A/N: So...Star Trek is currently taking over my life. I love the movie and having watched a few episodes of TOS recently I can say that I absolutely adore that too. This is just one of my many one-shots, and a drabble-y introspective piece centering around one of my favorite scenes from the new movie: the car scene. All mistakes are my own, and please let me know if you find any! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Is this really necessary? Must I always admit that I'm just a college student with no money?

Cherry Red

The car was beautiful. Cherry red, antique, gorgeously crafted…it gleamed, showing years of careful detailing and hard work. Since the moment he had laid eyes on it, at a very young age, he had been in love with it. As soon as he was old enough he set to polishing it, tinkering carefully under the hood—never changing a thing, but making sure that it was in prime condition.

And now the bastard who had tried to take his father's place was going to sell it.

Over his dead body.

And that was why it had to be destroyed.

The moment he heard the words for sale he had known immediately that he had to do something. Frank made excuses—saying that they needed the money, saying that it took up space they didn't have, saying that it would sit forever gathering dust. But they had plenty of space and he had never even let dust think about settling on it, and that money would just go to buy his step-father's booze.

And he would be damned if he let that happen. That car was the last thing he had of his father. It had been his father's prized possession, and under no circumstances was it going to pass into the hands of a stranger.

It was better of twisted and broken, erupting into flames on the dry floor of a gorge than staying in Frank's hands, or being sold off to someone else. It was better off destroyed than in the possession of someone who didn't love it.

Standing on the edge of the gorge, staring down at the blackened remains of the cherry red car, he almost wished that he hadn't jumped out. Almost wished that he had stayed in those fine leather seats as the car careened over the edge.

At least then he would have been free.

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