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I put my hand in my back pocket.

"Shit." Mary Alice, dropped one of her fries on the carnival ground. She bent down to pick it up from the dead grass. I watched her carefully, making sure she didn't do anything she usually does.

"Don you eat that Mary Alice." I gave her a disapproving look, as she held the fry close to her mouth.

"And why not?" She tilted her head mockingly, and I bit my lip, in frustration.

"You're really going to eat that?" I shook my head, my hand still in my pocket.

"Yes." She said casually.

"It was just on this dirty Carn-"

"Bella Marie, you think a child in Africa wo-"

"Eat It Mary Alice, just eat it!"

And she did, she put the fry in her mouth slowly to mock me, and began to chew.

"Best fry I ever had." She smiled.

"You're ridiculous." I laughed and grabbed her elbow with my free hand. We began to walk through the large crowds of thrilled, noisy teenagers. The carnival music was loud and obnoxious, and it smelt like burnt pop corn, and cotton candy everywhere. I see some familiar kids from school pass, but pass them with out saying hi. I even see Tommy Jackson, who said he loved me in 1st grade then pushed me, I saw him over by the soda machine, probably the only soda machine in the whole carnival. Its something, only our carnival would have. Alice was leading me over to the soda machine with out me even noticing it, and Tommy's light hair became lighter as we got to him, his jeans were much to tight to be guy jeans, and his Beatles shirt looked worn out and wrinkled. Alice pulled me right behind him as he struggled with the soda machine.

"Since when do you want a soda?" I whispered to Alice.

"Since Jasper Hale was standing here." She whispered back with out looking at me. I could see her dark blue eyes wracking over his legs and ass, and I wondered since when did girls check out guy's ass. I was behind on the teenage girl thing, I mean I have been one for about 5 years, I should really start learning soon. I blushed furiously realizing I thought Jasper Hale was Tommy Jackson from 1st grade. I lose mega points. He stood there trying to get the dollar in the machine, but cant seem to fix it.

"Here want a fresh dollar?" Alice asked Jasper, and started digging in her back jean pocket.

"Yeah thanks." He turned around and stared at Alice for about a second and then grabbed the dollar form her hands.

"You're Mary Alice ." He stated.

"Yeah." I thought I saw her blush.

"Thanks." He said again and turned around to put the fresh dollar into the soda machine. And thank god all mighty it worked. Jasper bent down to get his soda, and his plaid boxers showed as he went, I almost felt Alice's excitement rise with in her, so I poked her side gently as a sign to calm her self. She visibly relaxed, and I was grateful. He got back up with the soda in hand and began to swiftly walk away, his blonde curls bouncing as he went, the skinny jeans looking not at all as tight as they actually look, and Alice was drooling beside me.

"Bye. Jasper." She whispered, and I stared at her a bit concerned.

"Stop drooling." I laughed and moved in front of her. I pulled a fresh dollar bill out of my left back pocket, and slid it into the chained up soda machine.

"He's a goddess." Alice sounded dazed, with her mouth full, behind me.

"Oh I bet." I focused on picking the correct soda. Mountain due sounds really good, plus I need something to get rid of that vomit taste I have in my mouth. I shouldn't have ate that nasty corn dog.

"Look its Edward Masen." Her voice was in a rush and I felt my self being hurled away from the soda machine, and stumbling sideways into the middle of what felt like a herd of kid, coming this way. I was waiting to hit the damp grass below, and feel the dirt slide on to my clean hands. I squeezed my eyes shut as the fall came to end, when a pair of arms gripped me around my waste to steady me. I heard my self let out a dry soft whimper in relief. My eyes snapped open, and I was an inch away from green orbs, big and bright. Taking my breath away. Those green orbs, belonged to a beautiful face with excellent bone structure, with that bronze hair covering just some of his left eye the rest a mess, yet dearly beautiful. Yes, Mary Alice was right. This was Edward Masen, staring me in the eyes, our faces literally just inches a part. I felt my face go a violent shade of red, as I realized it.

"Are you okay?" His smooth voice startled me in my awkward silence, and for a quick moment I had to remind myself he was talking to me.

"Y-yeah." I stuttered, and too my amazement my voice was clear. I felt his hand loosen around my waste, letting me go completely, and I straightened my self out. Pulling my navy blue sweater in place.

"Thank you, for saving a life Edward." Mary Alice was now at my side, I heard her hand someone something, as I stared at Edward. Alice, put her hand in mine and pulled me away from Edward.

"She appreciates it." Alice called over her shoulder as we strode off into the loudness of the uncomforting carnival, I didn't even look back at Edward or the people he was with. But I was suddenly pulled out of my strong daze when Tommy, the actual Tommy Jackson, was standing by the Ferris wheel, his light hair getting darker as we approached. I suddenly had time to get angry at Alice. I pulled my hand out of hers, as we stopped right in front of Tommy who was looking at us questioningly. The bright lights behind Alice as I glared at her were hardly distracting, along with the roaring hip hop music in the back ground, and screaming kids. One of the screaming kids shoves by me making me wobble a bit, but I am still mad at Mary Alice, who stood looking innocent.

"Why in heavens name would you do such a thing Mary Alice?!" I all but screamed, even if I did no one would have noticed except Tommy, who was watching us. I felt his eyes on our every move.

"What did I do?" She looked at me with wide innocent eyes, and she wobbled because some screaming kid had shoved past her this time.

"Really Alice, you pushing me into Edward Masen making me look like a fool, was that easy to forget?" I asked incredulously.

"You know he's cute." She smiled.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I laughed with out humor.

"They probably forgot all about it." Alice shrugged.

"Whatever. I'm still mad at you." I huffed and turned my body to face Tommy.

"Bella, I thought it was cute." She tried to make things okay.

"Me looking like an idiot is okay?" I rolled my eyes.

"What happened?" Tommy asked both of us.

"Nothing." I grumbled.

"Oh." He looked a little shocked at my tone. When did Tommy start talking to me? I mean he's been around for a while, but I just never realized how many times I could have talked to him, and right now seemed like the perfect time. He was a nice boy, kind of shy, but nice, and I just learned he looks just like Jasper Hale from behind.

"Sorry." I apologized for my tone.

"She's just butt hurt." Alice added, and I glared at her.

"Okay." Tommy chuckled. "Have you guys gone on the Ferris wheel?" "Nope." Alice popped her 'p' .

"Its like the best part of the carnival." He complained.

"I'm scared of heights." I said sheepishly.

"Why don't you call Edward Masen to keep you safe?" Alice blurted out like a 5 year old.

"I don't even like Edward Masen like that." I shook my head at her, but kept my eyes on Tommy, who looked a bit amused with us.

"Whatever ." Alice mumbled.

"Well I strongly suggest, you get on the Ferris wheel." Tommy shrugged.

"Nope." I said sure of my decision.

"See what I have to deal with?" Alice shook her head and Tommy laughed.

"Why don't you two go on the Ferris Wheel." I stuck my tongue out at them.

"We will." Tommy chuckled and grabbed Alice's hand, tugging her towards the line.

"Really?" She glowed at me.

"Yeah." I nodded, as Tommy tugged her in the line and she seemed to glow with excitement. The little kid she was.

"Thank you!" Alice called, and Tommy and her walked up and sat on the little bench that would send them up in the air in just minutes. I stood there staring at the grass, trying to think of other things to occupy my thoughts.

"Come on!" I heard a loud voice yell at someone.

"No way." The other voice laughed.

"Fine. You'll have to be a loner and wait here yourself." The deep voice, that seemed to be booming, laughed and the sound of his footsteps getting into the Ferris Wheel line, were audible. I looked up, to match the voices with the people. Emmett was in line, the schools famous football player and so was Jasper, while Edward stood four feet away from me. He just had to be here right now didn't he? My eyes were glued to his perfect figure too long, so I looked away before he caught me, and blushed at my actions. I prayed he wouldn't notice me standing here. I thought I was doing good at staying un noticed, till now of course.

"Bella right?" His smooth voice, was talking to me now. Not what I wanted but I looked up into his bright green eyes to answer.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"I just saved your life." He put out his hand for me to shake. I giggled and took it. The strange warmth, and almost electric feeling burnt with in my skin at his simple touch, and I wondered for a second if I was okay. I felt fine. He shook my hand gently and smiled softly when I giggled.

"Thank you Edward." I smiled. He laughed and looked up at the Ferris Wheel, that was spinning slowly now, Alice was talking to Tommy, giggling about something. And I wished I was in on the joke, although here on land it felt much safer for me. I never noticed how sweet Tommy looked next to Alice. I could see something there.

"Why aren't you up there with Mary Alice?" Edward's smooth voice spoke again. I almost panicked remembering who exactly I was talking to.

"I-I'm scared of heights." I stuttered, then a second later, I realized I should have came up with something much cooler, or at least anything but that. So instead of correcting myself, I blushed. Like I always do. Because if anything, its what I'm good at I guess.

"Me too." He chuckled, and looked down at his shoes. The cutest action ever.

"You are scared of heights?" I laughed.

"Yeah." He looked up a smile on his face.

"You don't seem like someone who would be." I shrug, and look up at the big Ferris Wheel behind him.

"I get that a lot." He chuckled. Then it went silent between us, and I wished he would walk away and say he had something else to do, rather than standing here and watch me humiliate myself, with my attempt to make conversation. And when did Edward start talking to me? The loud music and Ferris Wheel continued as both of us stood there watching the Ferris Wheel twirl, round and round and round.

"Hey want to get some 'cotton candy'?" He asked randomly, and was caught of guard by the simple question. It wasn't a question like 'hey you want a soda' or maybe you're friend saying 'you know I could really go for some cotton candy'. It wasn't a question at all. And even though when the words slipped out of his perfect lips, and he ran a hand through that bronze messy hair of his. It wasn't a question at all, and I knew it. I knew it that second, what he was really asking. Emmet asked Rosalie, the same question last June and the week after that I was in CVS looking for a cheep pregnancy test with her. Those innocent words, meant nothing innocent at all, what so ever, never in a million years will those words be looked at, the same way a five year old or a normal person would look at it. Yes, the youngsters at Forks High had did that much. They had ruined a perfect, simple, innocent question.

Jessica: Did you hear? Mike asked Lauren to get some 'cotton candy'?

Angela: Did she do it?Jessica: Yeah and she might be pregnant!

Angela: Oh my goodness!Jessica: I know! I said no when mike asked for my cotton candy.

Who started it? I have no idea, and to be honest I think its stupid. I think its absolutely ridiculous. I think its inappropriate, and I think its stupid. Yes stupid, stupid, stupid. And that's the reason I was standing here frozen in front of Edward Masen, possibly the best looking guy I have ever met in my life. He wasn't asking me to walk with him, to the cotton candy stand right across from the Ferris Wheel. Edward Masen was asking to have sex with me. But the most shocking of this. Is I wanted it.

"Yeah." I whispered, and a smile spread on his flawless face, and lust filled those beautiful green eyes. I felt my heart beat rapidly in my chest, as my breathing became heavy.

"Then lets." He winked, and grabbed my hand giving it a gentle squeeze. He pulled me away from the Ferris Wheel, and into a crowd of people. My hand in his as we went, hurrying to get to wherever it was he was taking me. When just minutes ago I had spoken the most I had spoken to him in about 3 years. I was acting likeā€¦ a teenage girl. As Edward pushed us past people, I whipped out my cell phone, to text Alice. I could hardly text her with one hand, as Edward hurried past people. I gave up for a while but returned to texting her when we were free from hurrying past crowds of people.

"Where are we going?" I giggled.

"Forks High." He smiled. Forks High was just around the corner, and my heart was just a minute away from jumping out of my chest. We were officially out of the Carnival and now on the dark damp streets of Forks. Both of us laughing occasionally, my giggling getting the best of me, as I followed him, our hands never detaching. There were only street lights, nothing else. It only took us a minute to enter school grounds, and once were in the parking lot we were sprinting towards the back of the school. I finally went back to texting Alice a quick text message.

To: Alice


I'm getting Cotton Candy with Edward Masen!

From: Bella

555 6090

I sent the message and by now we were in the back of the school, it was dark, and no one was around of course. I put my phone back into my back pocket, where my hand had been.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked, stopping both of us, and walking up to stand only inches from my face. His beauty was still flawless in the dark.

"Yes." I whispered a bit out of breathe. Was I sure? Did I really know? Could this really happening. Just as the words escaped my lips, his lips were on mine. Moving softly and furiously against my lips, his hands trailing up and down my back sending chills through my body. He was pushing my against the brick wall, and no I was not uncomfortable. His arms wrapped around me perfectly, like I was made to be in them. He broke apart from my lips so we could both breath, but just moved to kissing and sucking my neck.

"Mmm." I moaned, as he held me tighter against the wall, and I felt my phone slipping out my jean back pocket, and I faintly heard it tumble to the ground, as Edward began to put his hands up my shirt, stroking and caressing my breast, moving his hands under my cotton bra, and squeezing them gently.

"Edward." I whispered pushing my fingers through his hair. He groaned in response, pushing me harder against the wall.

"Bella." He whispered back and I could have came right there an then. He was in a hurry then, he quickly went to the button of my jeans, struggling a bit to get them un done but oh he did it, and moved them just a little lower than my waste so they weren't all the way off.. His hands slipped into my panties, and straight to my entrance. He plunged two fingers in me.

"Ah!" I screamed out in pleasure as he pumped in and out of me.

I cant believe I'm doing this.

I cant believe I'm doing this

I cant believe I'm doing this.

"You like that?" He plunged faster.

"YES!" I moaned rocking my hips into his fingers, and whimpered when he took them out. His hands went to his own pants and he started to un button his jeans. He even struggled on his own. But soon they were just as low as mine, and his member was hard and erect before me,, he didn't hesitate to pull my panties down or to even tease me with his cock. He entered me slowly and I screamed out, at both the pain and pleasure.

"Fuck." He groaned. "You're so tight."

"Ughhh!" I moaned, as he begin to thrust into me. His hands never loosened, they stayed wrapped tightly around me as he thruster into me.

"You want more baby?" He whispered in my ear as he pumped.

"Yes." I moaned.

"Like that?" He licked my ear and thrust faster into me. Every part of my body on fire.

"OH EDWARD!" I screamed and pulled on his hair. He kept going, his hand moving up and down my body, squeezing my breast and kissing my neck as I begged for more, and he gave me what I wanted. This shouldn't be happening to me, because I'm not this kind of girl I don't do these kind of things. I just don't. Maybe Jessica, or Lauren and maybe even Alice would do something like this but not me. Not Bella Marie Swan. Not chief swan's daughter. AND NO NOT WITH EDWARD MASEN.

But of course it would be him.

You think randomly coming up to a girl you hardly know basically asking 'wanna go have sex?' wouldn't, no it shouldn't work.

Well it does, if you're Edward freaking Masen, it works. Edward and I were both coming closet to reach our climax, and as I gripped Edward, holding onto him, my hands thrown over his shoulders, I heard my phone vibrate, a few feet away from me. It was flipped open, and the big font was clear to read, even from here, wrapped in Edward's strong embrace.

From: Alice



To: Bella

555 6090

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