They left me. Left me alone to grow up as a human, but I can never do that.

I have a secret that I did not tell the Cullen's. I'm not human. I haven't been in over 2000 years. I am not a vampire or a werewolf or even a shape-shifter. I am something different. I was deadly to vampires. I was a Hunter. Most stories would call me a vampire hunter.

Hunter's watch over the supernatural world. We keep it a secret from humans. When something happens that could led to humans knowing of it we step in and stop it from happening.

Hunter's are powerful, deadly and are feared by anyone who knows of us. Hunter's are skilled fighters and trackers. We are as strong and as fast as a vampire, all Hunter's have a mental shield. Hunter's have knowledge of making weapons what are able to kill a vampire as well as any other creature we have to kill.

We look human but are more beautiful then normal humans. Hunter's scents are strong, we use it to lure vampire's in, but our scent is not human, unless you have dealt with our kind before you wouldn't know. Our senses are as good as any vampire. We are as graceful as a vampire, though I had to act like a clumsy.

We all wear a Celtic cross necklace, and we have a cross with angel wings on our lower back.

How do you become a Hunter?

Some are born to become a Hunter, some chose to be one. I chose to be one. My Father was turned into a vampire and I wished to be able to stop it from happening to anyone else in my family. My Father is now one of the 3 Volturi kings. Marcus is his name.

I went through hell to get to be a Hunter. I was 18 at the time, and I will forever be 18. I became the best Hunter I could be. Every Hunter in the world knows who I am. I'm the best.

When I do a job, I finish it. I feel no guilt when I kill those who would break the law, nor do I feel remorse. I trained to be a cold blooded killer and that's what I am. I show no weakness in front of my victim, I show no fear when faced with death.

I will not show weakness because of Edward Cullen. He left me. I should of known better then to fall in love with another vampire.

Yes, I have been in love with a vampire before Edward. He like my Father is with the Volturi. Demetri taught me many things when we was together, I knew that if Aro didn't get Demetri to join his guard that we would be together still.

I will not cry over Edward Cullen. He is the past and now I have to go on with my Future.

An: Pictures on profile. Please tell me if I should carry on with this story or not.

I would like to say this to those who read this story. This is not a Bella and Edward pairing story. I don't like writing Edward and Bella stories because in my mind Edward is to controlling.

I don't know yet what pairing it will be so if you have any idea's on who you would like to be with Bella please tell me.

Of course like in all my stories Bella is not like how she is in the Twilight books. I don't like how Bella was made to be so weak, shy and letting others tell her what to do. In my mind Bella shouldn't act like that. I mean she runs with vampires and shape-shifters.

Also if you have any idea's on what I can add to this story then please tell me.