Warning: Pre-Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Bleach.

Pairing: PreIchigo/Harry

Notes: Ichigo is six, Harry 5. Harry was adopted by the Kurosaki's when he was four after the Dursley's left him in Japan on vacation. Harry is called Haru by others, but has kept his name (and is only called Haru because it's easier).

Word Count: 493 (only actual Drabble)


Six-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo yawned widely, sitting up and sleepily rubbing an eye with a small, balled up fist before yawning again and immediately moving to re-wrap the small bundle under his covers back into his arms.

Nuzzling the top of the fine, sleep mused raven hair, Ichigo smiled brightly.

"Morning, Haru-chan," Ichigo grinned, cuddling the precious bundle closer.

There was a faint rustling before wide emerald green eyes peeked at the orange haired boy from his cocoon of blankets.

"Nii-Nii," Harry mewled softly, voice thick with sleep.

Ichigo smiled at the sound, nuzzling closer to his little brother and running a hand through his hair to help him wake up, just like mama did when she came to wake them up.

Just as Harry was about to awake, Ichigo's door slammed open to reveal Isshin, who had kicked the door open and was now standing proudly in front of his children, dressed in a pink apron with a spatula in one hand and plate of steaming pancakes in the other.

"Morning, my darling baby boys! It's time for the breakfast your darling mother has made for you!"

Isshin proclaimed dramatically, his grin widening as his oldest son scowled at him while his youngest smiled shyly from Ichigo's arms.

"Morning, daddy," Harry offered from Ichigo's arms, still shy and slightly uncertain around his daddy, even after a year, but he was warming up to him. Still, he liked his new mama the best.

And Ichigo, of course.

"We'll be there! And stop coming in without knocking!"

Ichigo demanded, hugging his little brother possessively and glaring at his father who pouted before he was dragged away by a smiling Masaki, although not before she kissed each of her children good morning.

Ichigo and Harry took their time going downstairs, Ichigo clumsily dressing before helping his brother and beaming with pleasure when he finally got all the clothes straight, oblivious to how the orange and the bright red clashed, and how mittens and a scarf weren't needed in summer.

Making his way down to breakfast, hand firmly in his older brother's, Harry beamed at his family from behind his orange woolen scarf.

"'morning, Ka'rin, Yuzu! Mommy! Daddy!"

Isshin, who had been crying dramatically about how Karin had kicked him when he tried to hold her, immediately zoned in on Harry, pulling the boy into a large hug.

"Haru-chan! My little prince. Oh, you love your daddy, don't you?"

Isshin whined, hugging Haru before a sharp kick to the knee had him letting go, holding his leg with both hands and jumping around while Ichigo held Harry possessively, glaring at his father.

"Mine! Don't touch!"

Ichigo glared, kicking his father's shin one more time for good measure before calmly taking his brother to the table, sitting down and pulling his baby brother to his lap.

Smiling, Masaki happily watched her family, amused by their antics and feeling so warm to be able to share moments with them.