A/N: This is my first Girl Friends fanfic. It's probably going to start out as a series of one shots and then, possibly, I might move on to make an actual story. And, in case you didn't notice, it's very short.

And I don't own Girl Friends.


"Mari-chin! Mari-chin! Wake up!! Your parents are supposed to be here in thirty minutes!" Akko exclaimed as she pounced on the sleeping brunette. Her honey blonde hair was falling out of the bun it had been in last night. She jumped to her feet and collected the discarded clothing from last night, groaning, "Aw, this was my favorite bra…!"

"We have to tell my parents about our relationship…and you're worried about your bra. Akko…I worry about your priorities sometimes," the brunette girl teased. She pushed the covers away, immediately shivering from the cold air on her bare skin. "Did we turn down the thermostat?"

"I think…oops. I forgot to turn it back on!" giggled the other girl. Akko rushed to the closet and frantically searched for something to wear. "What will impress your parents??"

Shaking her head, Mari walked up behind her long-time girlfriend. She wrapped her arms around Akko's waist and whispered, "What did you used to say to me when I began to fret over the little things?"

With a sigh, the honey blonde replied, "I would say, 'You worry too much. You'll be that much better off if you don't.' Right?"

"Right. And…everything went over well when we talked to our friends, right?"

Akko protested, "But we found out that they were dating each other too! Tamamin and Sugi, I mean." She pouted and stared up into Mari's eyes. Her lower lip quivered a bit; this act never worked but hell, it got a good response.

The brunette leaned down, pressing her lips gently against Akko's to ease away the disapproving grimace. "True," Mari paused, "However, I thought it was funny when we found Kuno and Taguchi."

"That was hilarious! The look on Kuno's face was priceless!" Akko laughed brightly. After a moment, she suddenly came back down to earth and remembered the issue at hand.

"So. Don't you think I should be the one worried?" Brunette brows rose in question as Mari smiled gently at Akko.

Akko sighed and shook her head in reply. "No. They're your parents. They need to understand that we love each other," the honey blonde girl stated.

"Exactly. Oh, crap! We have ten minutes!" The pair immediately began to get dressed in casual clothes and Mari did a quick once over of the apartment.

"We good?"

"Good. And…" The doorbell rang just as Mari grinned and announced, "Time."