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Tags: Yaoi, Masturbation, Showers, Language

I heard the toilet lid hit the tank and Jimmy unzipping his pants. I quickly stuck my head out of the shower and mentioned for him to come closer to me. "Can't I take a piss first?" he chuckle. "You can piss in a minute, just get yer arse over here." Jimmy sighed, zipped up his pants and walked over to the steaming shower. I tried to hide my throbbing member from Jimmy's view as best I could through my clear and black checkered shower curtain. "What do you want Fluff?"

I mentioned for him to come even closer to me. As he leaned towards me, I grabbed the collar on his coat, pulling him into a deep, hard kiss, slipping my split and pierced tongue into his warm mouth. I pulled away and looked at him with embarrassment. "I'm sorry Jimmy… I… I couldn't help it… I real-"

I was cut off by Jimmy taking his coat off, and then his shirt, revealing his abs and his guns tattoo at his hips. He came closer to the shower and grabbed my hair, pulling my dripping body onto the floor. He looked down at me, seeing my hard excitement for him.

"Take my pants off Fluff." He ordered.

I did as I was told and unzipped his tight pants, pulling them to the floor, revealing the black silk boxers and the large bulge hiding behind them. I looked up at Jimmy eagerly, waiting for his next set of demands. He took of his boxers and stepped inside the hot shower, leaving me on the floor. I watched him drip the Old Spice® over his body, my cock twitching with excitement.

"Come here Fluff, I want you to do my back."

I did as I was told, crawling into the tub and started messaging Jimmy's toned back. I breathed heavily on his neck, lightly licking his nape as I rubbed the small of his back. Jimmy began to pant as I gently ran my fingers around his hips, lightly touching the base of his cock. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft, gently rubbing it, making Jimmy moan a little. I pushed my hips against his ass, burying my member. I bent Jimmy over, spreading his legs and began fingering his hole. He let out a loud moan and almost lost his balance.

With my thumbs I spread his hole and pushed the tip of my cock slowly inside. "Are you ready for this Jimmy?" He looked back and me and grinned and licked his lips, "I was born ready Johnny."

I slowly pushed my cock inside his hole, straining against how tight he was. I got the head in when Jimmy grabbed my leg, digging his nails into my skin. "Just a little more Jimmy" I panted, pushing the rest of the 6" of my cock deep inside him. He let out a loud moan, so loud I was shocked the neighbors didn't come over. I gently rubbed his butt, trying to comfort him from the pain.

I pulled out a little, pushing back in, slowly fucking him. Every time I pushed deep inside, Jimmy let out a long, hard moan. I pushed deep inside, my hips against his ass and moved them back and forth. I grabbed Jimmy's shoulders, and fucked him hard. With every deep thrust, Jimmy moaned and rubbed his hard cock.

"Oh god Jimmy!" I moaned, thrusting faster and harder, pounding my hips against his arse.

"I'm gonna cum Johnny!" Jimmy screamed, pushing against my hips hard. And with on final hard thrust into his hole, Jimmy and I both came at the same time, screaming.

I slowly pulled out of Jimmy's hole, watching my cum ooze out of his ass. We both slumped to the bottom of the tub, panting hard. Jimmy turned around and looked at me, grinning. I grinned and kissed him, rubbing my hands over his smooth chest.

"I think that was the best shower sex I've ever had Fluff." He chuckled. I laughed and nodded in agreement. "Same here Jimmy." After a sit and a long sigh, we both collected ourselves and cleaned up.


Sitting at the local Denny's®, Jimmy, Chris (our singer), Jake (our bassist) and I mulled over ideas for new songs. Jimmy was tapping out beats with his fingers, writing things down. The kid was amazing, he writes all his own music, note for note, I was a little envious I must say. Our food finally came, after about 20 minutes of waiting, which was ridiculous because it was about 3 in the morning and I'm sure we were the only ones there.

"Oi, Jimmy" I said, gently poking his arm with my fork, "You got my money for the sticky stuff?"

"Oh yeah, damn, I thought I got you that already." He said perplexed, digging into his wallet, pulling out two $20's and handing them to me. I took only one from him, grinning telling him he already gave me partial payment this morning. Jimmy turned a little red and hid his face in his arm, trying to calm down. I laughed and patted his head. Jake looked at me curiously and I shrugged, telling him I had no idea what was wrong with Jimmy.

We all wolfed down our food and started to head out. I lit up a smoke as soon as we stepped outside. I handed one to Jake and Chris, and lit there's as well. I said my good byes to Jake and Chris, Jimmy just waved at them, he was never good at good byes. We climbed into my truck, but I just looked at Jimmy and smiled.

"Aren't you gonna start it up?" he questioned, taking a long drag from his clove cigarette. I just continued to look at him, watching him curiously. He looked over at me and smiled. "Thanks for this morning." I said. He turned red and turned away from me, looking out the window. I put my hand on his chin and turned him towards me. I lifted up the arm rest and pulled him close to me, kissing him. He turned more red, but calmed down and began rubbing my thigh.

I pulled away and started up the Ram, the motor rumbling. I loved my Ram, I put a lot of time and money into this beast and everyone knew how much it meant to me, but other things were slowly becoming more important to me.

We drove around the town for a while, listening to music and just talking about the band and the ideas we had for the future of it.

"Didn't Chris mention something about getting us a show in a couple weeks?" Jimmy asked, flicking the butt out the window. "Yeah, he said it was at some hole in the wall bar, but apparently the owners are the shit and told us we could have free drinks." I said, lighting up another cigarette.

We came back to my apartment to chill out and play some video games. It was early in the morning, about 5 am. We were so exhausted from the day of practice that video games were not appealing to us. Jimmy said he was comfortable sleeping on the couch, but I wouldn't hear of it. I dragged him into the bedroom with me and stripped off my clothes, Jimmy doing the same.

We crawled into my bed and laid there for a while, kissing and rubbing each other. We eventually passed out, Jimmy in my arms. I thought about how this was going to turn. I smiled at the possibilities and fell asleep against Jimmy.

~~End Track