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As the three demons and the shinigamis gathered 'round the young boy's body, a wind of life filled back the lungs of the motionless frame. They watched, astonished, as they witnessed the ever-formidable bond the butler and his master shares.

Amethyst and azure orbs met flaming crimsons, and locking each other's gaze.

"Clear as glass, I see. You stood victorious —Sebastian." Lucifer stated.

"Yes. And I do believe that it will give a definite decision for you brother." Said Sebastian, looking up to his tongue-tied twin.

"Haven't you learn big brother?... I am as stubborn as you are." Michael answered flatly.

"Lucifuge..." Snapped the King of hell as they all heard a feral growl of disapproval from the older twin. Suddenly — Ciel stood up, silencing his butler as he approached Michael.

"Michael, enough."

Only these words were said, and it made all the suppressed arguments settled. The sapphire demon cupped his cheeks gently and smiled.

"I do not know such words my princess — but I still have an eternity to wait for you." Then with these, Michael gave him a chase kiss, not caring about the deadly glares Sebastian's throwing him.

"Sebastian, be rational." Lucifer said, calming his grandson.

"Like hell I would. This lowly —" Sebastian muttered angrily.

"Big brother, I will give you this only chance and if you —by any reason, made Ciel's life miserable, not even hell itself could stop me again from claiming him back."

Silence followed... after all that had happened, Sebastian found it difficult to register those words inside his rational state of mind, while Lucifer smirked at his grandson's unexpected forbearance of pain and decision.

Be free... for I wanted you to be happy.

"What —? So this means, dearest Michael gave up?" Asked Grell.

"Yes. Finally, this clash is over and the mortal world made it out — somehow — safely." Undertaker chuckled.

"I hate this. I wish handsome men were fighting over my beauty too." Grell said dreamily.

"Then I'll mutilate your lustful ass back to normal, so shut your mouth now." Will snapped annoyingly.

"Fine." The red-haired shinigami muttered with anger.

"Oh, and by the way death god, I don't even have a plan on using those souls for some stupid reason if that's what you're thinking, take them. I do not care." Explained Michael.

"Gladly. We shall take our leave now." Will answered bitterly, dragging the absorbed Grell.

"Hey Will! Don't drag me! I can walk perfectly!" The red-haired protested.

"Then, until next time emperor." Undertaker smirked, following the other shinigamis back to town.

The emperor only grinned evilly, for he knew how much that retired shinigami wanted to witnessed the end of this duel, after all he's quite became a fan of this thrilling plot; then with a contented sigh — he patted Michael's back.

"Shall we go now, Lucifuge Rofocale?"

"Yes grandfather."

As the two stepped back from them, the black butler embraced his master protectively as they watched cold winds gathered, opening a portal to hell for the royal demons.

"Mark my words, dear brother." Reminded Michael, turning back his gaze to them.

"Then eternity I shall grant you — for I will never give my beloved master pain." Sebastian assuredly answered back, leering, which received a frown of reply from his younger brother.

Unbearable Parting... Finally, the sapphire demon acceptingly yet painfully relinquish Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

"So, I'll await for your coming at Hell Chateau lovely soul." Said Lucifer, grinning with his attempts of seduction to the young boy.

"Grandfather — not funny." Warned Sebastian, which only Lucifer returned with an evil smirk.

"Okay, okay. Calm down... any words of goodbye Lucifuge?" The eldest demon asked his youngest grandson.

"I... I will still see you soon, Ciel." The younger demon whispered to the soul who'll forever chain him; then with one last look — they bid goodbye — vanishing from the purest shadows of hell.

"Ye — - in hell Michael Michaelis." Ciel spoke softly, letting the winds carry his answer to the younger demon.

"My Ciel, the manor Phantomhive awaits it's master's return."


'I know... Ten thousand angels cried... when I gave my vow and sold my soul to this demon but not even a second came that I regretted this decision.'

Home, my Ciel...

"Bo-chan! Sebastian-san! You're finally back!" A young blond exclaimed, jumping happily as their master and butler showed.

"So the mission did turn up well again, that cocky butler sure is good." Bard mumbled but gave the butler an expression of respect for protecting their master rigorously.

"Ciel-sama and Sebastian-san were safe." Merien beamed clumsily, clutching her tray even closer.

"Welcome back Young Master Ciel. Sebastian." Tanaka bowed.

"Yes, thank you. I shall take the young master to his room now, he needs a long rest." Replied Sebastian.

The servants bowed, yet the feeling of recognition remained around — then with a sigh...

"Good work everyone."

The words given were treasured, as the servants bowed to Ciel again, smiling as they answered 'Thank you, my lord' —, for their loyalty and service will be forever offered to their beloved master.

"What kindness you showed back there bo-chan." Sebastian teased.

"Shut up, that was just a simple acknowledgment for not destroying the manor like they usually do." Ciel snapped as they reached his room, having full privacy.

"I see." The butler responded mockingly, his famous grin emitting all over his face.

"Sebastian, should I thank God for all the miseries I've experienced which resulted in meeting a bastard demon like you?"

"Heh, how ironic... indeed. Yet, my answer will be 'gratified' — for those foolish circumstances that allowed me to meet a spoiled brat as you are now bo-chan." Was Sebastian's reply to Ciel's childish ridicules.

"You're really a bastard." Ciel smirked, throwing his self to Sebastian. "Make love to me."

"Is that an order my lord?"

"Why? Would you like to be ordered like a dog forever?"

"If it will be you — why not? Yet I am warning you — I sometimes show who the master really is, for certain occasions." The demon leered.

"Tche. Well I must correct myself then — you're a sadistic bastard." Ciel answered his annoying grin with a seductive lick between his lips.


"Take me...now Sebastian..."

"Neh? How could I deny such a request from a seducing masochist?"

"Demon..." Ciel glared back at his butler, losing their game of mockery from being called a masochist.

"My Ciel." Sebastian said under his breath and grinning even more as he took Ciel's insult as praise, then his crimson eyes flared sinfully with lust. Later, a lewd moan escaped the petite boy as dangerous fangs and an eager tongue explored his hot cavern when their lips crushed.

Yearning with each other's breath and taste — their bodies danced graciously to its known basic step... fiery passion.

"Ah... Se — Sebastian! T — too mu — much! I can't take it — anymore!" Another moan of pleasure escaped Ciel as the sinful tongue of his lover fisted on his withering body, devouring his chest and neck with kisses and licks. Panting and screams were even louder as Sebastian brought him to the heights of pleasure.

"You've become much more -grunts- sensitive, my Ciel." Said his demon lover, then thrusting faster and deeper right into Ciel's abused hole.

"Y — yes Se — Sebastian! Fill me more! Deeper! Hmm... Ah! Cum-cumming! A — ah!"

"Ciel, I will fill this hot cavern of yours deeper and -grunts- will give life in this barren ventris." And with a low feral groan, Sebastian buried his seeds to the deepest spot it could reach inside Ciel.

"A —ah Se—Sebastian... Sebastian I—I'm so —full." Ciel moaned loudly as he felt white fluids filling him to the brink, then connecting their mouths again with a hungry passionate kiss.

'Only mine. Mine till eternity.' The demon prince thought assuredly, watching his lover drown with lust and love. And throughout the night, two silhouettes melted to one over and over again until breaths became ragged and energy drained, leaving only the full moon to witness an everlasting bond and love from a demon and recherché soul of a boy could form for eternity.

You are my cage, and I will willingly embrace this fate forever.

'I am ready to face hell, for I know he will never leave me, like the entire time he'd never lie to me. Whispers of love wasn't needed because we were both secure that this feeling will forever last.'

"Ciel dear what did you wish for your birthday?" A loving father asked his 8 year old son.

"A chess, papa."

"A chess?" Vincent looked confused, yet knowing well his son— he gave him a smile.

"Grow strong Ciel, my son." The former dark noble thought.

'Yes, chess... one wrong move and your game will be over. Things happened but what's important, is you learn from the pain every time a pawn was taken from you. Then, you firmly stand up again, thinking that loosing will never be an option from winning this risky battle.

This may appear unfair but even though this demon butler was the canniest and perfect of all, I still had won his void soul and I will gladly declare...'

Checkmate Sebastian.


"Well then— I will be expecting great grandchildren or grandchild anytime now." Said the Emperor of Hell, chuckling.

"Indeed... but does he know anything about this?" Beelzebuth asked his father.

"Heh... probably not. I bet it'll take him by surprise." Then Lucifer burst out with laughter, not being able to contain it any longer.

"Pity. That child must really learn to first ask my son about demon reproduction before coupling senseless like newlyweds."

"I know, but it'll still be a once in a lifetime picture of seeing his stoic face turned blank." Lucifer's laughter intensified.

"Very mature father, and stop laughing already."

"Okay, okay."

Meanwhile... at manor Phantomhive, a young boy of beautiful azure locks finally came out from the comfort room after emptying his stomach.

"My Ciel, are you okay?"

"Shut up Sebastian, isn't it obvious? And don't ask me that question you bastard, I've been having morning sickness, weird appetite and stupid mood swings! What's exactly happening to me?!"

"Neh? I am sure that you're very smart my love but this time, I can't even believe that you're actually this dense of not even noticing it."

"Spill it out, dummy!"

"You're a month pregnant my love."

"That's it? I'm only a month preg— WHAT?!" Ciel stupidly asked, eyes almost bulging out as his lover only chortled at him.

"Like I said, you're a month pregnant with my child, my love." Said Sebastian with his famous smirk written all over his face. Ciel's appearance became deathly-pale, all his rationality thrown into the gutter as his body went numb. Luckily Sebastian immediately caught him from landing on the solid floor.

"Isn't that wonderful, my Ciel? We are going to have a family. And as a soon-to-be father I am so proud to have you as my duchess, wonderful isn't it? —Neh?" The demon continued.

"You—" The boy finally answered, able to muster back his voice.

"SADISTIC BASTARD demon! I will frigging castrate you after this! —I will smash your balls with my bare feet and chop your cock all to pieces!" Ciel continued, threatening him.

"Looking forward to it." Sebastian replied confidently and continued smirking like a Cheshire cat, while his fuming lover pouted cutely. Then long silence followed, Ciel felt his heart was about to burst for there were so many feelings mixed up inside him. He was so confused why this happened but— still not too eager to ask straightaway his lover, why. Sighing, he looked up at Sebastian's entrancing eyes, since his demon lover tighten his embrace into protectiveness.

"Sebastian... what gender do I bear? Do you—somehow knew?"

"A boy my love."

"A boy? I wonder what'll he looked like, I wish— he's got your eyes." Said Ciel, almost in a whisper as he caressed his lower stomach.

"And I wish he's got your smile, my Ciel." Sebastian said, as he gently stroke Ciel's lower stomach too, pressing their bodies together they shared a kiss of contentedness.

'Yes, soon, as you come out to this world, I know you'll liven this manor with your laughter and will complete this family. Isn't it my priceless son Anthony Phantomhive Michaelis?'

Dance with the devil if you dare,

Sell your soul, or put it to flare,

But I heed you human, beware;

Chains will cage you like a helpless dove,

Then soon it'll be too late, you can only sob;

As you realize you are caught by the Demons in a Vicious Love.

'I will be always here my precious soul, just for you Ciel and for our child.'

Sebastian and Ciel awaits your upcoming arrival to the mortal world little Anthony...



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