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New Years Eve 1984

As the clock begins to approach midnight, I am waiting in front of the fireplace in our Alaska home for my beautiful fiancé to marry me. Edward claps his hand on my shoulder and I can feel how happy my first son is for me. He and I were the only singles in our family and now I am putting that part of my life behind me. Rosalie enters the room to being warming up on the piano, while Emmett is standing in front of me with a goofy smile on his face.

"Are you sure you're ready to tie the knot?" Emmett whispers to me, "Ready to be with one woman for the rest of your existence? I mean you're going to live forever and that's a long time to be with one person."

"Are you telling me you're not happy with your wife who is just across the room from you Emmett?"

Emmett visibly pales, while Edward, Jasper and I chuckle. "And to answer your question, I have never been more ready for anything in my life."

"Well then let's get this show on the road." Edward states. He takes his place in front of us. I asked him to officiate this for us, since we wanted a small intimate wedding. Jasper and Emmett take their places beside me. When Rosalie starts to play Alice begins to make her way down the staircase. She smiles and winks at me. I can never thank her enough for making such a special occasion on such little time. The music changes and then I see my life coming down the staircase. Esme is so beautiful in her white dress. She begins to blush and I hear her heartbeat pick up as she makes her way to me. I still cannot believe I met this amazing woman just six months ago. I was working the ER one night when we had a major car accident come in. Esme was driving home from a client's house she was decorating when she was hit head on by a drunk driver. Thankfully, she only suffered a concussion and broken leg. The moment I saw her I knew I had to be with her forever.

I was terrified to tell her our secret but after talking with my family and Alice assuring me everything would work out in the end, I asked her to dinner. When she said yes, I was over the moon. I decided I would plan a picnic close to her home and I would tell her then. I wanted her to be close to her home so when she ran she wouldn't have far to go. It was a wasted effort though because she just told me that she didn't care what I was. She loved me and nothing could ever change it. Of course she was relieved when I told her how I fed on animals instead of humans.

I began to court her after that day and we have never been happier. My family was a little hesitant at first but eventually they all came around. Esme decided she wanted to be changed after we married and as much as I want it also, I am terrified. I am determined to give her everything I possibly can and if this is what she wants then she will have it.

As we say our vows, I am again reminded of how lucky I am. I have a wonderful family and now a wife to share everything with. Life cannot get any better, or maybe it can.