caring? I challenge you to kingly dance off!" King Julien shouted.

Megan let out a small laugh. "Uh, yeah, I don't think you'd want to that." She said shaking her head and putting her paws on her side with a smile on her face.

"Oh, I see, you are a chicken!" King Julien said in a mocking tone, making Megan growl. "If you are, then what comes first the chicken or egg?"

That's it! Megan thought to herself. "Okay, your majesty." She said with quotation marks at the work majesty. "One, I am a MEERKAT not a chicken! Two, let's dance!" she ran over to where King Julien's boom box was, and pressed play. Once the music was on, she started doing very impressive dance skills that even made King Julien feel a little discouraged about his dancing. She did a front flip, landing in front of King Julein. "You're up." She shouted, but she could tell she already won.

She was right, King Julien did a few good dance moves to gain his fair share points. "Okay, and the winner is…" Maurice said.

"Dad, it's pretty obvious that it's Megan!" Maurisa said. She looked over at the Meerkat, who was being showered in congratulations by everyone, except the sore loser, King Julien, who was trying to improve his dancing skills. Prince J.J. noticed this, and went over to comfort his father. Sometimes, he was the only one who could get through King Julien's thick head.

"Thanks, I learned it back at my old zoo." Megan said as a crowd of animals surrounded her. Just then, a small mouse lemur came up to her and grabbed her paw. She looked down and saw the two biggest eyes, that would melt anyone's heart. "What's up little guy?" she asked, now focusing on him.

"King Julien is sad, I don't like sad feelings!" Mort answered.

Megan rolled her eyes. "He deserves it."

"No, no, he didn't." Mort said, Megan looked down at the little lemur to say something, but his eyes melted away at her heart. "Pleeaaaase!" he said, making his eyes even bigger, and making Megan sigh. Mort smiled as Megan walked over to King Julien.

"Um, Julien?" Megan started.

"Be leaving me alone, miss steals all my friends!" King Julien said, glaring at her.

Megan took in a deep breath to calm down. "Okay, look, I'm not so good at making friends, so there, you're still Mr. Popular, I'm not gonna take your crown anytime soon, and I defiantly don't feel like hanging around here, or around you, much longer!" she yelled before storming out.

Prince J.J. looked up at his dad. "Father, that wasn't very nice of you to just let her storm out of there like that."

King Julien rolled his yellow eyes. "Son, the first rule of being a king, is to have a crown, you aren't to share it with anybody! Kings don't have to be the nice guys." He said stubbornly like a five year old, turning away from his son.

Prince J.J. sighed. "But-"

"No BUTS, unless it involves shaking yours of course, but the other buts are not to be said, now leave your king to his alone time."

Prince J.J. walked away sadly. "Fine." He said, both sad and angry. He then ran into Maurisa.

"J.J., what's wrong?" the girl asked, she looked behind his little ringtail and saw King Julien moping. "What's wrong with your dad?" She almost laughed at that, but the look on J.J.'s face said this was a serious situation.

Prince J.J. looked down. "I don't want to talk about it."Maurisa shrugged and walked away. Prince J.J. looked up, and before she could get out of his reach, he grabbed her paw and pulled her back. "It's not too late to change my mind is it?" he asked, he smiled when Maurisa shook her head no, and then he explained the situation.

Poor J.J. : (

What would you do if you had a dad like Julien? Party or try to improve his kingly ways?