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Chapter 5: Rebellion

Lelouch groggily got up, but struggled as he was pushed back down into the soft bed. He cracked open his eyes to see Shirley Fenette, his love subject, pouting down at him. She whacked him on the head.

"OUCH!" He leaped out of the bed and ran around the room from an angry Shirley.



"Lulu…" her eyes shone with worry. He stopped running and walked over and ruffled her head.

"I'm sorry Shirley. I'll get back in bed and get better." Lelouch retreated back to the bed and fell back into a deep sleep. She sighed and smiled.


"BAM!" gunshots rang throughout the room. Jesse was mulling over what had happened a few weeks ago while practicing shooting a gun.

Why'd I lash out on him then calm down at Jessi's touch? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? He thought, shooting mercilessly at the targets furiously. The door opened and he stopped shooting, turning around to see Jessi poking her head in.

"Hey, how you're doing? Improving?" she smiled. He blushed and looked down at the gun.

"Yeah…" For some reason, he moved toward her, but his limbs were ignoring his mind's protests. Jessi's body tensed when he enveloped her in a tight hug, his head buried in the crook of her neck. Her breathing sped up slightly, her arms instinctively wrapping around his body in response. The two stood there for some time, holding each other until Jesse quickly backed away.

"I'm sorry…" he blushed. Jessi hugged him again.

"I needed that…can you hug me again?" Jesse's eyes widened, and he smiled.

"Sure." He wrapped his arms around her tightly again.

The two stayed like this for a few before Jesse broke away again. He stared into her eyes, full of pureness.


He would not let her die.

He loved this innocent girl!



Suddenly, his face was leaning towards her. Jessi's eyes widened as his lips touched hers, before capturing them in a strong kiss. She slowly kissed back, holding onto him tighter and closing her eyes. After what seemed like forever, they broke apart, trying to get as much air as they could.

"Jessi…I love you." He breathed out. Jessi's eyes softened.

"I love you too." They hugged again before she dragged him out of the room and back into the main training room.

Rakaia and Luna were both shooting arrows at the arrow station when they saw Jesse and Jessi emerge from the gun room holding hands.

"EHHH?" Rakaia yelped, shocked.

"But…but…" he muttered incoherently as Luna grinned.

"Finally! Those two finally got together after 6 weeks as a team!"

"They'll need that bond to power up the rebellion…plus them holding hands is an unsaid threat that means that they will do anything to survive."


"Not bad stuff, but more…lovey-dovey stuff."


"You'll understand soon Rakaia, when you fall in love." She winked, flicked his nose, and went off to the knot station, leaving a blushing Rakaia in her wake.

"Damn…I think I fell in love…" as he said this, Luke overheard and whopped him from behind.

"Hey, dude! You fell in love too?"

"Yup…wait, you too? Who's the lucky girl?" Rakaia smirked as Luke blushed.


"Oh, from that partner spar?"


"Good luck, Luke-ster. I hear Harrington's got his eyes on her too. You got a rival."

"I know, don't need to hear that." Luke sighed.

"Oh well…"

Jaden and Alexis were sitting on the roof, unaware of the events that just happened. Taryn and Atticus were on the roof with them, but were off on the other side, probably doing some mushy stuff of the sort. More like making out, Jaden summarized, but actually, that was not the case. Taryn and Atticus were actually just enjoying each other's company. Miki and Isaac were also somewhere in the roof, probably sleeping. Train and Eve were hanging out, talking, when Eve popped the question.



"Was Saya your white cat?"

"Why do you ask that?"
"A black cat's got to have a white cat, right?"

"Saya wasn't my white cat…white cats never leave psychological scars on black cats…I never had a white cat to begin with…Miki was more like a gray cat…I say she's a white cat to Isaac…"

"Can I be your white cat?"

"What?" Train wondered if he was hearing right.

"Can I be your white cat and heal your wounds?" Eve blushed as she said this.


"I love you Train. I want to help you through everything, I want to be at your side and see through this thing with you. I want to be what Saya couldn't be."



Train couldn't help it now. She was confessing to him and he did the one thing he wanted to do and not say anything.

He kissed her.

Duels went on regularly. Haymitch taught them all they needed to know. Katniss and Peeta and Gale taught them hunting techniques and food identification. The air inside was filled with the smell of rebellion as they plotted against Panem. However, the first battle happened when Tadase returned, with a threat.

"I have taken Hinamori Amu as my hostage. Come save her if you don't want to find her being raped leaked online."

"Damn it…that Kiddy King played dirty…" Ikuto growled, punching his fist into the wall. Train frowned.

"I swear I will kill you…Tadase Hotori…"

"I hate this bastard. And taking girls? That's just low." Jenos muttered. Rinslet burst into the center, gasping for air as she stopped in front of him. Jenos turned to her.

"Rinslet, what's wrong?"

"Jenos…they're broadcasting Amu on the screen…they're twisting and corrupting minds…"

"WHAT?" Jenos bellowed, attracting everyone's attention. Lelouch burst in, trying to slip on his Zero outfit the whole time.


"Lelouch! What the hell are you doing out of bed?"
"I got better, but we need to save Amu. Tadase is a corrupt of Panem, much like President Snow. We need to kill him."

"Kill him…" Eve muttered, getting flashbacks on her time with Torneo. She began to tremble. Train held her and soothed her.

"Shhh…Torneo's not here…you're safe with me…" Ikuto slumped down to the floor.

"DAMN! DAMN DAMN! I'M THE WORST PARTNER!" he shouted. Miki kicked him in his stomach, stunning him.

"Luke, I'll let you kill this time if you join." Haymitch told Luke. Luke held his Zanbato in the air.


"Alright, everyone, assemble! We have a battle plan to discuss!" And everyone gathered to hear how they would first experience the taste of the meaning of rebellion.

"You better not die." Ikuto muttered once they all deployed to take care of this issue.


That was the sound of Miki and Taryn breaking into the room where Amu was held. Amu was talking to a young man.

"Cinna, don't you think that's overkill?"

"I channel my emotion into my work so I only hurt myself, not others…" the young man smiled sadly, and Amu was dressed into a silk gown lightly adorned with fake gems and glitter, shimmering slightly in the light. Ikuto saw this and gritted his teeth. She was being dressed in front of Tadase.

"It should be me she's dressed in front of, not him…that low bastard…" Miki put a firm hand on his arm, pressing lightly.

Ikuto was dressed in his cat transformation. He used his metal claws to destroy the metal bars that separated him from his Amu, and snuck in. Miki silently followed, cloaked in a black masked outfit. She took out her special gun and snuck unseen behind Tadase's chair, crouching so she wouldn't be seen. Jessi and Jesse waited in the shadows while Taryn knocked out the cameramen in the room, attracting Tadase's attention. Atticus rushed in, throwing a coat over the camera. The crew inside screamed, panicking. Train, Sven, Rinslet, and Jenos knocked and tied them up. Yumi saw the guards and landed in front of them, uncovering her Geass.
"Geass." The guards gasped, backing away slightly.

"Who are you?" one of them gasped out.

"I command you to shoot yourselves and die." Her voice was emotionless. Lelouch landed rather awkwardly next to her with Shirley.

"Yes." They obeyed, holding up their guns to their heads and shooting. Yumi grinned maliciously, only to snap out of it when the blood splattered her face.

"TADASE!" Ikuto growled. Amu gaped at Ikuto.


"Amu…" his voice softened. Tadase laughed evilly, attracting Ikuto's attention back to him.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto…I've hated you…I've hated you since the day you were entrusted with that Key…they Key to open Amu!"

"You're mad since I was the chosen one? So just because I got what you wanted you're mad? Tadase, there's plenty more girls in this world, not just my Amu!" Ikuto growled, Amu blushing when Ikuto put a possessive in front of her name. It signified how much he loved her.

"No, you bastard…Amu's all mine…too bad you took all her firsts…"

"She let me take them, not by force."

"Tadase, the young man is right. Let Amu go." The young man identified as Cinna, Katniss's stylist stepped forward, only to be knocked harshly against the wall.

"SHUT THE HELL UP CINNA. YOU KNOW YOU'RE JUST A F***ING PAWN, AN EXPERIMENT!" Tadase growled, his face twisting into madness. Amu winced and looked away, crawling behind Ikuto. Taryn and Miki flinched, he looked unkingly. Eve's eyes widened when she heard Tadase's unkind words. Her eyes flashed, and she attacked Tadase with her hair, only to be deflected against the wall. She sunk down, only to be held up by some goons who managed to get in. She cried out in pain as they brutally attacked her.

"Cinna…is not a damn experiment…he's human…" she gasped out before crying out again in pain. Sven and Train rushed towards here, only to be knocked back into the wall with Tadase's staff.

"EVE!" Train yelled, struggling against Tadase's staff's light. Eve screamed out again, and Train fought Tadase's staff until he broke free and shot the goons unconscious with his gun, Hades.

"You bastard…I'll teach you to never hurt my precious girlfriend…" his eyes flashing maliciously. Tadase laughed.

"It's futile. Eve knows that she's just a demon monster…" Eve began to cry, pain wracking through her body as the memories of Torneo burned her skull.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, her body shaking.

"Ohhoho? Looks like she's become a killing machine again." Tadase smirked. Eve looked up coldly.

"You'll pay…for hurting Train! For hurting the person who first said I was human! DAMN YOU TADASE HOTORI!" she screamed, attacking him repeatedly, but to no avail. Ikuto also attacked, but was knocked against Amu, the two crashing into the wall. Sven, Rinslet, and Jenos were also knocked out, and Jessi and Jesse went down together. Miki and Isaac were no match, being knocked into a corner in the room. Taryn and Atticus were also no match, but Taryn needed to regain strength before she could get back up. Jenny attacked with Luna and Rakaia, but was knocked out upon hitting the wall. Luke gasped.


"Hahaha, lover boy, looks like you're almost the only one standing." And unfortunately, he was right. Ichigo and Aiko were limply leaning against the wall, Yumi, Lelouch, and Shirley were also with them. Luke and Tadase were the only ones left. Train crawled over to Eve and cradled her limp body.

"Luke! Attack after I do!" he shouted, and Luke nodded, readying his Zanbato. Everyone who could stand did, and this included Ikuto, Sven, Rinslet, Jenos, Taryn, Yumi, Shirley, Lelouch, Miki, Isaac, Ichigo, Aiko, Jesse, Jessi, Atticus, Rakaia, and Luna. Jenny lay there, limp, since she was knocked out. Tadase was outnumbered, and they all attacked him, leaving him unconscious by shooting, slashing and hitting/punching him. Blood pooled out from under him. Train picked up Eve and hugged her to his shaking frame as she slowly regained consciousness. Ikuto also did the same to Amu. Luke picked up Cinna, Cinna heavily leaning on him. However, he handed off Cinna to Ichigo as Tadase picked himself up, shooting at Luke when he didn't know. Miki yelled. The bullet hit him. Jenny screamed. However, Luke began to glow and the bullet clanked to the ground. Luke began to grow fur and morphed.

Into a Canix.

"Luke's a Canix?" Eve breathed weakly. Someone who also had nanomachines in him…

"GRAAAHHHHH!" Luke growled, and pounced on Tadase, who had froze from fear and shock. Tadase was mauled, and whatever was left of him was a pile of skin, bones, ripped up organs, ripped clothing, a discarded staff, and blood. Lelouch picked up the staff and took it with him, remarking offhandedly that it was essential to have it in the rebellion to mock it in Panem's faces. Everyone cringed at the pile, disgusted. They turned to the entrance, about to leave when it suddenly opened and Utau, Kukai, Nagihiko, and Rima burst in.

"Shit! We're sorry we're late, we were held up by those damn goons outside!" Kukai apologized. Ikuto smiled weakly.

"You didn't have to come, we took care of Tadase…"

"That pile of disgusting shreds in blood is him, right?" Utau asked. Luke, now back in his human form, nodded, shifting his Zanbato uneasily.

"Thank god you guys are alright, Rima was worried sick!" Nagihiko sighed. Rima nodded, looking worriedly at Amu in Ikuto's arms.

"How's Amu?"
"Thank goodness she wasn't raped, she was being dressed up when we got here." Train replied.

"And how's Eve?" Utau asked. Train looked down worriedly at the girl in his arms.

"I don't know…she's been traumatized by Tadase's ugly words…"

"Well, let's go. Haymitch and the others are waiting." Kukai motioned toward the exit.

"Let's go." Train muttered. "I wanna get out of this hellhole now."

And they walked out on their first act of rebellion.

Train sat by Eve, who slept on the bed. He stared at her body, which was bandaged. He thought it looked like a broken body patched up together. However he knew her nanomachines will heal her body quickly, she was made that way. But he could not forget her face, her anguish, her screams – he couldn't forget it. He gripped her hand tightly, then felt a squeeze. He looked up to see Eve smiling weakly at him.

"God damn it, I'm sorry Eve…it reminded me so much of how I was a tainted black cat…it's all my fault. All my fault…" he whimpered and cried on her hand until she reached up and out to his face and wiped away his tears.

"I don't care if you're tainted! I freaking love you, you idiot!" she rasped, crying a bit herself.

"Stop it Princess…don't cry…"

"Train, don't you realize? I attacked Tadase on my own free will, as a human…as your lover Train…it's not your fault…Tadase was such a bastard anyway…"

"Eve…" he stood up, and rested his head against hers before kissing her passionately on the lips. After what seemed like a few minutes, he pulled back and rested his head against hers.

"I love you Eve…"

"I love you Train…"

"Awww!" Rinslet squealed. Miki groaned from the doorway.

"Sorry we barged in on your happy moment…Rinslet was sent up here with me by Isaac, Sven, Jenos, and the others to deliver milk and also to see how you guys were doing.

"We're doing fine. Don't sweat it." Train grinned, somewhat annoyed that their moment had been disturbed, but happy his daily dose of milk was here.

The door closed and the sounds of happy people emitted from the shut door.

Amu lay cradled in Ikuto's arms, unhurt. She looked worriedly at Ikuto, who looked deep in thought.

"Ikuto?" she asked timidly, looking up at him.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…"

"You don't look like it."

"I'm so sorry…I'm such an asshole…"


"I let Tadase take you…I'm sorry you had to see all that ugliness…"

"Shut the hell up about that Ikuto. AT least he's gone now. At least…the lock ahs been reunited with her key, Ikuto."

"Yeah…oh, and to tell you some good news: Cinna's recovering fine. Had a concussion but it's not too bad. He'll be fine in time for the games."

"We will be ready for the games too. We'll show them what we're made of."

"You bet, A-mu." He smirked down at her, catching her lips and then breaking apart from them as quickly as he caught them. Amu blushed a nice hue of pink and red.


They laughed, and for the moment, everything seemed happy.

"So…Luke, what was with that Canix nanomachines transformation?" Taryn inquired of Luke in the living room of all the chambers. Most of the gang was sitting out there, waiting for Haymitch and the others to come.

"Well…Torneo also had me, but I escaped before he could do anything worse like he did to Eve. He had only gotten to the near max limit of my Canix transformation when I got away from him. I had already mastered how to control the transformation, but I was cutting it close to destruction." Luke sighed. Jenny squeezed his hand.

"At least you're somewhat safe from Torneo here, Luke. You may not be totally safe, but you're with us." She said. Luke nodded.

"Yeah…I'm lucky…so is Eve…" he sniffed, and began to cry a bit. Taryn handed him a tissue and smiled.

"Oh well…since that's over with, we need to focus on how to rebel in the games."

"Yeah, it's so close now…" Jessi mused. Jesse's grip on her waist tightened. Yumi's eyes flashed.

"We will not die…I swear we will not. We will finish this rebellion and save this area from destruction."

"Yeah? You still have to get through the first 6 weeks of preliminaries." Haymitch's voice boomed. Everyone turned to see a group of kids their age and Haymitch and Saiko with them.

"We have more trainees already done with their training. Now, we need to focus on the preliminaries."

"You'll learn how to rebel even then, and also how to catch and pique the audience and Game Maker's attention. This is crucial, since it will decide how you will do inside the arena." Saiko said. Haymitch raised a fist.

"LET THE PRELIMINARIES OF THE REBELLION BEGIN!" Everyone raised their fists too.


He smirked in the darkness of his room. So Tadase was destroyed fully, he mused.

"Watch out, Area 11. You are about to be punished for your crime."

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"Area 11 is being bombed?"

"And before the Preliminaries too, how annoying…"


"President Snow is a shady man…"

"Gale, you have no say in this, butt out!

"I love you so much, Jesse, it god damn hurts!"

Eyes as icy as snow and like snakes…who does these eyes belong to?

And more danger threatens Area 11, will they be able to stop it in time for the Preliminaries to start?

Chapter 6: Punishment

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