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Notes: This is a small series of Fluff & Smut ficlets, rather loosely connected but in chronological order and all about the love, LOLs and pr0n. Yaoi, SGC, AZ, and potential for a total manpile in the future. Enjoy! ;D

The Mission

Battle Plans

Genesis let himself fall into the seat with a heavy sigh. It was, perhaps, a tad melodramatic but Sephiroth's grasp of more subtle cues was still unreliable. In fact, Sephiroth was at that very moment reorganizing his file cabinet and ignoring Genesis's perfectly pitched display entirely. Genesis took it up a notch and sighed most piteously.

Sephiroth paused at his file cabinet. He blinked. Then he looked around. "Is something wrong, Genesis?"

Well, finally. "Angeal locked me out again."

"Did you knock?"

The sigh this time was internal and genuine. "It wouldn't do any good," Genesis said. "He's having another one of those shut-away weekends with that trainee of his."

"The puppy?" Sephiroth asked.

"Yes, the puppy."

Sephiroth frowned. "I don't see how that's any reason to complain," he said, digging further into the drawer. "Angeal says it's working."

"Yes," Genesis drawled, "but then I get stuck out here with nothing better to do than stare at your ass."

Sephiroth turned. "Does my ass not meet your approval?"

Genesis scoffed lightly. "Your ass is divine, Seph, my dear, but you know what I mean."

Sephiroth nodded. "I know. You miss Angeal's ass."

"Not his ass, specifically," Genesis murmured.

Sephiroth understood that too. He set a stack of files down on his desk and stared at it. "I suppose it's worth the sacrifice on our part if SOLDIER benefits. Angeal swears his student is showing progress."

"Oh, yes, such great progress." Genesis scowled. "Especially if you judge by that smirk Angeal has every Monday morning."

"Angeal should be proud," Sephiroth continued. "If his pup is showing that much promise I think we should implement Angeal's training program in the rest of SOLDIER."

"Sephiroth," Genesis said, "that training starts with handcuffs and lots of screaming."

"So?" Sephiroth replied. "A little interrogation resistance training would do some of the younger ones some... oh." Sephiroth tilted his head to puzzle it out. "Wait."

"Yes, Sephiroth?"

"You mean all this time..."

"Yes, Sephiroth."

Sephiroth mulled it over and frowned. "And he never offered to share."

"No, Sephiroth." Genesis grunted. "He's possessive about that new one."

"That's no good." Sephiroth smacked a folder down. "I though we agreed to share everything."

"We did!" Genesis sat up in his seat. "So what are we going to do about this?"

Sephiroth grew distant. Genesis said nothing, not wanting to interrupt while Sephiroth was in the zone. "I think," Sephiroth said. "I think..."

"Yes?" Genesis prompted.

"I think we should implement Angeal's training program in the rest of SOLDIER."

"YES! Wait, what?"

"Think about it," Sephiroth said, neatening his stack of folders. "If he doesn't share with us..."

"Then we don't share with him!" Genesis grinned. "Make him jealous?"


Genesis felt much better now. "I like it, but it's not the kind of thing I would expect from you, Seph."

"Yes, well..." Sephiroth ducked his head into his paperwork. "Element of surprise, right?"

"Ah, excellent." Genesis stood, looking refreshed and alert. "Only one problem. What if Angeal's so satisfied with this young one that he doesn't care?"

Sephiroth crossed his arms and pondered it. "We'd still get to have our way with some of the fine young things in SOLDIER." He cleared his throat slightly. "Or even the cadets, if they're willing."

Genesis took that in. "Cadets, Sephiroth?"

Sephiroth glanced around. "There's this... blond one."

Genesis smirked. He and Angeal were always the ones pulling Sephiroth along. It was about time the man started showing some interest of his own. "Let's not waste anymore time, then. Come on. You can tell me about your little blond on the way down." Oh, yes. Sexile was looking up.