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Chapter 4- "Higher Learning "

Ashley invited Spencer on a "date-date", you know, to the movies and stuff. She thought it would be appropriate because that's what normal people do… Right?

They go on dates to dark Cineplex's and share popcorn covered in gooey synthetic butter and hold hands between seats and maybe even sneak kisses during the stupid parts and it's like the American way or something.

But apparently Spencer and Ashley are far from normal, and to be honest Spencer's patriotism is still in question because of her keen fondness to her Irish descent and that one incident in college that she really doesn't like to talk about. So they miss the film about the two absurdly attractive people who fall in love after 90 minutes of mildly humorous escapades, because they are too busy talking (but mostly just making out) in a dark booth at the bar across the street from the theater. And yeah, it's not the ideal date-date, but it's not like it's bad either.

They try again two days later.

This time Spencer invites Ashley for coffee to this café she frequents a lot. It's a bright cheerful joint and the coffee is made from delicious imported Third World beans and the staff is foreign and they speak with thick sexy accents, and most of the time they screw up Spencer's order but she never really minds because she loves that place...

But that was before she realized how obnoxious the patrons were.

Spencer thought she never really noticed because she usually kept to herself and read books and drank coffee, but she was pretty sure it had more to do with Ashley and her outfit than her general lack of attention. And she was partially right, because there was this one guy who wouldn't stop staring at Ashley's dress and his eyes constantly drifted to the space where Ashley's skirt abruptly ended and her legs began and yeah it was a beautiful sight, but seriously dude, get your own date. And the waiter kept coming over, wearing this stupid knowing grin and bringing endless rations of bread and sure, it sounds nice, but Spencer has this thing about carbs and really there was no need because they were only having coffee. And then, this man, or woman, who knows, it was kind of dark, sent over drinks and a note and Spencer had just about enough!

But suddenly it was like nothing really mattered, because Ashley swooped in and gave Spencer this kiss that was sweet and calming, and Spencer thought Ashley tasted like coffee and cinnamon and three different kinds of bread and Spencer couldn't remember what she had against carbs, before taking her hand and leading them out of the café.

They ended up getting frozen yogurt and nearly rounding second in the small backseat of Ashley's Porsche and Spencer thought it was kind of nice, but you know, in a totally slutty way.

...That was like a week ago. Exactly five days, and Ashley hadn't seen Spencer since. And to be perfectly honest it was driving the brunette kind of mad.

Sure they had spoken on the phone a few times and IM'ed each other and Spencer even sent her a couple of smiley face texts and Spencer never sent smiley face texts because she thought they were corny, but they made Ashley tingle so she sent them anyway and man Ashley just had to see her.

So Ashley had this crazy idea, and really most of Ashley's ideas were kind of crazy because she was Ashley and it was her thing. But the thought of Professor Carlin all smart and in charge was like crazy sexy in itself so it's not like she could help her self.

And yeah, she might've been a little too hasty when she decided to crash one of Spencer's lectures and swoon and crush over the ridiculously hot instructor and it was probably-definitely a bad idea but really who could blame her.

So there she was all badass and trespassing, sitting in the back row taking notes and learning and it was all kind of nerdy and totally surprising because Ashley never really thought that she could be so captivated by someone talking about film mags and battery belts. And she definitely didn't know she could be so turned on by talks about safety and protection, yet there she was in the back of the studio enthralled and aroused by those exact same things. And it was all very informative and titillating and as far as crashing learning institutions went it wasn't even slightly rebellious, but so what, it was sweet and kind of thoughtful and Spencer would be totally charmed...


But apparently Ashley wasn't the only one who thought Ms. Carlin deserved a Nobel Prize for awesomeness, and when she overheard the guy in the seat in front of her say things like; "I'd like to insert my prong into her socket..." and "...Inspect this power source..." all sleazy and crude, Ashley felt disgust and something like furry well up inside her.

And it wasn't like his comments were absolutely hurtful or even slightly creative, but it's not like she could stop the accidental spilling of her coffee all over his back either.

And sure, she didn't really intend for the idiot to jerk out of his seat and drop the battery belt on his foot and yelp like a little girl, but it's not like she could help the smile that succeed the act. And maybe she did overreact a tad, but that guy, with the hair and the stupid tribal tattoos, because really he probably wasn't even in a tribe, was kind of a douche. So he kind of needed hot drink spilled all over him. You know, as a reality check or whatever...

When the dust finally settled, after Ashley halfheartedly apologized and everyone went back to their seats, Spencer called everyone's attention stating firmly "…and that's why we don't bring sandals or hot beverages into the studio", Ashley thought she'd never been more turned on in her life.

And Spencer gave Ashley this look, and Ashley thought it might have been a sexy smirk or coy smile, but she was far away and she wasn't wearing her glasses and it was most likely her imagination because when she squinted and tried to focus on Spencer's face again, it was stern and steely and yeah she was totally in trouble...And Ashley had never been more excited to be in trouble in her life!

She was kind of hoping that maybe Spencer was into corporal punishment or something equally as shocking, because really, that would just be epic.


Spencer let the class go home early, because they had-had enough excitement for one evening, plus that guy kept whimpering from the pain and it was distracting and no one could really focus anymore.

And when the studio was finally empty- after turning down two dates and starring down some girl who conveniently needed extra help from Spencer- Ashley approached Spencer's desk all sexy hips and extra swagger. And she leaned in all confident, like she hadn't nearly sliced some guys toe off and Spencer was all frowning and worried because Ashley's lack of concern was slightly appalling, but she asked her to follow her into her office anyway.

"Thanks for disrupting my class" Spencer chided, taking a seat on her leather teacher chair and Ashley gave her this look that was all incredulous and indignant, and really Spencer had some nerve.

"I was defending your honor"

"By pouring your mocha latte on Percy." Spencer asked rhetorically and Ashley couldn't stop the disapproving eye roll because of course his name was Percy.

"It was Chai. And you should've heard the disgusting things Percy was saying about you" Ashley justified, leaning back slyly on the desk in front of Spencer all close and taunting. And Ashley was wearing another one of her dresses; all small and tight and not at all appropriate attire for school and she was making it hard for Spencer to keep focused because her legs were all tan and perfect and in her face and wait...

"You were jealous." Spencer said all smug because yeah, Ashley was totally jealous.

"As if. I don't do jealous." And Ashley was all crossed arms and pouting and it was incredibly absurd but kind of cute in a absolutely immature way. And Spencer thought it was the sweetest thing, but she quickly disarmed her with one of her smiles and wow, it was just that easy. "Ok, maybe a little, but he gets to see you like 3 times a week and I have to stalk you and sever limbs and I'm just saying it's not fair" And Ashley was feeling kind of lame but not really because Spencer was smiling brightly like only she could and Ashley was so over the vast space that was separating them, so she sat on Spencer's lap and Spencer put her arms around her waist and this wasn't so bad, it was actually kind of nice and really they should totally do this more often.

"Awww you mutilate rude boys and go back to school just for me" Spencer cooed because it was really sweet, in a strange and probably psychotic way, but it didn't matter because Ashley was kissing her neck now and Spencer figured this was probably her way of atoning or whatever and really she could forgive her because apparently Ashley was really-really sorry.

"Damn skippy…" Ashley agreed pulling away from the crook of Spencer's nape, contemplating the blond's unrivaled beauty and yeah she was totally worth probably going to jail for.

"You know you have nothing to worry about... He's a student and I'm his teacher... There are rules against this sort of thing"

"Well, it's a good thing I don't follow rules" Ashley said all husky and breathy and Spencer was a few degrees short of melting even though they probably weren't even talking about the same thing.

"It's a good thing you're not a student..." Spencer pointed out sensibly but it came out weak and shaky because Ashley was brushing the skin right below her jaw with her soft lips and licking off the glossy evidence with her tongue and it made Spencer's knees all weak and her stomach churn but in that good nervous kind of way.

"Can we pretend?" Ashley asked kissing Spencer all saucy and sultry and Spencer nodded into her lips because that's all she could manage and of course they could pretend.


...But they didn't... It was just them and it was still hot and sweet and sexy and perfect...

"Wow, you're so soft" Spencer murmured, caressing the girl all delicately and attentive. And sure Ashley bathed with a special kind of soap and fancy kind of water, that made her skin all silky and smooth, like when you dip your hands in melted butter and people always told her that, but she'd never had anyone pay this much attention to her skin and it was making her self conscious but sort of hot all at the same time.

And Spencer inspected the skin beneath her fingers, and placed chaste kisses, and if Ashley weren't straddling her and topless, this would have been the most innocent of acts between to people, but instead it was intimate and arousing and Ashley loved every second of it.

And she loved the way Spencer's fingers trailed goose bumps over her body. And she loved the way her nipple hardened when Spencer brushed her thumb over it. And she loved the way Spencer's eyes were wide and enraptured and her bottom lip was between her teeth like she'd just discovered something she wasn't supposed to. And she was reveling; in Ashley's body, in Spencer's touch.

And when Ashley leaned down to kiss her soft and sweet, Spencer's hands grounded themselves on the soft skin of Ashley's breasts. And Spencer thought she'd never wanted to feel anything else between her fingers again.

And when the kissed evolved and the need intensified Ashley placed her hands over Spencer's and guided them where she needed them to be. And when Spencer finally clumsily conquered the waistband, her fingers found warmth she'd never felt before.

"God you're so wet" Spencer awed and Ashley sort of grumbled a moan, because if she didn't know any better she'd think Spencer had never done this before. Which had to be the most ridiculously thing ever, because come on, look at her.

"Spencer you act like you've never done this before" Ashley groaned between her lips and underneath her fingertips and she was flustered and bothered and she just wanted more. But the way Spencer sort of blushed and buried her face in Ashley's belly like maybe she actually hadn't, was so ridiculously cute that Ashley nearly choked. "Spencer you're kidding right?" And the way Spencer nodded into Ashley's abs all embarrassed and mortified made Ashley realize that yeah no, she wasn't kidding.

And Ashley's heart did this weird leap thing and she thought that she'd never love a moment more than this one again. "Wow" And she breathed it more out of shock than anything else, because to find out Spencer Carlin was a virgin, was... WOW.

"You think I'm a freak." Spencer looked up, all flushed, gorgeous and gloomy, and Ashley couldn't not, not kiss her. She wasn't good with words, but she was great with lips.

"No" Ashley countered, a sincere smile following, because Spencer was far from freakish; a little quirky sure, but Ashley thought the best people always were. "I just... I mean... how?..."

And Spencer shrugged because what was she supposed to say...?

Was she supposed to admit that she'd never actually slept with any of her boyfriend's growing up because her family was intensely (possibly even cultish) religious? But that it really it had more to do with the fact that she was a ragging closeted homosexual than with keeping faith with her family's pietist creed.

Was she supposed to go into detail about how when she finally came out and got herself a pretty little girlfriend her family tragically died a week later in a plane wreck over the Atlantic and all she could do was wallow in blame and make amends through self-imposed celibacy?

Yeah, probably not.

It was too much... even for Ashley.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me before I devirginized you on your fancy leather teacher chair… I mean I know school is meant for learning but-"

"You don't want me anymore" Spencer asked all pouty and it made Ashley forget that Spencer's hands were still inside her panties, and that maybe she could do it, but really she couldn't.

"I can't" Ashley sighed, because really she couldn't. Not like this, all inappropriate and ordinary. It had to be special because, Spencer was special.

"Oh" And Spencer's face fell because Ashley probably thought she was a freak and this was the end of them and she really didn't want this to end.

"I mean I can" Ashley rephrased, wiggling her brows suggestively, because leave it to Ashley to make things less awkward and make Spencer feel better. "...and I will… just not here and unfortunately not now…"

And that's all Spencer needed, because the when and the where didn't really matter, only the who...

"Now come on, I have to take a really fucking cold shower..." Ashley said getting off of a fully clothed Spencer and gliding toward her dress across the room.

And Spencer thought, as she watched Ashley walk across the room all gorgeous and flawless, that the who, couldn't have been more perfect.