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Alastor Moody respected a Death Eater. Sure he respected Dumbledore in a way but this Death Eater- he respected him- he wouldn't feel that scorn and appreciation of when they screamed as the Dementors held them, no… he respected him.

Evan Rosier was brave before he was a Death Eater, and he had honor before he was brave and he intelligence before he had honor… even though he used Moody to get to it.

Anyways, he was told to track down that certain Death Eater- another one, who had just gotten out of Hogwarts- Evan Rosier. Moody had seen the boy a few times before- had seen him duel and work his way through and he would be lying if he said he wasn't talented. Apparently, Rosier had already caused trouble in the Ministry- maiming one Auror when they tried to capture him and killed the other… so they set Moody on the job and he thought it a piece of cake… how wrong he was…

He never forgot that duel- never forgot the screaming curses and their power. Never forgot how the rain poured down as blood poured out of the boy's face. Never forgot the way it was terror all around him- how the thunder clashed and the mud splashed and the darkness revolved around them. Never forgot that feeling of death that he thought was going to take him- on the hands of a boy barely twenty.

But he had the upper hand- he was an Auror who had went through years of training and no matter how skilled that Evan Rosier was- he was nowhere near Moody and that encouraged him.

He remembered looking into those piercing blue eyes- so wide with shock, then at his lips which were curved into an insane smile- as though he was going to get something he never did before. He remembered that laugh that still echoed in his dreams- mocking. He was laughing at ihim/i. He was laughing at the greatest Auror that ever existed. Laughing at the man whom he maimed- an expert Auror destroyed by a boy merely twenty.

Anger pulled through him, and the boy was dead on his back- the rain went wild and the thunder roared- the wind plunged everywhere as rocks flew and boulders crashed. Yet he took no notice as he looked at the boy once again. Asleep- no worries as a smile was etched on his pale face. Moody understood… he knew he was going to die, and he used Moody to get to it. He would always be remembered as that boy who battled Mad-Eye Moody- the fiercest Auror who ever existed- and even though he didn't kill him, he destroyed him.

He learnt this, as he walked down the aisles of the Ministry, not a single person who took a glance of his ruined face didn't remember his name- Evan Rosier, the boy- barely twenty- who devastated the most skilled Auror… He was a king amongst his fellows and a skilled man amongst the people who feared the Dark Lord, yet Moody knew… that he made a name out of his face… and for that, he hated him- yet he respected him.

Unlike those cowardly Death Eaters that fled when they learnt that they were going to get captured- Karkaroff and his gang- and wailed with all their dignity lost when they were dragged to Azkaban, Evan Rosier didn't- he wouldn't be remembered as the Death Eater who screamed like a maniac as he was pulled into the hell hole of Azkaban…no. He would be remembered as the man who dueled the fiercest Auror alive and died- yet prevailed. He prevailed- a name of the bravest and the most skilled- who dueled until Moody's face was ripped apart. He may have no killed the most skilled Auror that ever existed, but he sure did write his name on his face… and for that- for his intelligence and dignity and for that legendary fight that he had that taught him so much… he hated him- yet he respected him.

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