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Note: This takes place in an alternate Yu-Gi-Oh universe where the millennium items and the Yami's stayed.

Harry hissed as the sharp blade drew his blood and watched as the crimson liquid was mixed in with the other ingredients inside of the cauldron. The Death Eaters were trying to bring back their Lord in his own body, and this time it seemed as if no one could stop them. His eyes wandered without his permission to the still form of Cedric, he couldn't believe that another innocent had lost their life because of him. He had sworn as he watched Cedric's body fall that he would not cry, but the tears came anyway as he turned to Voldemort and shouted "Why do you do this? Just because of some Prophecy?!"

The Dark Lord and gave Harry a chilling smile "It's true that the Prophecy prompted my actions against your parents; but really, even without the prophecy I would still do what I do because it's what I do best." He chuckled as he said "But just to be safe…" He smirked as he raised his hand his wand pointed at Harry, but before he could utter a spell the shadows of the graveyard surrounded Harry and pulled him deep into the shadow realms.

Yami Marik smirked as he drew one of his favorite cards "Seems I have summoned a familiar friend Pharaoh…I bring Helpoemer out in attack mode." He watched as his monster was brought to the field. He and the Pharaoh weren't actually fighting over anything; he just wanted to try defeating the Pharaoh again. His eyes widened when dark shadows surrounded the space where his monster was being summoned his eyes narrowed and he whispered "What is this?" to himself.

Harry woke slowly, moaning in pain as he tried to figure out what was happening to him. He winced when he felt chains digging into his wrists and was surprised to see that he was still bound to a gravestone, though it was in a different shape than before. He looked around in confusion and found that he couldn't see anything because of a blue hood covering his eyes.

Unknown to him he was wearing a ragged blue skirt and leather belt which covered his chest and inscriptions were written in black all over his body; his feet were bear and his wrists and ankles were both shackled "What is going on!" He shouted before a golden eye appeared on his forehead and he went limp against the headstone.

As the eye of Ra glowed on his forehead he could feel his mind becoming clouded with what felt like shadows. They calmed him, putting strange thoughts in his head the thoughts were of a Master and how he had to fight for this Master. He didn't understand these thoughts, but soon the shadows would force him to understand.

"What magic is this Marik? You said it was just a duel to test our strengths!" Though the Pharaoh and the tomb keeper's dark self had managed to make a truce after all of their shared conflicts he still didn't trust the cruel spirit. He narrowed his eyes, wondering if this was all a trap when he realized from the look on Marik's face that the other was as surprised as himself. Yugi spoke to him in his mind "Maybe he really didn't do anything…you always said that the Shadow Realm had its own rules." Yami Yugi nodded his head, this was true, and the shadows that had brought this monster to the field were indeed those of the Shadow Realm he looked up at Marik and asked "Well?"

Marik's eyes were locked on the monster had head summoned, it was similar to Helpoemer but different, this one had dark wild hair, half of its face was covered with blue fabric, it's body was slender though lithely muscled with black printed inscriptions that went down below the leather belts and it wore blue ragged bottoms with bare feet. The monster was also bound to the headstone as usual, though he was surprised that those pale wrists had blood dripping from them as if the creature had been struggling.

He was startled from this to hear his Hikari speak up "Perhaps we should stop the duel…something strange is going on…" He nodded in agreement, though he wasn't sure if stopping the duel was the answer. He noticed something else, the monster had actually spoken and moved on its own will, but when a golden eye appeared on its forehead it went still. He looked down at his Millennium Rod which was, as always, strapped to his side. He hadn't even touched it but it appeared to have put this monster under its control.

The spectators were silent as this was going on, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Bakura and Seto had all been watching in amazement when the monster was summoned though none had any idea how it had happened. Seto was thinking the situation over quickly and suddenly noticed an important detail "It has a shadow." He said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Yugi and Marik's eyes widened when they heard this simple statement and realized it was true. None of the monsters on the field were casting shadows because they were holograms and therefore not really there. However, this one was casting a shadow. The duelist's eyes met as they nodded in agreement and decided that the duel was a draw.

Harry sensed a change and looked around, the hood didn't allow him to see very much, but suddenly his arms were released from over his head. And though he still had chains on his wrists and ankles they weren't bound to anything and he was able to slide back the hood and look around him.

Marik and Yugi made their way over, as expected; the monster did not disappear from the field once the game was out of play. The gravestone on its back disappeared however and the creature pulled back the hood over its eyes so that it could see. Revealing a beautiful set of emerald eyes as the creature spoke with an English accent "Where am I?"

Harry looked around to see if anyone had an answer for him. A strange group surrounded him though one person kept drawing his attention. The person had long white blond hair that was so wild it went up in spikes in some places, darkly tanned skin, a muscled form, and beautiful amethyst eyes that were lined with black and had a sharp design in the corners. The golden eye that had appeared on his forehead glowed and he murmured "Master." As the shadows gained a little more influence over his mind.

The group turned and looked at Marik accusingly who raised his hand "I didn't touch my rod." He said defensively as he challenged them all to say otherwise. He cleared his throat and turned surprised by how pleased he was that this creature was calling him Master so naturally. He heard his Hikari in the back of his mind "Maybe I should talk to him…" He nodded and closed his eyes letting the change take place.

Harry blinked curiously when the man before him changed slightly, his form became slender though still with muscle, his hair tame on his shoulders, and his eyes, while not warm, were softer than previously. The eye glowed again, but Harry did not call this one his master as well.

Marik was interested in the fact that he was not considered the creature's master, but he pushed that aside and asked "Do you have a name?" The monster had a British accent which made him believe it was actually from their world, just not their part of it.

Harry nodded and said "My name is Harry James Potter sir." He looked around curious before looking at the smaller version of his master and asked "Who are you?" The rest of these people interested him, but he couldn't help but be fascinated by the one, or two, standing before him.

Marik smirked softly and said "I am Marik Ishtar, the one you were talking to before me was my Yami, this is Yami Yugi, and he has another side called Yugi as well, Bakura who has Yami Bakura, Joey, Tristan, Seto, and Tea."

Harry looked around first at the one dressed in blue with a pyramid hanging from his neck by a chain, he had black wild hair with crimson streaks and blond bangs and amethyst eyes. Next to him was a shy looking boy with brown eyes and white hair who wore a golden ring and said with an accent as well "Hello." Then his gaze went to a blond who was smiling brightly though his brown eyes were serious, a tall brunette with piercing blue eyes and a flowing white trench coat, another brunette who wore his hair in a massive spike and a girl who was looking at him with confusion. He nodded, wondering exactly how he came to be here.

It seemed that he wasn't the only one with that question on his mind as Seto stepped forward with his eyes narrowed "So tell me Harry, how exactly you got onto that dueling arena?" Seto's eyes were hard as he looked down at Harry and it mad Harry's defensive instincts rise up to the surface.

Harry clenched his fist and stepped towards Seto "I was about to ask that same question myself, one minute I'm tied to a headstone in a graveyard being threatened by a…bully, and then the next minute I'm on that field dressed like this." He looked away and murmured to himself "Why does all the bloody weird shit happen to me?" No one of the surrounding group was able to hear it.

There was a tense and stretched silence that surrounded the small confused group. It seemed that no one really knew what to do about this strange arrival. Finally Seto as always was frustrated by this lack of action and pushed Harry towards Marik "Well, you summoned him to the field, and for some reason he recognized your Yami as his master, that makes him your responsibility."

Harry bristled and pushed back at Kiba, his eyes growing black as his anger grew "I'll take responsibility for myself Seto thank you very much." He looked at the rest of the group before turning to face Marik "Sorry to have intruded…I'll be finding my way home now." He turned to walk away; his eyes had resumed being their normal green color, though they were bright with unshed tears. He had been surprisingly hurt by having been called a 'responsibility' he was starting to think that no matter where he might be, all he would ever amount to was an idol and a burden.

Marik felt his Yami reacting and had no time to resist as his dark side took over. Yami Marik felt something sharp and painful in his chest at the sight of Harry…his creature, walking away from him. He looked down in surprise when the Millennium Rod began to glow, he turned his gaze to Harry and saw that the young man had gone still, his eyes blank, and the eye of Ra was glowing on his forehead.

Harry had been startled when the feeling of calm suddenly descended upon him. A small smile came to his lips as he realized he was being foolish in leaving. He had nowhere else to go. He was starting to realize he wasn't in the world that he used to be. Even in the muggle world he could feel the magic buzzing around him, but here all he could feel was his own. He turned and faced his master; happy to see that his master didn't want him to leave he knelt by Marik's feet and murmured "Will you accept me?" The shadows had almost finished their work on his mind, all that was needed was Marik's acceptance and then he would be forever bound.

Yami Marik was beginning to realize that the Shadows were playing their own games. In his experience he had sent enough people to the shadow realm to know that when the Shadows played; the game was played by their rules. He put his hand on Harry's raven hair and smirked "Yes, I accept you." The golden eye of Ra on Harry's forehead glowed brightly, and for a second the Yami thought he saw lightning flash, and then it became dark, a black eye of Ra replaced the golden one and matched the other dark markings covering Harry's body.

Harry looked up and felt the calm of before over come him. His master was with him; his green eyes became partially blank as the shadows fully took over his mind. They blurred all other thoughts besides his master. His master would protect him the shadows told him, all he had to do was serve his master. "Thank You Master Marik." Harry said softly, feeling at peace within his imprisoned mind.

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