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"Young master, it is time for you to wake up."

"Five more minutes Sebastian. I am still sleepy."

"Forgive me master but I cannot allow that, you are fully scheduled today."

"Tch! Fine."

With a last yawn, Ciel Phantomhive steps out of his four-poster bed and welcomes the morning with a gloomy face. It's snowing, yes, that is what he first saw outside his window.

'What a boring weather to start with.'

"Young master, do you still wish to do your shopping today? It seems that the weather does not suit your taste."

"I'm fine with it."

The gorgeous butler started undressing the 13-year-old lord of the Phantomhive family, revealing his soft, smooth, and pale skin. Even within the eyes of the demon, he has the perfect skin that no other human have. Yet, within the beauty of the god lies a scar of his pitiful past, tainted by the so-called oculist that only wanted power and fame.

It was then that Sebastian thought of what had just escaped from his mind. Beauty. Yes, Ciel is beautiful, no one to compare with. Still, his cold heart and the bitterness of his life reflected his ever bright azure and deep amethyst eyes. Sebastian sighs.

'What am I thinking? This is stupidity. There is no way the young master will —.'

"Sebastian? What is wrong with you?"

"Yes young master?"

"Tch. You've been spacing out lately; do you have something in mind that is more important than my words?"

"Forgive me my lord. This will not happen again."

After dressing his master and serving him his breakfast. They went to town so Ciel can buy the things he fancies. For Sebastian, shopping with his master is both bothersome and fun. Bothersome, for his image will be feasted again by some lowly women who always flirt with him.

'Those common and distasteful souls are more deserving for low demons.'

Unlike him, whose name most of the demon feared to speak, only signifies how powerful he is. However, he has no choice but to return their soft giggles, seductive beams, and long stares with a smile. Yet, on the brighter side it's also fun for him. Fun, for he can enjoy watching more of his master's back portion which he finds really attractive, specially the lower, lower ones. A sigh escaped him again.

'This is getting difficult.' But he can't beat his self control by looking away from those small, round, and well-figured buttocks.

The irresistible milky flesh of Ciel's thighs and in between those… Snap! He was brought back to reality when somebody grabbed his strong arms while he was carrying the pile of boxes. It was a beautiful woman with a hair of golden curls and based from his judgment, she's a prostitute who will give him a free ride if he says so. But he is a perfect butler, and being a gentleman is highly required on his aesthetics.

"How may I help you madam?"

"Nothing in particular really, I just wanted to invite you with some drinks on my pub? It's free, handsome. Even I came free with the drinks too. How do you like that? It's on me." With a seductive wink, she even held him tighter.

'Really. This temptress ruins my day by disturbing my breathtaking sightseeing.' He sighed inwardly, but with a smile he set his shoulders free from her grasps and bowed.

"I'm sorry madam but I am quite busy with my master for his shopping today, I have no time for it." His gazed pointed proudly to his beautiful master waiting in front of them, whose currently observing.

"Tch." The young earl gave them an irritated look.

"Oh. I see. But if you'll have some time, feel free to drop by on this address, I'll be waiting for you." After handing him her card and with a last seductive wink, she left them. The demon butler quickly followed his master again, and felt that Ciel is currently annoyed by the said event. He knew how much his master hates prostitutes and lowly citizens who succumbed to filth and dies with it.

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