Author's Note: This one shot is based loosely on the reunion of Anne and Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables- The Continuing Story . I always loved seeing them run to each other in the open field, and I wanted to shed a little more light on what they were thinking. I'm going to do this in Anne's POV, but if you all like this, I may do a second chapter from Gil's perspective.


POV: Anne Blythe, formerly Anne Shirley

From the first few notes I knew what the song was. I felt my bottom lip begin to tremble, the memories of Gil beginning to wash over me. Only Elsie and Margret's voices pulled me up from the deep abyss of sadness I was sinking into. Their pleas for me to sing with them were almost useless, but I gave in anyway, due to their persistence. "Let me call you sweetheart..." we began, my voice much softer than the other two. "I'm in...." I couldn't finish that line. It was too painful. I let the girls sing for me. But again, the "Come on, Anne!" rang through my ears, so I restarted my voice. "Let me hear you whisper that you love me too..." My eyes danced with unshod tears. I told myself regrettably to keep it together. I let Elsie and Margaret flow through the next line, but their ceaseless prodding practically forced me to sing one last line by myself. "Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you..." I sang, my voice breaking on the last word.

I looked out into the crowd, examining all of the faces of the men who would surely be on their way home to their wives and families thanks to Jack. Towards the back of the crowd who had gathered to watch the girls sing, was a circle of men conversing intently. There was one officer though, who was staring up at me pointedly.

I wasn't sure what if the man was real. He was probably just a figment of my imagination. I shook my head ever so slightly in denial as I felt my legs begin to quiver. I had to get a closer look. Rushing off of the makeshift stage and through the crowd, I pushed my way through the people, not stopping to apologize to a woman with her child whom I had nearly knocked over.

Just as I broke through the back of the crowd, I saw a man standing there. His eyes holding an unfathomable expression. My breath left me. I began to laugh hysterically. My hand reached up to my mouth which was now wide open. Gaping. I took a step closer to him, needing to touch him. Make sure he was real. At the same time, he dashed towards me. We wrapped each other up in one another's arms. "Oh Gil!!" I cried, squeezing him tightly into my embrace. "I thought you were only a dream" he sobbed. He pulled me slightly back from our embrace and began to shower my face with kisses. I pulled his mouth to my lips, stealing another kiss. "I love you." we both said. We cradled each others faces, happy that we were both together again.

"Oh how I missed you." he said as he pulled me back into another bone-crushing hug. I nuzzled my head into his chest, filling my lungs with his smell. A scent I hadn't encountered in months.

It was then that Jack showed up. I pulled away from Gil's hug slightly to reintroduce the pair. "Gil, Gil, this is Jack Garrison! Remember him?! He helped me look for you!!" I half-shouted. I was so overcome with happiness, I didn't care if people gave me strange looks. Gil muttered something to Jack which I didn't understand. Jack then told us rather promptly that we needed to get out of Germany fast, as there was about to be a truce.

I gave Jack a simple nod, and then looked back at my war-worn husband. I stroked his cheek, thrilled to the bones that he was alive with me. He ran his hands over my face, lacing them together with my fingers. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his tired eyes. "Let's go Gil." I said so low that only Gilbert could hear. With that he nodded lightly and pressed his lips chastely to mine before releasing me, keeping one of my hands.

The End