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Boy and Their Toys...

"The man Uther has sent for, I know him," Gaius said impatiently. Merlin could tell he'd really stuffed up this time.

"What?" he asked. "The Witchfinder?"

"Some know him by that name, I know him as Aredian," Gaius took a few steps forward. "He is a force to be reckoned with."

"But I'm not a witch. Look, no dress or anything," a cheeky smile appeared on the warlock's lips as he said it.

Slowly his mind wandered back to that one time...

"...and after that you can have the rest of the day off," Arthur said.

"What?" Merlin was shocked. This had never happened before.

"You heard me, the day off. I've noticed that you've at least tried to be less of a clumsy idiot lately and I don't need you so I figured you can take the rest of the day off."

Merlin smiled, "Thanks Arthur!"

Four hours later...

Merlin sat bored on his bed, twiddling his thumbs.

Sighing he stood, figuring he'd better do something while he had the free time. Gwen, he thought, and Morgana, he hadn't spoken to them for a while. Smiling as he found the solution to his boredom, he walked over to where they were most likely to be, Morgana's chambers.

Confidently he knocked on the door. No answer. He tried again. And again no answer.

Shrugging he turned to look somewhere else when he swore he heard...something from the other side. The soft thud of a barefoot on stone.

Confidence replaced by curiosity and suspicion he laid his hand on the handle and turned it slowly. Then even more slowly he opened the door, peering inside as he did.


Remembering the time with Mordred he closed the door behind him and strode, carefully, over to the screen. His long fingers grasped the soft cloth and he pulled it back suddenly.

He sighed. He must have imagined the noise because all that was behind the screen was racks and racks of Morgana's dresses.

He frowned slightly, they weren't there before. Then he shrugged, Morgana just must have rearranged her things. Try as he might he couldn't figure out women and re-organising things.

He turned to leave but as he did a spectacularly designed dress caught the corner of his eye.

It was truely beautiful. He reached a hand out and his fingertips lightly caressed the surface.

The fitted bodice was long and a deep emerald green in colour. It had a V-neck line and as the eye travelled down it gradually changed to a paler, almost blue-green. Where the bodice ended, probably somewhere around the hips, a silver thread was tied around and was left to dangle, flowing on from the neck line. The straps were simple but beautiful in their own way. Skinny and gathered on top of the shoulder. As they went down the gathers became less and the straps wider, these were a silver-green colour, leading beautifully into the rest of the dress.

The sight of it took Merlin's breath away.

Maybe...there was no-one around to know...

It didn't take much to convince himself, before he knew it he shed his outer clothes and gently slipped the dress over his head. Hoisting up the skirt so he didn't trip all over it he made his way to Morgana's full length mirror.

Only to be disappointed. Yes, the dress was beautiful, extremely beautiful and had Morgana been wearing it she probably would have looked God-like, Arthur wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off her. No-one would.

But on Merlin. His hair contrasted well with the colour but lacking certain ladies bits made the top of the bodice saggy and pointless.

Then he heard it again. He was totally sure of it this time.


Merlin shut his eyes briefly, knowing that voice and desperately not wanting it to be there.

He sighed. "Yes Arthur?"

"What the hell are you wearing!?"

Merlin turned, ready to face the Prince's mocking gaze.

Merlin cracked up.

"What am I wearing? What are you wearing!?" Merlin pointed at Arthur.

He adorned a similar dress but in blue and gold rather than green and silver.

Arthur, had been looking for Morgana too and had done rather the same as Merlin in looking for her. When he heard the door begin to open he hid, realising if anyone saw him like this...well...

But what he was wearing was completely forgotten as Merlin slid the dress over his head. Arthur remembered too late he was wearing a dress too.

The two stood, staring at each other in total amusement. Then they burst out laughing.

THe hilarity of the situation was too much to bear. Neither of them noticed as the door opened, once again.

"What exaclty is going on here!?" a shrill voice cut through the air.

The boys turned and simultaneously moaned.

It was Morgana. And to make things worse, Uther was with her...


Merlin realised Gaius was staring at him, waiting for him to come to his senses.

"I'll get the book."

And with that he turned and let the room. The smile slowly fading from his lips. Those days had been good. Now he had a terrible feeling that the days to come would be some of the worst in his life.

And he was ever so right.

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