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Unspoken Lyrics

Everything changes with one decision. I take one step – only one, and the earth doesn't agree. It sends volatile breezes to warn me, but I ignore it.

Another step and I'm closer. The wind grows stronger, my heart aches forward.

Another stride and I'm feeling attraction. The blazes burn deep and I ignore distraction.

One more movement and fate is crumbling. I feel hesitation, but I long for destruction.

Approaching further, my muscles grow heated and the wind frantically pushes as I grow more passionate.

Two quick steps and our directions become laced; I feel bitter wind pick up its pace.

Mystification causes the next step to be smaller. I'm too doubtful now – How much longer?

You're standing there just out of reach, your heart frozen and somber, my own pulsing harder.

Finally I reach you, and the storm ceases – I've broken all resistance, I yearn to move in closer.

Our bodies stand close – My eyes gleam opposition, your own rest in turmoil.

At least we're standing on the same grounds, locked between heat and ice.

My smile grows deeper with temptation; your logic grows colder finding all of this incomplete…

This is the beginning to all of our desires; this is the testing of all our hesitations.

The tossup between one side and the other creates the ice of silence and the fire of music.


Scene One: Melody Through Time

His fingers glided across the keys, his eyes closed as he intently listened to the rhythm he produced. His lean figure fit the instrument well; his focus and emotion accompanied the sound with both soothing and remorseful tones. The ensemble of stroked keys drifted through the room with such grace and influence that it was no wonder he attracted attention.

A cat's curious ears pricked to the sound of his memories floating inquisitively through the corridor. The golden eyes of the creature opened with fast reaction to an unfamiliar assembly of sound. It raised its head in the same pace from its comfortable resting place on the back of a lavender chair. It stood after a moment of trying to interpret the rhythm. Its black body daintily jumped down and strode forward a few paces until it was standing quietly in the doorway, examining the source of the sound. Its tail flicked back and forth a couple times as it carefully evaluated the scene.

Ulquiorra Schiffer. The name rang in the cat's mind with irreplaceable pleasure and curiosity. He was always so elegant and mystifying; it was no surprise that he would spend his evenings playing to his own rhythm. Still, something about the tone and concentration seemed different from the other times he sat before the piano with his body and fingers lithe to the melody of his own creation.

It stared for a few more moments at him, sitting straight with his back turned to its sight, seemingly uninformed of his visitor. This provided the perfect moment for his lean body beneath a fitting white sweater and darker jeans to be evaluated fully. His hair was tousled, lying down around his shoulders in raven layers. That focus was lost when curiosity dug deeper in the cat's mind.

A few more steps and a graceful leap, and the cat was perched on the top of the piano, rich wood beneath its dainty paws. Ulquiorra didn't flinch at the cat's appearance, though his eyes did open for a moment to glance up at it to confirm his suspicions on who his guest was. He softened the tempo with her appearance in check.

"What piece is this?" A deep voice sounded from the cat's throat. The golden eyes he was so familiar with looked down on him with curious calculation

"It's not a difficult answer to find on your own," he muttered, eyes closed again and fingers concentrating on every touch of the smooth ivory keys.

"Oh?" A woman's voice was now in place, and he glanced to his side where she sat beside him, a robe that had been conveniently lying beside him now hung around her thin frame in a silky purple ensemble. Her all too familiar golden eyes were staring at him, and he only took a moment longer to notice her deep purple hair was down, lying across her shoulders in a length he didn't get to enjoy often.

"Just listen," he explained softly, trying to concentrate on his memories and emotion.

"I've never heard it before," she admitted, folding her arms across her chest.

"Don't speak." He hushed her, and this time she listened. She found herself watching his fingers dance across the keys. The motions seemed too trained, as though it was a song he had been playing regularly. Everything was unfamiliar to her however, which made concentration for her deepen as well.

Trying to pick up a recognizable pattern would get her nowhere, so instead she closed her eyes and allowed the music to surge through her. She was too determined to find an answer now. She wouldn't allow herself to settle on begging for resolve.

The rhythm would flow from slow to fast, from agonizing to soft and dreamy. No matter the pace, there was always an undertone of dark velvet, like an indecision lurking beneath the surface. Even without words, the music played a story familiar to her. She opened her eyes and glanced at him, certain she had found an answer he would never admit to. His eyes met her and he understood the realization. Their eyes held for a moment as he let the last few lines fade away.

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