Earth bounded once again

Chapter 1: Going back

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It was a regular day Among the Celestial plain; Amaterasu was resting on her side, just minding her business, while whirling her furred Paw around a pool that was showing what was going about on the mortal plains. She was bored out of her mind and was using her index finger and drew random circle on the grass, watching them bloom, but just a disappear just a fast. The Sun Goddess was bored out of her mind.

'Only five days since I got back and I'm already bored out of my mind! *Sigh* Sometimes, being a Goddess just isn't worth it sometime.' She thought. As she was letting her mind wander, Amaterasu remembering her time back on the mortal plain. The sightseeing she did, the people she met, the children that petted her, even the plump middle age women that chased her away from her patch back in Kamiki Village. The Lupine Goddess only chuckled a bit at the recent memory of the time she had a week ago. Soon, her thoughts drifted to her annoying, egotistical, but very helpful inch-high companion; Issun.

'Issun... I wonder how the little "Artist" is doing now' she thought. Ever since she got back to the Celestial her comrades had always referred her either 'Mother Okami or Lady Amaterasu or Ama-Chan. And it was getting on her nerves.

'Not once, have I been called Fur ball. I'm beginning to miss Issun.' She thought. She remembered how angry he would get, hence his red aura almost ALL the time. Even his voice.


'Heh… I stand corrected, I miss him dearly, and Sakuya too. I wonder how she's doing as well… no doubt protecting Kamiki Village. Hmmm… now that I look at it, I can see why Issun fancies her breast.' Amaterasu thought. She picked herself up till she was in the sitting position and placed her furred hands at her collarbone and brought them downward running over her chest and furry breast feeling the fur brush past her paw pad finger tips and stopped there. She felt the texture and weight of them, even though they looked huge; she didn't feel huge. She just couldn't get the concept of why Men (Well… some men) in Nippon always looked at them and not the face. That and makeup as well. Not being one to judge but a few of her male counterpart comrades have also snuck glances.

"*sigh* oh well… I kind of like the attention anyways. *heh*Listen to me; I'm supposed to be a pure being, not wallowing in mortal desires… But, when I look at those who have families off their own, I can't help but feel a little jealous of the women though." Amaterasu said to herself unsuspectingly that one of comrades was listening to her speech.

"Really, is that true, Mother Okami?" asked a very familiar, feminine voice. Amaterasu wasn't surprised at all. In fact she was suspecting for Kabegami; The Wall walker, to find her.

"*sigh* Good morning Kabegami." Amaterasu greeted while still looking into the Mortal pool. "Is there something I can help you with? Because if it's about the bringing the morning to the land, it's already done." She replied.

Kabegami only smiled and was about to say something but noticed a heap of clothing that was next to her Mother.

"Mother, you're without your celestial robe again? This isn't like you at all." The feline said while taking a seat next to the Lupine Goddess.

"I always sleep without it and it goes the same for waking up without it as well." Amaterasu replied while dipping her paw into the Mortal Pool and twirled it around; causing it to ripple continually.

The Feline didn't like to see her friend in such a forlorn state and decided to try to cheer her up.

"I see… well I'm sorry you feel that way Ammy." Kabegami while placing her paw on her shoulder.

"Thanks… I guess. But Kabe let me ask you something." Amaterasu turned to look directly at the Cat Goddess. "Do you really think that all the Evil that came from the Ark of Yamoto was sealed away?" The Wolf Goddess asked.

"Of course, it is, we ALL saw what you did Ammy. We're all still very proud of you!" Kabegami said while pulling her friend into a hug. Amaterasu gave off a half-smile from the praise.

"Thank you Kabe, but…" She then turned to look away, "I still can't shake the fact that something is still out there, and it's lying in wait, biding its time." She said.

"Are you sure you're not sounding paranoid? I mean you just returned five days ago. You may still be tired." The feline said while looking into the Mortal Pool.

"No Kabe, I'm sure. I still get that feeling every time I look into the Mortal Pool. And every time I sleep, I keep having these visions of something Dark and Ominous just… waiting there… hiding." She said while lowering her ears.

"Kabegami never heard her friend sound so… serious before. So she tried something else.

"Well, I can't argue with that Ammy. But for now just put it out of you mind for the time being. But onto another more… interesting topic. I've notice that you've taking a liking to mortal. I believe this mortal's name was… Oki correct?" Kabe asked with a knowing smile. Amaterasu blushed deeply when she heard the Lupine warrior's name.

"sooo… you ARE attracted to him, I take it?" Kabegami asked with a mischievous smirk.

"Oh Kabe, he was absolutely Majestic!" Amaterasu said while cupping her paws together, and having her Black tipped tail wag repeatedly.

"Oh? Well then due tell." Kabe replied.

"Dear me, I never thought I would find a mortal so attractive in the last few hundred years. You should have seen him. The way he moves, it's so precise and accurate. And his agility and speed, Even I had a hard time keeping up with him, especially when we were fighting those twin Owl demons of the wind temple. Such Power as well. And his Fur, oh Gods his Fur! The Most beautiful thing I ever witnessed! The way how his Blue complemented his Red. Oh dear heavens. I never felt so attracted to him' to ANY mortal in fact. This is the first time that ever happened." Amaterasu said while cupping her cheeks, blushing a light pink.

"Wow, the holy Mother of use all, is falling for a mortal. That's a first." Kabe said with a smirk of her own.

"Don't give me that Kabe. I KNOW that you and others at least had a deep affection for mortal. Even if it was only for one night thought." Amaterasu countered, smirking herself. But Kabe didn't flinch. She only smirked wider.

"Indeed I did. And By us, he was SO good." Kabe purred out, while rubbing her tail at the distant memory. "Every now and again I check on him, and my kittens. Even though years have passed they passed on, but in the heaven where mortals go after they pass on, they're all still doing fine. In fact I even brought one to plane, even though it's against the rules, I just couldn't leave my little girl there. She's sleeping in my room right now." Kabe admitted.

"So you brought a Demi-God to the home of the gods, Kabe?" Amaterasu asked.

"Yes, I did. I just love her so much. I'm sorry for going against your rules." The Feline replied.

"It's alright. You posses something I don't. A mother's love." The Wolf Goddess said.

Kabegami could only smile.

"So, Kabe" she started "Who's the lucky cat?" Amaterasu asked with a smirk.

"Ah ah ah. That's another story, for another time. Mother" Kabe said. Soon she got up and left the Wolfess to her own thoughts.

'so, the cat ahs a family of her own, huh? Well. Good for her. But… still. That feeling I felt when I looked in the Mortal spring, Something isn't right. Something is there. But where?!' Amaterasu began to think long and hard, about that bad feeling she felt not too long ago. Over and over again. Until she came to one final conclusion.

"… I'm sorry everyone, but… I'm going back to earth. I have to confirm this for myself." Amaterasu said to herself while turning to leave. Little did she know that Yomigami; the restoration God, was hovering far above, listening in on her.


A/N: well there you have it. Even after returning to the celestial plains, Amaterasu is still the same as ever. But the whole 'impending evil' thing, Just won't quite! Looks like she she's going back to earth again.

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