Johnny Napalm belongs to Guitar Hero/Activision, Jimmy belongs to me! Old Spice smells nice, but also, does not belong to me.

Tags: Piercings, Watersports, Masturbation, Language

The name's Napalm. Johnny Napalm if you really must know. I'm the lead guitarist in the hardcore punk band Howling Moon. Growing up in the suburbs sucks some major ass, especially coming from a broken home. My mum left my brother, my dad and I when I was 10 years old. I dropped out of high school at the age of 17, picked up a guitar and started making a name for myself.

Ok, enough of this back story bullshit, fast forward to today.

*record scratch*

I got off the couch with blurry vision and a sore face. I was probably drinking a lot and doing what I do best, kicking guitar ass. Since I've been living on my own, I've had a lot of babes pass through my sheets. Most of them a good lay, but nothing I could really appreciate.

I walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower and took off my plaid shorts and black boxers. I looked into the mirror as it was fogging up and realized I had myself a new piercing, in my septum. I gently touched it and winced in pain. It was still a fresh piercing, but it looked good.

I stepped in the shower and let the hot water run all over my body. I started thinking about my day ahead while washing the gel out of my hair, when I noticed my hips starting to tingle. I rinsed the shampoo away, shrugging off the feeling. I remembered that I had to talk to Jimmy, our drummer, about the money he owed me for the pot I got for him. The second Jimmy's image came into my head, the tingling grew more intense.

I thought about him, sitting behind his drum kit, his muscles gleaming with sweat. The more I thought about his body, the more I realized that the blood from my head up top, rushed to my head down below. I grabbed the Old Spice body wash off the shelf and dripped it onto my chest and abs, smoothing it over with my hands.

I rubbed it down my stomach to my hips and gently touched my erect cock. I wrapped my fingers around it's girth and began slowly stroking it. I felt the ball of my Prince Albert when my thumb reached the head. I ran my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the soap and water through my fingers, making my hand slide with ease.

I threw my head back, letting the water run over my face and chest, washing the soap down the drain. I thought more and more about Jimmy and how I wanted him to stick that drumstick of his up my ass and fuck me with it. The thought of the stick in my hole sent me over the edge, and with one final stroke, I came with a strong force.

I sank to my knees, the hot water still running down my chest. I watched my cum ooze out of my cock and onto my legs. I let out a sign of relief and felt a warm liquid, warmer then the water, flow over my legs. I opened my eyes and saw a stream of piss coming from the head. I cut off the stream and grinned.

I flipped around and sat up against the shower wall and situated myself so my cock was laying against my hips. With every stroke, I let out a small burst of piss onto my chest. I rubbed faster, stopping the flow from escaping when I heard a loud pounding at my apartment door and someone yelling my name. I couldn't tell who it was, but I knew the voice was familiar.

I climbed out of the shower, still erect and smelling of cum, piss, and Old Spice. I stuck my head out the bathroom door and yelled for them to come in, and quickly slipped back into the warm shower. As soon as I closed the curtain the pounding was now at my bathroom door, making me sigh and hunch over.

"Napalm!" someone yelled.

"The fuck ya want?" I yelled back.

"I tried to call you like six times, what the hell are you doing J-Fluff?" he said while opening the bathroom door and shutting it behind him.

I quickly realized who it was when I heard my name and click of sticks on the floor. My muscles tensed when I realized who it was, and I couldn't believe how lucky I was.

~~End Track