Dresden files belongs to the writing god known as Jim Butcher, Shem is my PC from RIFTS. no profit is made, nor sought after with the telling of this story. Set just before Turn Coat, as I like the fact that Dresden has a 'female' who sees him as more then a friend... even if it is...spoiler!!!

Shem good boy.

She was crouched just ahead. I could sense her, even if I could not see her. She was sneaking along in the wake of the tall mage, but was hiding from him as much as hiding from what he was hunting. No doubt that the Guardian was aware of her, but he was too focused on the 'Prey' to worry about the pup, tagging along at their heels.

Seeing that they were going into the crowded back alleys of this City, I made for the roof, using the metal balconies. While I was not as silent as Cat or a Rat could have been, I was not noticed, the two humans and the Guardian were so focused on the path ahead of them.

Opening my senses to the max, I could see spots of fey magic all around the great City. There was a flair of divine Power here and there as old churches held on to the power of the faithful. Then there were the Mage-born. none as strong as these two before me, but strong enough that if this was HOME, I or others like me would be sniffing them out.

But what were they hunting?

I could not find anything that was ahead of them.

That scared me.

The Guardian growled, then I caught the sent of old blood, not quite dried, dirt; moist soil, and fear; that of prey, intelligent prey. Only one thing smelled like that, Vampires.

Cursing the fate/luck that cost me my vambraces, as i pulled the handgun from the back of my belt. It was not as effective, damage wise, as the two other pistols i had, but it had a kick that would knock a charging 'Sucker back a step, where the laser beam would just burn/cut through the 'flesh' of the undead.

Allowing my left eye to engage the night vision application, I scanned the alley.

They were surrounded. How they had suppressed their presence until both mages were in their trap, I had no idea.

Then a figure stepped out into a beam of light from an exposed light bulb hanging from over the back door of some business. "I said come Alone, Master Dresden. Alone and Unarmed. That includes the 'Mutt' and here i see that you have brought it with you." then it sniffed the air, cocked its head. "I also smell a young female. How nice. you bring a sex-toy for my boys, and one for me. "

I do not know how it happened, but the heavy revolver in my hand barked.


The creature's head exploded.

Then everything went to hell.