August Shower

Chapter 2

-Nurse "Z"-


Augustafh Steinhart "August Stain Heart"- The Right Hand man of Adolf Hitler. He's seemingly mute and he slaughters Jews by the thousands, earning himself his nickname. Holds great political power in the Nazi Organization.

Zamantha Jasnishka/ Steinhart- Adopted by Augustafh, after stumbling into his basement while being chased by Nazis. Her origins are unknown, but she's 17 and has red hair.

The front door opened, and she blinked, at the sound of heavy footsteps that belonged to, August, she assumed. "August?" She called, putting her ear against the door and her hands. "August? August, if you're there, please, open the door!" She called. "It's dark in here and the door to the upper floor is locked." She informed the stranger on the other side of the door. There was the sound of the foot steps stopping, a pause, and she crouched down, looking under the door, seeing big, black boots and a glimpse of a long cloak. The person was still for a moment, before the boots turned, and thumped towards the basement, something dripping to the ground with every step. Blood? Their boots vanished beyond the door to the basement. There were the distant sounds of clinking chains, and the entire house gave the howl of running water, and a burst of water like one from a fire hydrant, before there was the sound of squelching- like water soaked shoes- coming up the stairs. She saw the black boots once more, and she scrambled back, as a key was put in the key hole of the door, blocking out the light, and the door swung open, letting in light, making her cringe from the sudden brightness. August stood in the threshold, and she looked rather happy.

He placed the key on top of the door's frame, before bending down and picking Zamantha up, making her blush, before he walked up the stairs to the door that went to the second floor, producing another skeleton key from what seemed to be mid-air, and unlocked it to, setting her on her feet, tucking the key back into mid-air, and shutting the door behind him. "Augustafh, Augustafh, where were you for so long?" She asked him, but he shook his head. "Don't want me to call you your real name?" He nodded. "Ok, August, where were you?" As usual, he said nothing, and she expected him to whip out a note pad and a pencil from his deep pockets- but he simply turned on his heels, and headed off to his room. She tried to follow, but he spun around in the door way, wagging his finger to her, and shooing her along, before shutting the door and locking it. She looked down, going to her room, picking up her brush, and began brushing her red hair with care. "Zamantha Steinhart." She said aloud, admiring how the name rolled of her tongue. There was a knock on her door, and she opened it, August standing there. "August?" He presented the book of bed time stories from out of nowhere. "Um- n-no, I don't think I need a bed-time story today…" He shook his head and pointed to the book, then himself. "You need one?" He nodded. "Ok then."

He went to her bed and sat down, in his S.S. Uniform, which was of a dark forest green color, he had yet to take off his shoes, but he took off his black leather cap, the leather was polished and gave off a gleam in the light. She stared at him curiously. Under his gas mask, he wore a type of head mask, and oddly enough, she couldn't see his eyes past the green eye glass of the gas mask. But she could, hear his soft and filtered breathing from the single, large, filter. His breathing had a slight repand, and he tilted his head to the side, giving off the impression he was either wondering what she was doing, or expecting it to happen. He took the book from her and opened it up, flipping through the pages with surprising deftness, despite the glossy, black leather gloves he wore, giving the book back to her when he had found the story he, assumedly, wanted her to read. "Oh, yeah, the story, right." She took it and looked at it. "Um- I-I can't read ger-" She noticed the book was in English. "I-It's in English? Are all your books in English?" He nodded. "I'm not good at English."

"Try." She blinked, looking at him, and he looked back, gesturing to the book. She blushed and looked at it- the story of Little Bo Peep. She gulped, and attempted to read it aloud.

"L-L-Little B-b-o peep, l-lo-lo-" She said, trying to make use of the words. "Lost." "Lost h-her s-sh-sh-" "Sheep." It went on like this, back and forth, until she finished the story. Then, she went back and read the story several times until her reading was no longer shaky. He patted her on the head, standing up, taking the book from her gently, and turning to leave. August stopped in the doorway, bowed, and shut the door behind him and went to his own room. She got to her feet, and exited the room, running after August, and tackling his arm. "August, next time, take me out with you!" August did not react, but, after a while, he nodded, and vanished into his room.

The next day, she woke up to a note on her mirror. From Augustafh.

If you are to come out with me outside, you are to have a disguise and the ability to be stealthy. Do your dailies, and when you're done, you're to come down to the basement. You will tell me your ideas about my business, and we will work something out on how you will assist me.

She smiled as she jumped out of her bed, bathed and brushing her hair, before going down stairs to the basement. August stood over an autopsy table that held a dead body. He looked at her. "Um- y-you wanted to see me?" He nodded, taking off his rubber gloves, and discarding them in a trash bin. "I was thinking- since you're kind of like a surgeon- maybe my disguise can be that of a nurse?" He nodded. "I- um-thought of the perfect concoction to make to numb your enemies." He picked up a bone saw, and went back over to the body. "I already have the formula in my head- is it to much to ask that you provide the ingredients?" He shook his head, producing a water hose, and spraying the bloody bone saw to gleaming, clean perfection, before hanging it on one of the empty hooks that dangles from the ceiling- as did so many others, but they held dangerous weapons. Augustafh looked at her, spinning his left hand in a clockwise fashion, as if saying, 'Go on.' And she continued. "Um- maybe- I should get something to change my eye color? Maybe contacts?" She suggested, and he produced a note and a syringe, and set them on the table next to her, and she picked up the note, as he grabbed a pair of branch cutters, and went back to the body.

In this syringe, is a drug I've created that I've tested and perfected. It reacts to thoughts of the effect, and it changed the color of the eyes and created multiple ring-like circles around the pupil, to the edges of the iris. I thought it would make you happy that you can hide your identity with a single thought.

She blinked. "So- you were going to offer me up to assist you anyways?" He stopped snapping the bones of the rib cage with the branch cutters, looking at her, and nodded, before going back to what he was doing. "So- what do we do? Get rid of the Nazi enemies?" He shook his head, and the phone range, making her look back to a phone on a long table against the wall, one of two that made a backwards 'L' against the walls and in the corner. She looked at him, and he nodded towards the phone. "Want it on speaker?" He nodded, and she went over to it, pressing the speaker button. "H-Hello?"

"Who is this? Zamantha? Is Augustafh there?" Adolf Hitler!

"Yes, you're on speaker phone." She replied uneasily.

"Augustafh, there are Russian ambassadors, on their way over tomorrow. I want you and your new daughter to attend and make sure the transactions go well."

"Um- M-Mister Hitler, why ever would you want me to go as well?"

"Augustafh has informed me you are to be is associate in his 'business', and that, with time, you may very be as useful as Augustafh or have even more worth. He has suggested and with some experience, you will learn how everything works."

"Y-Yes, sir." Zamantha said, and there was a click, before she raised the phone and put it down, and looked at Augustafh. "Did you really-?" He nodded and she blushed. "You- want me to help you with your work?" He nodded once more. "Oh, August!" She said, tackling him, and he caught her, losing his balance in the process, falling back on his ass. The feeling of being wanted- and it being someone she desired to spend time with, made her overjoyed. "Please, help me with the syringe." He nodded, standing up, picking her up in the process, and setting her on her feet. She sat down on a stool and he tied something around her arm, to make the vein rise to the surface, she looked away, not always friends with needles.

August put his hand on the table behind her, and she placed her right hand on his arm, griping it, and he slid the needle into her arm, and her grip tightened dramatically, as the syringe's contents were injected into her blood stream. She shuddered and August was silent but supportive. When the Syringe was drained, she fell against him, weakened by some unknown force. She felt dizzy as her vision blurred, and heat swirled in the pit of her stomach. She shivered out of the cold, and August stood up, taking off his coat, and wrapping it around her, before bringing her upstairs and laying her down in her bed. "A-August-" She murmured, and he pulled the sheets over her, taking his coat, and leaving the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

He had to make preparations for tomorrow, while she recovered.


She straightened the battered nurses' hat on her head, grinning in satisfaction. Her mascara made her look like a doll- not to mention the pink doll blush on each cheek, in a perfect circle. Her red hair was brushed and normal lie it usually was, and August had given her a nurse's outfit, which had a retractable pair of white hooks. If you stared at her from behind you wouldn't notice them on how well they blended with her outfit. She wore red, elbow-length gloves and a hair of matching, 3 inch heels, that were made of red leather, and were glossy, on the wrist, where was a pink flower around the wrists entirely. She wore a garter, underneath her dress, which held a small gun- and her black, fishnet panty hose up too. A large needle with pink liquid, her newest concoction- cooked up that morning.

The hems of her nurse outfit were red, a slit on each sleeve, mid-shoulder, to the end of the sleeve, the same for the side of each leg on her skirt. Mid-thigh to the end of the skirt. The door was opened, revealing August in his normal attire, and she smiled at him. "I- Think I'm ready." He nodded, and she followed him out of the house, into a waiting car, that drove them to the Nazi Headquarters, and August helped her out of the car, leading her to the room where the negotiations were going to be held. The S.S. Solider abruptly stool, giving them the Nazi Salute, but Zamantha didn't return it, following August into the meeting room.

"AH! Augustafh! Oh- is this really the girl you adopted? So pretty…" Hitler observed, and Zamantha saluted him.

"Furher, I will be serving as Augusts' translator, if you don't have any problem with that." She informed him.

"Straight to the point- she's taking after you already, Augustafh." Hitler said, sitting down. "Your code name is 'Nurse. Z'." He said. "You will stand to my left, and Augustafh, to my Right, just a little ways behind me. I don't know what they're like, and I don't understand their language well…"

"Furher, may I offer a suggestion?" She offered, and he looked at her. "I can speak many languages- Shall I translate for you?" He blinked.

"August, looks like your kitten will grow into a loyal tiger." Hitler said, and Augustafh nodded. "Fine, do not trick me."

"Of course not, I'm helping Augustafh." The Ambassadors came in, and took their seats across from Hitler, and Zamantha and August took their positions casually, behind the Furher. The Russians looked at Zamantha oddly, and August pulled out a knife threateningly, and they averted their gaze to the Furher, and began the negotiations. Zamantha gained the Nazi Leader's trust by translating everything with 100% accuracy. August knew this because he could also, understood some of their language. When the meeting was over, they all left the Room, and Hitler shook hands with the Russian that has signed the document, before the Russian went over to Zamantha.

"She looks like the Duchess that disappeared a few weeks ago." One of them observed. "You! Man built like oxen! When can we visit your home?"

"Maybe, sometime after I clean it." August answered. They nodded, and hustled off.


(Between the 'O's and squiggles, everything is said in Russian)

The Ambassador and his bodyguards entered their car, shutting the door. The Driver looked back at them. "How did it go?"

"Just drive, Demetri." He said, and the Driver nodded, putting the car into gear, and pulling away from the German estate. "The Duchess- she was there. You saw her as well, right?" The bodyguards nodded. "I must tell the Duke!"

"Slow down, what are you saying?" The Driver demanded, glancing back at him, before looking back at the road. "Why would the Duchess be here, in this hellhole country? Why not Russia?"

"Her grandparents were slaughtered in their summer home here- she was visiting them, wasn't she? The Germans are brutes. The one she was standing next to, was three times her size! He could have kidnapped her." One of the Bodyguards offered.

"Indeed. But did he know her social rank?" The other, Eric, asked.

"Impossible, but- her grandparents were Jewish- Demetri, to their summer home!" Demetri nodded, and made a left turn, towards the country.

When they arrived, they here horrified by what they saw. The once beautiful white cottage- was nothing but a pile of rubble and charcoal. The Summer home- had been burned in the middle of the night, by Nazi troops. "Zamantha- was with that man." The ambassador said, standing up. "Eric, get as much information as you can about this Oxen- we'll get her back to the Duke."


August sat on the couch, relaxing. "I was so scared at that meeting." Zamantha told him, making dinner. He gave no reply. Silence- like always. She didn't think he'd ever spoken to her. Just looks. It was as if- he could manipulate the aura around him, to say all he needed to say. "August, will you eat what I make?" she asked, looking at him, as she lounged on the couch sideways. She had never realized how big he was- the could was a foure-cushioned one, his head on the far left arm rest, his lower calfs, hanging off the other arm rest. He gave her a thumbs-up, and she nodded. "Ok, well, Dinner is almost done, so I'll make you a separate plate that you can take to your room." He shook his head, and pointed to the kitchen. "You'll eat here with me?" He nodded. "Ok, that's fine I guess, your house." And an old-fashioned one at that, but he had furbished it well.

The wooden floors had the look of termite-infected wood that was rotting away, but she could tell it was stable enough to support his weight. The other side made it look abandoned, but it had actually, really nice furniture inside. The atmosphere was nice. She turned her back to get August, someone opening the window to their kitchen, and slipping in, pouring something on Augustafh's meal, slipping back out the window and closing it as August walked into the kitchen, his footsteps shaking the entire floor. He sat down at the table, and she sat on the other side. He listed up his mask, and took a spoonful of the food she made, and ate it. "I-Is it good, August?" He nodded, and she blushed happily. "Oh, I'm so happy! Oh- I forgot to put my bag in my room." she said, getting up, taking her bag and going to her room, finding random thins, putting them in it, for tomorrow, since he said that he'd take her to the Zoo. She spaced out and came back down the stairs, putting it on the coffee table next to the door, against the long wall. She smiled coyly, and went back to the kitchen. The doorbell rang, and she looked up, as August put a hand to his head.

She went to the front door, looking out, seeing no one, and she shrugged, walking awaya. The doorbell rang again, and she went back to it, slightly irritated that her dinner had been ruined, and threw open the door, and she blinked. "What the-!" someone tried to grabbed her and she kicked them away, "Stop it- UGH, get off of me!" shje yelled, August getting to his feel, and instantly, he felt dizzy, as she scream. "NOO! AUGUSTAFH!" She yelled, grabbing her bag, pulling out a syringe, and stabbing it into the stranger, and they grunted, another one grabbed her as she yelled for August, and they two ran out as he entered the hall, and suddenly, fell to the ground unconscious. The last thing that he heard was the sound of an engine revving, starting up, her screaming his name…the sound of the assailants driving away. He groaned and passed out.