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There was nothing but silence, and I just stood there unmoving as I watched the man behind the desk gazing at me in the most criticizing ways. He did not say anything, and I did not say anything. The silence was so loud to the point that my ears were hurting, but I did not move to attempt to ease the pain, and I did not comment on it either. After what it seemed like hours, he finally spoke.

"Jirou-san, I understand that you revealed your identity to your friends?" Miyazawa-san stated solemnly with his hands clasped together, and they slightly covered his mouth. "Have you forgotten the rules we have?"

"No sir," I answered nervously, and inwardly told myself that I should be ready for any sort of consequences. I also wondered which rules he was talking about, considering there were so many rules this agency have. I opened my mouth to inquire, but my boss beat me to the punch.

"You know I don't tolerate any excuses, no matter what," he continued.

"Yes sir," I nodded as I forced myself not to gulp down in fear. I am slowly beginning to dislike this Thursday morning.

"Are you prepared for any consequences for your action?" Miyazawa-san asked with a smirk that somehow struck fear into my wildly beating heart.

"…Yes sir," I mumbled, and vaguely wondered if he could hear my loud heart beats.

It was for our safety that most, if not all, young idols have to adopt dual identities in this agency: one for his or her civilian life, and the other as his or her idol life. It was also a rule that we were not supposed to reveal our identities to anyone, aside from our family, which happened to be a rule that I had broken. Although in my defense, it was not my fault that my former teammates and former rivals… and maybe along with all the Kanto region's students now knew, and it all started with Niou. After that, everything just went downhill like a snowball.

"You do remember the contract that you signed, don't you?" my boss asked with an eyebrow raised.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I tried to remember the said contract that I signed two years ago. Suddenly, I could not help but feel that I signed away my life to the devil. "…Yes sir," I finally grounded out, and wondered why he was bringing that up.

"We can't just take you out of the entertainment world since you're famous, and the fans love you," he started with a chuckle. "I wouldn't want to cause any suspicions amongst the media, and whatnot,"

I had never felt more relieved than I was at this moment, because I honestly thought I would be fired. I'll have to remember not to mess up again, and remember that this dual identities business was for my own sake. Note to self: Stay away from Niou-kun.

"However, you do realize that we can't have you going around, having a relationship," my boss continued solemnly with a stern look, "It says so in the contract on section 3, line 5, subdivision 9,"

"Of course sir," I could not help but complied with what he said, even though I did not remember what was exactly written in the contract. I inwardly sighed, and wondered what else he was going to add. Then again... I wondered how he knew I have a relationship... he was not having someone stalk after me, was he? My poor soul cannot take this kind of torture.

"How do you feel about cross dressing?" Miyazawa-san inquired out of the blue, and I just looked at him with my eyes almost popping out its sockets, and my jaw promptly resting on the ground.


"That's your punishment," my boss stated with a devil-may-care smirk, and glanced at a folder before he eyed at me again. "For your Junon magazine, you're taking it with some of your friends, correct?" he questioned with an eyebrow raised.

"…Yes?" I gulped nervously and tried to gauge what he was planning as best as I could.

"I will approve of this proposal," Miyazawa-san started with an even bigger smirk, if that was possible, and I sighed in relieve yet again at that. "But," he continued, and purposely paused for the longest period of time that my heart could not help but race wildly again.

"I will approve of your proposal to have a photo shoot with your friends with Junon, on the condition that, you," he clarified as he pointed his expensive pen at me, "cross dress as a girl, and that none of your friends or anyone aside from your managers know that it's you. Unless it is for your activities as JIROU, you are to remain as a girl for one month, and if anyone asks you, your name is Yuki. That is your punishment. You're lucky that I won't be stopping your activities, and remember, whether you are posing as a girl or not, you are bounded by this agency's rules,"

"…Yes sir…" I mumbled dejectedly, and finally asked, "Why am I cross dressing…?"

"Haven't you been listening to what I said?" Miyazawa-san sighed as he rubbed his temple, and explained again, "It's your punishment for revealing your identity to practically everyone. It won't be long before the media and paparazzi finds out. Who do you think will be handling those when the time comes? Not you, that's for sure. Besides, I'll need some sort of entertainment to amuse me if I'm going to be stressed like that. You just happened be at the right place at the right time,"

"………" Screw it, I truly dislike this Thursday now.

I sat in my dresser with my hair stylist, and my make-up artist, getting ready for the photo shoot. On the table in front of me laid a wig, a front-lace wig to be exact. I came to the studio dressed as a girl, and my stylists could not stop gushing about how feminine I was. That was a blow to my male pride, you know.

'Darn you, Miyazawa-san,' I scowled as I put on my earring, necklace, bracelet, and rings. As soon as I was done, I put on my contacts before I grabbed a set of clothes that I was to change into.

"At least it's not permanent," I muttered as I readjusted my belt, and grabbed a black and white pleated shirt before I walked out of the fitting room. I gave a slight nod of gratitude towards the stylists, and walked to the set as I put on the pleated attire over my white T-shirt.

The set consisted of autumn backdrops overlapping one another with some leaves scattered on the floor. I waited by the buffet table while I watched the camera crew and the lighting crews adjusted the equipments. I grabbed a small apple, and haphazardly sat on a sofa nearby.

I leaned against the furniture, and took a bite of the apple. Oh yeah, it certainly feels good to be guy-like. After all, being 'lady-like' is not me, but punishment is punishment. One of these days, revenge will be mine, Miyazawa-san.

'But how…' I mused as I took another bite of the fruit. When I noticed my surrounding, a couple of photographers were taking various photos of me, and the three regulars who were supposed to take a picture of me were standing behind the overly enthusiastic director.

"Shall we get started?" I suggested calmly as I stood up from my spot, and did not give Atobe a chance to say anything. "Please treat me well," I stated with a bow towards the staff, and the director.

"Jirou--" Atobe started, but I just gave him a glance before I walked over to the set.

When I passed by him, I stated quietly, "Work is work, Atobe-san. Please don't bring personal issues on the set,"

"Ah, Jirou-san, you're all set?" Sakura-san inquired as she approached towards me with a binder in her hands. "You certainly look much better like this; but it's too bad that you tried escaping it twenty-seven times, and ended up getting caught twenty-seven times,"

"You don't have to remind me," I cringed when I remembered the torture yesterday. That's right… I tried to escape my cross dressing deed yesterday, but I ended up getting caught by various staff-san. I did not think that they would gladly participate, and wanted to see me as a girl that badly. Even my senpai-tachi from the agency offered to help the staff-san… those sadists. I thought we were friends.

"So Jirou-san, I heard that you were punished for breaking some rules," my photographer stated as I stood next to Tezuka-san. We were standing in front of the backdrops casually with our hands in our pockets.

"Must everyone talk about it?" I sighed exasperatedly, and ran one hand through my hair. "Yes, I got punished for breaking some rules. At least I'm not suspended from my activities," I explained with a deep sigh, and changed into another simple yet elegant pose. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Atobe, and Niou looking at me with confused expressions.

"How severe is it?" my photographer inquired with an eyebrow raised. He silently directed me to slightly tilt my body so that my right side was facing the camera.

"It's a blow to my male pride, that's all I'm saying," I scoffed with a scowl, but quickly changed the expression into a smile when I remembered that the photographer was still taking pictures.

"I would like to have a picture of it," Sakura-san added with a giggle.

I immediately looked her with horror, even if my photo shoot was still ongoing, and stated in scandalous tone, "Sakura-san! Must you add salt to the wound?"

"But Jirou-san, you're so--" she started but I quickly interrupted.

"Don't even say the 'p' word," I said with a gesture to stop her sentence, and added, "Not even the 'b', 'f', 'g' words. Don't think of sneaking a picture either,"

"Awww, it would have been a great addition to the photo books," Sakura-san sighed wistfully.

"If anything, I would have liked to just hermit under a rock this whole month," I grumbled as the photo session with Tezuka-kun finished. "Thanks for coming," I stated to him as I readjusted my shirt.

"Ah," that was all he said.

"Well, Miyazawa-san has overbooked you with various activities, so you can't just hermit the month away," my manager said with a nervous laughter as she flipped through the binder to check. "Don't worry, it'll be over before you know it," she stated cheerfully.

"Yeah, well, it's not going as fast as I would've liked," I sighed yet again when the director-san told me to take a 15-minute break, so I could clear my head.

I walked over to the couch and laid down with a cool cloth covering my eyes. "Sakura-san, what's my schedule for today?" I called out, and I heard paper rustling nearby.

"After this, you have a drama shooting," she stated after a few seconds of silence, and when I uttered my confusion, she explained, "You know, the one Miyazawa-san signed you up as the second half of your punishment. Well, this is just a formality… you're meeting with your co-stars, and have lunch with them. Personally, I think you are ready for your acting career,"

"Just because I tend to sing emotional songs," I started as I slowly sat up, and let the cloth slipped down my face to land on my lap. "It doesn't mean that I want to be in a drama," I continued with a sigh before I extended my hand towards her, "Let me see the script,"

"It's about two hours long episode," Sakura-san explained as she handed me the script. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Niou, Atobe, and even Tezuka were eyeing at me curiously, despite the fact that, both tennis captains did not show it.

"Luckily, if you decide to see it that way, you're only in there for that episode," my manager chimed happily, and I merely sighed dejectedly before I gave the script back to her. "Anyways, after lunch, you have Ouran High School Host Club event, and then… an hour break before you start the first shooting for the drama. You're free as soon as the shooting is done,"

"How…fabulous," I commented dryly before I tossed the cool cloth on the sofa, and walked back to the set. "Alright people, let's wrap this up," I stated with a new burst of energy. I figured… the sooner I finished this, the sooner I could get to my next appointment, and finished everything on my list. That way, I would be able to get home quicker.

Atobe walked towards the set, and sent a worried glance towards me, but I merely brushed aside his concern. "Why are you avoiding Ore-sama?" he muttered as he stood next to me, and sent a slightly hurt gaze towards me.

"I'm not avoiding you," I responded in a low tone, and moved onto a different pose. "I'm just busy," I stated as if it was the best excuse I could come up with.

"Then why haven't you been answering my calls?" he prodded with a scowl, and copied my pose.

"I haven't had the time," I answered with a small shrug, and stated, "Now, please stop talking about our personal relationship at work,"

It has only been two days since my boss had told me to cross dress, and assume the identity of 'Yuki'. I let out a small scowl as I sat by the window at a café I usually goes to before my work. However, today was one of the rare days that I was free; thus, here I am… enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and some pastries.

It just so happened that a couple of tables away from me were some of the Hyoutei regulars. Specifically, Atobe, Oshitari, Ootori, Shishido, and Mukahi… the latter two were arguing rather heatedly about which coffee brand was better. It was rather random and futile argument, but at the same time… that was so like Shishido, and Mukahi.

I, as per punishment, was dressed like a girl; that included, the wig, temporary double eyelid (so that I actually look somewhat different), fake long eyelashes, make-up, manicure, pedicure, hair removal treatment (also known as waxing), and fake breasts. Yes, the whole painful process, which I tried escaping twenty-seven times, and I got caught twenty-seven times. That's just a painful blow to my male pride.

As for sounding like a girl, it was not hard for me because of my occupation. After all, I took vocal lessons to become a singer, and a voice actor. Aside from that, what crept me out was how the regulars would not stop eyeing at me. I inwardly snorted as I took a sip of the warm drink, and reminded myself that they were, in the end, hormonal raged males. Then again…

'What in the world am I thinking! I'm a guy too!!' I reminded myself, and crossed my legs as I told myself to act like a girl because females definitely do not sit with their legs spread apart. "Ah man, this is hard," I mumbled that phrase for the hundredth time in the past two days.

"So why is a pretty girl like you doing in a café all alone?" Oshitari asked with a smirk. Was I supposed to fall for his 'seductively sexy smirk'? I did not even notice or hear him walking to my table, let alone see him sitting across from me. From the corner of my eyes though, I saw Mukahi hide his face behind his hand in exasperation, and Ootori shaking his head in embarrassment.

"Having breakfast, and trying to stay away from perverted guys like you," I answered in a rather feminine tone that would have brought my vocal instructor to shame. Heck, even I was awed at how feminine I sounded. My male pride… gone in two days. A couple of tables away, Mukahi, and Shishido laughed rather loudly at the tensai's failed attempt to flirt. I would have snickered, but that would have been un-lady like. I inwardly snorted yet again at my own trail of thoughts.

But then again… I might as well have fun, and mess with the regulars' head in this disguise. After all, I still have to endure this torture for another twenty-five days. Oh dear god… I think I am becoming a sadist.

"You know, you remind me of a friend of mine," Oshitari continued as he eyed at me in rather scrutinizing ways that I could not help but think that he was undressing me with his eyes. Oh my dear god, that just sounded horribly wrong.

"Oh really?" I responded civilly as I swirled my drink around, and glanced at the tensai. "What makes you think that?"

"You both look similar to one another," he answered calmly with a confused expression on his face.

"I…see…" that was all I said, whilst I inwardly wondered what in the world he was thinking.

"Would you mind telling me your name?" Oshitari inquired with what it might be a flirtatious smirk. I mentally scoffed at his another attempt to flirt with me, but nevertheless, I decided to amuse him.

"It's Tanaka Yuki," I responded after racking my brain for a bit. Well, 'Tanaka' is a common last name if I was not mistaken, and 'Yuki' was the name Miyazawa-san said I should use.

"Oshitari Yuushi," he introduced, even though I already knew who he is. However, he does not know that I know, so it might actually be fun playing around with them. Heavens above, help me; I cannot believe that I am actually trying to have fun, and getting used to being a girl.

I let out a tired groan when I heard my cell phone ringing endlessly for the past thirty seconds. I tried to find the noisy electronic without moving from my spot, and without opening my eyes. After a couple of failed attempts, I flipped the device opened without bothering to look at the caller (mainly because that would require me opening my eyes, which meant waking up). "…Hello…?" I answered incoherently, and snuggled deeper into my warm blankets.

I nearly dozed off again, until I heard some unsettling news that immediately woke me up. "What did you say?" I remarked alarmingly as I sat up from my warm and comfortable bed. I glanced at the clock on the wall, and inwardly groaned at how it was still early. The sun was not even up yet, and here I am, talking on the phone when I was supposed to be sleeping.

"But it's only been two weeks since you issued the ordeal," I whined as I fell back on the bed, and let out a deep sigh. "Why are you suspending me? I didn't break any rules," I grumbled about how unfair he was being, and crawled back under the blankets.

"Wow, there are rumors about Yuki already? How did that get out? Better yet, how did the word get out I'm cross dressing?" I gaped in surprised. If I had been drinking something, I was sure I would have sprayed it all over my bed.

"This is so not cool," I grumbled at the news, and sighed depressingly. "So how long am I suspended for? Two weeks? Do I still have cross dress? Aw man! I'm still getting paid, right? I better. Well, at least the drama shooting just finished last night,"

I pulled the blanket over my head as I listened to my boss rambling on the other line, and idly nodded in agreement at some parts before we both hung up to go back to sleep. "I can't believe some idiot decided to reveal to everyone that the idol JIROU cross dresses as a girl. Che… I can't believe I'm suspended for two weeks when I didn't do anything," I muttered darkly under my breath, and put my cell phone back on the nightstand. "At least I have more time to sleep, and maybe I should go to Hyoutei to explain that I am Yuki… nah…"

Note: This the end of A Second Chance; the ending is what I was not expecting. There is a prequel written for this ("Broken Connections"), and a sequel ("Lost Pride").