This is the continuation of a scene in Heartland. (Thank you Mc. Geek for ruining an almost perfect heart to heart)

Without further ado, What Do You See Now?

**Note!** Yes, I realize the first line comes out of the Episode directly. I do not own Gibbs or Jack, or anything of NCIS! :D

"It never did. What do you see now?" Gibbs asked.

Jack paused for a moment, considering carefully what he was going to say next. How could you tell your son you think he'd gotten slightly over the deaths of his daughter and wife. Well, the only wife he knew of.

"It seems to me," Jack started hesitant to ruin this sudden truce between the two of them. Seeing as it was inevitable as he carefully studied Gibbs. "that…now this isn't a bad thing…you've…in your own way…slightly got past their deaths. Now before you yell as I can see you getting ready to do hear me out," Jack stated. Narrowing his eyes Gibbs stared intently at his father. "you've created your own family. They call you boss, but they really see you as the father figure. You don't mind that image, you hope you're good enough, but you can never be to sure. That bugs you. When they managed to injure themselves you're rather harsh on them, simply for the fact that you don't want them dead. You don't want to feel that pain again. And you'll do anything to avoid it," Jack stated thoughtfully still carefully analyzing his son's facial expressions.

"That's an interesting concept Jack," Gibbs stated and then said abruptly, "I need to get back to work," Jack nodded, he understood.

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