"Seifer, what the hell are you -- that's my hair styling gel, don't you dare touch that --"

"What? You care about your hair in a situation like this? Besides, there's no lube."

"Because you forgot to buy some."

"Ohhh, too short to look over the counter to buy some yourself, eh?"


"All right, all right. Chillax, Dincht. And hold still, I'm trying to --"

"Ouch! Fuck, man, that hurts!"

"It will hurt more if you keep trying to jump back! Come on, here, this requires concentration."

"Oh, Hyne."

"Now, just close your eyes and think of rainbows, and it'll just hurt a little bit --"

"Dude, you can suck my dick."

"Quit whining and bear with it. Geez."

"Gnnh ---! Seifer ---!"

"Almost there, almost --"

"Nng -- Oh --"

"There!" Seifer announced triumphantly, taking a step backward. "Told ya it would get off!"

The light streaming in from the windows glinted off the gold of the engagement ring. Zell frowned, rubbing his sore knuckles. "Remind me to get our rings fitted next time we get married."

Author's Notes:


... :-( ?


(prompt was: Seifer/Zell, styling products. Thank for the fun prompt, Ariadne!)