Author's Notice:

This fiction is written by Emo Fox and Kareian~ This is going to be our next project so be ready! This is going to have a dual pairing in it, it's mainly going to be Hinata x Kiba but it'll have snippets of Naruto and Sasuke since they are also going to be main players in this world.

It's an alternate universe, set in some sort of modern day under a more mafia-themed umbrella. I don't want to give too much away; this chapter is just sort of going to be a teaser of sorts to see if anyone is interested. The next chapter will be out tomorrow morning and will be longer and give you a better view of this world. Hopefully after you finish reading you'll be so kind as to leave us a review.

"Bullets and Lace"


'By: Emo Fox and Kariean'

This fiction is dedicated to, the hidden mist.

Hinata was awake, just barely.

She had been sleeping so soundly when for some reason her mind decided to wake her. She hadn't had night terrors since she had been a young girl so she wasn't entirely sure why she was awake. But, something was telling her to be awake and slowly but surely her mind was grasping reality.

She could feel the soft silk under her body, could feel it between her fingers, could smell the lavender she had burned before she had went to bed. Hinata could feel the cold night air on her bare shoulders where the blankets slipped.

It was then her brows knitted in confusion.

She felt a breeze but she never left the window open.


She slowly blinked her eyes open taking in the dark room, the shadows being casted everywhere from furniture. She stared ahead at the double doors that led to her balcony. They were open, the curtains swaying in the breeze looking like gossamer ghosts.

Before she could sit up and get her bearings she heard foot steps, quick steps, and she gasped as she turned to see a shadow lunge at her. She might've screamed, she wasn't sure as she tripped out of bed, nearly sprawling on the floor as she ran for the door that led into the bulk of the manor.

Hinata was sure she was screaming now, yelling for her sister, her father, for anybody as she heard steps barreling right after her.

She didn't know who her assailant was; all she knew was that she had to get away.

Hinata ran and ran and ran in the darkness, turning down spiraling halls and darting down steps. Her breath came in quick pants, her skin hot with exercise. She didn't know where she was going, didn't know if she'd make it. It was then she tripped on the last step of the spiral staircase sprawling out on the marble tiles that led to the entry hall.

She sprained her ankle, maybe broke it, she wasn't sure. Blood was trailing down her temple where she crashed as her bright ivory eyes tried to see the man following her. She couldn't, he was still just a dark shape, a nightmare she desperately tried to will away.

He raised his weapon, whatever it was and Hinata tried to scramble back.

She heard a door open far off, a fleeting hope for rescue before the whole world turned black.