As Harumi sat in his high school Japanese literature class, he looked at his text book but his thoughts were elsewhere. He turned his eyes to the window and sighed as he looked outside, resting his head on his hand.

From the far corners of the room the eyes of Koizumi, Ookura, and Hirai (Harumi's self proclaimed servants) snapped over to him. A few of the other students' eyes perked up to, and several of them stole glances at the class beauty too. The teacher, who had been writing on the blackboard, turned back to find his class was no longer paying attention to what he was teaching. He was about to annoyedly call the class's attention back to the front when he caught sight of Sakamoto Harumi. The teacher was struck by the tragic beauty of the young man staring wistfully out the window and quite forgot that he was teaching at all.

Harumi was far to distracted in his own thoughts to notice any of this, until about five minutes of silence had elapsed. Then he turned with a jerk to the front of the class and noticed that everyone was staring at him... again... He quickly cleared his throat and picked up his book and stared deeply into it.

The spell broke and the other occupants of the class came back to reality as the teacher quickly remembered to call the classes attention back to the front. There where however several glances back at Harumi, who within seconds lost the intent look in his eyes, which glazed over again.

Ookura felt a piece of crumpled paper hit the back of his head. He tore his eyes off Sakamoto-san long enough to uncrumple and glance at the message,

"Somethings wrong with Sakamoto-San. We should call a secrete meeting.

- Koizumi"

Ookura signed his name and proceeded to toss the note over to Hirai.

*After class in the underground Fujimori secret base*

In the deepest depths of Fujimori high school there lied a hidden door, behind that, in the

second door to the right of a secrete passage was the home of the "Sakamoto-Sama Protection Club"

Koizumi banged his fist passionately on the table, "Ookura! Hirai! Something is wrong with with Sakamoto-San!"

Ookura put in his two cents, "He was distracted during not only Japanese literature class but all the others today too!"

Hirai chimed in, "If we don't help Sakamoto-san now in his time of need, we would be useless as his servants!"

The three cheered in agreement.

Ookura suddenly lowered his arm, "Wait, so what are we going to do?"

Silence overtook the three

*After school along the road from the Jr. High to the Sakamoto home*

Akira was walking home minding his own business when suddenly three shadows rushed by, and in a second the street was completely deserted...


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