Chapter 8

Well, we were all back at Dr. Martinez's house, nobody was depressed, and nobody was on a sugar high. That was good news. Bad news was, the kitchen window and back doors were broken. Max and Fang helped Dr. Martinez patch the broken glass up with cardboard, at least until the handyman came. I was helping Dr. M come up with a likely story as to what happened to the glass.

"Um, a bear ran through the house?" I supplied, tapping the table with my fingers.

"No, Iggy, we live in Arizona. Bears live in north California. The nearest type of bear in this area is the zoo, and that's a long, long ways away. Something more relevant and plausible." She said, and I could imagine her with her chin in her hand, sighing.

"Why don't you tell him what really happened?" Gazzy said, popping up out of nowhere, bringing the distinct smell of gasoline with him. Wonder what he was burning now.

"Oh yeah, like the guy would totally accept a bunch of Erasers ran through the house. He'd think we're crazy." I said sarcastically, turning toward him.

"No, I mean that some crazy guy ran through the house. It'll make sense. He was attacking you and we all ran through the back door to get away." He explained. "OH MY GOD! Sorry about your lawn, Dr. M! Rather, your cactus!" Gazzy dashed away down the hall. I heard the back door slam shut and the faint odor of burned vegetation waft down the hallway.

"You know, Gazzy does have a point," Dr. M pointed out. My vision flashed and showed her looking over my shoulder, where copious amounts of billowing black smoke could be seen through what was left of the glass door. I shook my head and looked back at the faux wood grain on the table. When I looked back up at Dr. M, it went black again. I sighed.

"Something wrong, Iggy?" Fang asked, almost making me jump. What was it with everybody coming up behind me today? Maybe it was the fact I was sitting with my back to the hall, but whatever.

"Nah, just my sight. I keep getting it back, colorblind, and I can see stuff for about two seconds, then it all goes black again. It's really annoying." I explained, rubbing my temples.

"Huh," Fang said. His footsteps came past me and went to the creaky pantry door. I heard the rustling of a wrapper.

"Could you grab me one of whatever you're eating?" I asked.

"Yeah," Fang said. "Up high," he said. I felt the food was going to come through the air and be caught at about ear height on my right. I caught it, and felt the wrapper. Mostly blue, with some red, and a bit of white. Crunch bar. I unwrapped it and bit into it, not really tasting the flavor so much as the sugar.

"I'm gonna go stretch my wings," I said. Fang grunted and Dr. M sighed. I came down the hallway and swung around the frame of Ella's door. "Knock, knock. Wanna come fly with me?" I asked.

"'Kay!" Ella chirped. I heard the crinkle of her windbreaker. She ran and jumped straight into my arms, and I felt her lilac jacket. I walked down the rest of the hallway, then realized we probably shouldn't go out the back door. I turned sharply and went into me and the Gasman's room. The window was open, and since it was facing the opposite direction of the backyard, the air was clear here.

I jumped out the window and took off from the sill, wings working powerfully to take me and Ella high into the sky. Once we had been flying for about three minutes, I heard Ella murmur into my neck, her breath warm on my skin.

"I love it when it's just the two of us,"

"Yeah. Max said we can stay here as long as we want, and your mom says that too." I replied. Here, flying across the warm, azure, Arizona sky with Ella in my arms, was where I wanted to be. Now and forever. I felt a gentle kiss on my cheek and I blushed.

I circled down and landed in the entrance to a small cave. I set Ella down and settled down next to her, wrapping us in my wings.

"You know, I've come to terms with my blindness," I said.

"Really? That's great!" Ella said, with another kiss to my cheek. She snuggled up against my side.

"Yeah. Have you ever done that chromatography thing where you take a black marker and put it on a piece of special paper, then dip it in water?" I felt Ella nod against my ribs. "well, that black turns into a whole rainbow of colors, right? I've decided that no matter how black my sight gets, I'll always have that rainbow of colors, and I have to remember that. Sometimes, you have to help me see that rainbow," I said. I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips.

She kissed me back, and right there, I knew that I was in the best place in the world, kissing Ella, the girl I loved truly, in this black rainbow world.