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1. Desk

Mahiru traced the heart etched into her desk, mind drifting to the green haired demon at home waiting for her.

2. Run

Mahiru felt like she was running in slow motion to Mitsuru's lifeless body.

3. Police

Mahiru dreaded the day the police would discover exactly who her friends were because they would tear the boy she loved from her.

4. Candy

Mitsuru attempted to not stare at Mahiru who was happily licking and sucking a blowpop.

5. Dance

Nozomu watched as Mahiru and Mitsuru bickered, continuing the dance of 'I love you...but I can't say that aloud'.

6. Mine

Mahiru grinned to herself as Mitsuru pulled her to him, "Mine! Everyone else can back the hell off!"

7. Drink

Mahiru held the water to Mitsuru's shaking lips, "Drink...I don't want you getting dehydrated. I want you to get better."

8. Book

Mitsuru plucked the book from Mahiru's hands and kissed her, "I'm home."

9. Hot

Mahiru ran her hands over Mitsuru's hot body as he kissed his way down her neck and shoulder.

10. Sun

Mitsuru glared at the bright sun from the shade of the umbrella before glancing at Mahiru who was happily splashing Akira and decided the beach wasn't as bad as he had first thought.

11. Storm

Mahiru squeaked as another clap of thunder boomed and she dove into Mitsuru's bed, "Can I sleep in here tonight?"

12. Chocolate

Mitsuru held back a groan as Mahiru sucked the chocolate batter off his fingers.

13. Halloween

Nozomu, Akira, and Misoka applauded as Mahiru came down for Halloween dressed as Belle and linked arms with her beast.

14. Gift

Mitsuru froze as he held up his birthday gift: a mug that read 'Best Daddy'.

15. Vacation

Mahiru loved going on vacation with Mitsuru to tropical locations because he always took his shirt off.

16. Box

Mitsuru took a deep breath and reached into his pocket to remove the box that held his engagement ring for Mahiru.

17. Cuddle

Mitsuru awkwardly hugged Mahiru to his chest as she cuddled up close to him in her sleep.

18. Guess

Mahiru blushed when, after he question of love from Mitsuru, he pressed his lips against hers, "Guess."

19. Pride

Mahiru hated and loved her boyfriend's pride that so frequently got him into fights.

20. Feet

"How did you manage to trip over your own feet?" Mitsuru asked as he bandaged Mahiru's sprained ankle.

21. Money

Akira held tightly onto the large amount of money he had been given to purchase a baby gift for Mitsuru and Mahiru.

22. Shock

Mahiru stared in shock and horror as Akira said the words she never wanted to hear, "By the time we got to him it was...well it was already too late..."

23. Sick

Mahiru cradled a coughing Mitsuru and brushed green hair out of his eyes, "Poor baby...I didn't mean to make you sick."

24. Date

Mahiru redid her hair for the eighth time as she prepared for her date with Mitsuru that evening.

25. Secret

Misoka smiled to himself as he watched Mitsuru and Mahiru whispered to each other in the theatre, completely absorbed in each other's soft laughs and kisses.