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The Price

Chapter 01-Meet him—meet her… And He meets her

Hyuuga Natsume

Two race cars were circling the field—one red with mix of black and the other yellow with stripes of blue. It was a three lap race and this lap is ending all right.

And then, the red car reached the goal.

Two guys approached the other two cars—two blondes. "Wow—what a race—but I guess Natsume always wins." Yuu, the first blonde said to the other blonde known as Ruka who only shrugged. The two drivers went out their cars—one raven and a brunette. The brunette patted the raven and said "Man, you always win. Here's the document for the beach resort." Koko said. The raven replied "Tsk—alright, I just want that beach because of those hot chicks we saw last week."

"Sex. That's always on your mind isn't it?" Ruka said. "No—not really. At least 40% goes to the woman's body and looks." He replied which he followed by a little chuckle.

"What a guy." Natsume Hyuuga—19. Young, rich and drop dead gorgeous. Son of the CEO of the CARS—number 1 vehicle corporation in the whole of Japan, Kuro Hyuuga and the pianist, Ayame Hyuuga. Studying in Gakuen Alice—a private institution for rich kids.

Sakura Mikan

"Mikan—two more laps to go." A coach said to the girl who was swimming back and forth the pool for five times a row.

Cargo pants. White tank top. Brown over coat. Combat shoes. Messy hair; eyeglasses and a cap.

No weirder than this little girl. The schools fashion disaster, major loser and virginity keeper. You said that right, she's ugly and lame and a virgin— well at least the teachers are good to her, especially her dearest swimming coach, Ms. Yukishiro.

Sakura Mikan is good in her studies, especially in her favorite field which is swimming. Gakuen Alice's' pride when it comes to the pool—the thing is nobody knows about that. Every time the school sees her picture, she always wears her swimming hat and goggles.

"Good work, Mikan." Mikan Sakura—18, young, rich and a hidden beauty and I tell you, a rare beauty. She is the daughter of the famous head engineer of the Sakura Engineering Company—Miki Sakura and the ex-swimmer Yuuka Sakura and sister to the handsome senior Tsubasa. She transferred in Gakuen Alice around two years ago.

How they met…

At the schools, grand cafeteria. "Natsume, would you please stop kissing—you're in front of so many people." Ruka warned his best friend to stop kissing his new 'girl'. The girl stopped kissing Natsume and faced the gang—Ruka, Hotaru (Ruka's girl and Natsume's cousin), Koko, Nonoko (Koko's girl), Yuu and Anna (Yuu's girl). "Wait, um, I'll just go get some juice, okay." The girl said or should we name her, Suki. And so the girl left the table.

"Natsume, there's no way that could be your new toy—I mean she's a biatch." Anna said. "Tsk—I'm just after her body and leave her tomorrow first thing in the morning." Natsume said as he crawl his eyes unto the girls' body which was only covered by a micro mini skirt, and a pink tank top with glitters. "Whatever, Anna's right, she is a bitch." Hotaru said as she ate another spoonful of crab meat.

"Am back." Suki said as she sat beside Natsume holding a can of juice.


All eyes were on the incident place. A girl was kneeling in front of a guy and some dropped food. "Watch where you going Sakura!" the guy said before leaving and didn't even mind helping the girl. "Hey, aren't you even going to help her stand? At least try to be a gentleman with a girl!" a girl yelled. The guy turned around and replied "Why, is she a girl?" then laughter filled the cafeteria.

Mikan, slowly stood up, picked her bottled water and her chips then, went out of the cafeteria. "Who was that girl?" Natsume asked. "Oh—you mean Sakura?" Koko asked. "Yeah, whatever her name is. Is she new her here?" Natsume asked again. "Nope, just transferred two years ago." Yuu replied.

"She's a fashion disaster, lame and I heard she's a virgin." Suki said. "Oh?" Natsume replied. "Yeah—and rumors said that she's a dike (lesbian)."

"Why?" Ruka said. "Because she's staying in school up to 8 o'clock with some girl in the schools pool—God knows what their doing but rumors says that they're doing nasty stuff." Suki said. "Really?" Natsume said while a smirk rose up his lips—he's taking interest in this Sakura alright. "Natsume, baby, I'm going to the cheering squad now, are you coming?" Suki asked. "Nope, and were done." He said as he stood up and went out of the cafeteria. "Ouch." Hotaru replied as she shook her head in amusement. And so the girl, Suki, went to the bathroom, crying.

After dismissal. . .

Natsume's POV

"Alright, time to see some fucking lesbian." I said to myself as I slowly went to the school pool. I don't know why, but something in Sakura that I really need to see—something thrilling. Hmm, maybe the excite of seeing two girls making love. Hoo—this is going to be a really good school scandal.

I entered the school gym and silently went to the school pool. The school pools' 3 walls were pure cement except for the part where the entrance is—it's made up of glass, so it's easy for me to watch secretly. I peeked.

I saw two girls. Oh—this is really getting my attention.

One was fully dressed and the other—in a bathrobe and wearing a swimming hat and goggles. I think Sakura is that one in fully dressed type.

And then my eyes popped.

The first girl in a full costume was coach Yukishiro, coach of the swimming athletes. This sucks. Where is Sakura? I thought this will be a romantic Yuri scene. I was about to go with a dismayed look until I heard "Good work, Sakura." Sakura?

Ok—this is something good. "You finished nine laps in 3 minutes—I mean three straight minutes." The coach said. What? Sakura is the schools swimmer? Ok, this is a good scandal. The schools freak—is the schools swimming pride. At least, maybe, this news would decrease the discrimination on her. Wait, why am I going to help her?

And then, for the second time, my eyes popped.

Sakura, took off her goggles and swimming hat. She's a rare beauty—and she was smiling. Her brunette hair simply waved with her nice looking brown eyes. And then she took off her bathrobe.

I jaw dropped.

Even in a one piece swimsuit—her body is—more—more sexy and perfect than any girls body—and I know how rare a body is once I see one. And this Sakura's body is very very very rare. I took my phone and took some pictures—I might need it in the future. After I saw Sakura dove in the water, I left. Something was more interesting than seeing two girls fuck—and then a thought came up my mind, I'm going to make sure that Sakura will be mine.

End of POV

The next day…

Mikan was in her regular looks, while she was going to her locker when Natsume Hyuuga blocked her way. "Excuse me." Mikan said politely. But as she passes him he whispered "I know your secret, swimmer." Natsume said as he looked at her with a smirk. Mikan looked at him and said "I don't care if you expose my secret—I don't fucking care." Natsume's smirk became bigger and said "You've got a foul mouth Sakura. Shut it or you'll regret it." Natsume said as he faces her. Mikan also looked at him and said "What? You're going to beat me up?"

Good thing that it was dismissal time and nobody is around.

"I—I don't beat women." Natsume said coolly. As he neared Mikan "I kiss them." Natsume said as he kissed Mikan on her lips. Natsume's smirk became a smile and bit Mikan's lip for entrance.

But for unfortunately, Mikan pushed him—Mikan was wiping her lips hard and said "What are you thinking you pervert!"

"I just want to see something that you're hiding in that weird clothing." Natsume said. And he moved his finger to take the brown over coat which exposed Mikan's silky white shoulder "See? Even a clam has a pearl inside." Natsume said while running his eyes in Mikan's body. "You won't be enjoying me. I'm ugly—like what people say." Mikan said. "Um—that's not what I saw yesterday." Natsume said as he let her see her own photos in Natsume's phone. Mikan gaped and glared at the raven before stomping her way out.

"That jerk—" Mikan said before she went out the gate for the bus. But she caressed her lips and whispered "—took my first kiss."

Back to the raven…

Natsume's smirk was still there when the rest of his gang came. "Well, well, well. Did we just saw the greatest playboy in town kiss a frog?" Koko joked. "What came in your mind that you kissed her huh?" Anna asked. "Hn. This." Natsume said before he showed them Mikan's rare photos. "Oh-My-God. She's a real beauty." Nonoko said. "Yeah—she is." Ruka agreed. "So you're making her the next victim, huh, cousin?" Hotaru asked.

"Well yes I am." Natsume said. "Oh yeah, by the way. A senior invited us to go in his house party—wanna come?" Yuu asked. "Senior? Who?" Natsume asked. "Sakura Tsubasa. The Poker? He's a womanizer too—but has a fixed girlfriend. A rich guy and he do what we do too." Ruka explained. "Nah—don't want to come. I'll be thinking how to lure my new pet into my bed." Natsume said. "Well, this is your chance." Hotaru said.

Natsume raised a brow and said "How?"

"Tsubasa is your pets' older brother." Hotaru said. "Though not many know it. And those who knew can't believe it. They say that a prince may not have an ogre of a sister"

"Really? Can I come in her room?" Natsume asked innocently. "Of course not!" Yuu said. "Nobody roamed the rooms of their mansion, dude!" Koko said. "And nobody ever did saw his sister join the party—so it's impossible to see her." Koko continued but the raven left.

The end