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It's a bright sunny morning in Nubia. You awaken to the smell of breakfast cooking. Running down the stairs, you find not only your family but the King of Nubia in your own home. You knew your father worked with him. But something seemed startling about his presence there. You notice sitting next to him is his daughter. Aida. The princess of your own country. She's roughly twelve years old, tall and beautiful. You know you don't stand a chance with her.

She smiles at you as your face blushes a bright red. "Good morning, Mereb." she says. You watch her whisper something in her father's ear. He nods as Aida grabs your arm and drags you outside. "Let's play a game." she says, giggling like a child.

"Ok." You agree.

"You count to twenty and I'll hide." You smile at her childlike demeanor. You begin to count back from twenty, your eyes closed tightly shut. As you open your eyes you find her right in front of you. She giggles. "You found me." She leans in and gives a quick peck on the lips.

Your first kiss.

She blushes as well, before tugging you back into your small house.

Years later, you sit in Egypt recalling this memory. You've been demoted to a slave and so has she. She was captured. As you go to trade your master's precious wine for money as always, you find her wandering about, smiling. "Good morning, princess." you say, trying to be quiet.

She smiles and says, "Hey, Mereb, let's play a game." You quickly agree and you play along. You wait for her lips to meet with yours only to hear her ask, "Do you know where Radames went? I have to find him soon."

Your heart shatters. "Radames? He's in his tent. Where else?" you try to say this with ease, but it comes as anything but easy. She would rather prefer to be with an Egyptian than her own childhood friend.

You watch her wave in the distance as you remember the days of freedom in Nubia. The days when all you had to worry about was if you slept in too late and missed breakfast. You never thought you'd have to deal with any of this. You shrug and go on with your work, Aida's smile etched in your mind, giving you hope throughout the day.