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(P.S. For those who only know the word "Gallimaufry" as a minced meat dish, it also has another meaning: a random medley. I don't mean to cut the monkeys up and eat them in this. xD)

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Mandarin was a control freak of the most extreme kind. He had to put his hand in anything that came within a mile of relating to him; his dominant hand.

"No, thank you."

He twitched.


"Thanks, Mandarin, but I already trained my tail off." Nova laughed. "Even I know when I have to rest my non-metal parts a little." She sort of did. More like Gibson has nagged her about it enough that she'd learned.

Nova's comment wasn't what bothered him. The problem was that he knew he wouldn't be able to change her, and it was only her, mind when she talked to him like that. She'd use her totally innocent (stupid) voice with her totally kind (also stupid) eyes while showing her sweet (really stupid) smile. He couldn't stand it! He could talk to her when she was in a bad mood, but he couldn't bring himself to cheese her off in the first place. "Fine," he said in his tone that was more passive-aggressive each time they spoke, walking past her and changing his focus to why his face felt so warm. A fever? Maybe she had a point about caring about their organic sides a bit better...

...No, that wasn't it, was it?

He didn't get much time to himself before bumping into Otto farther down the hallway.

"Hey Sprx! What are you doing with Mandarin's armor?"

"What are you blabbering about?" the orange monkey snapped, quickly wiping Otto's smile away.

"Oh! Sorry Mandarin! But... the lighting must be weird in here. Your face looks a lot redder than usual."


"You sick?"

Otto could barely hear Nova's entire question over Mandarin's surprised shrieking, accompanying quite the flinch. "W-Weren't you heading the other way?! Do you have some kind of trouble instinct?!"

"Nah, Mandarin doesn't get sick. It's the lighting in this hall," Otto replied to Nova. "But man, I mean," he turned to Mandarin. "Did it get worse? you look really red now."

"Silence!" Mandarin replied, stomping down the hall, but after only making a few feet of distance between his comrades, he turned and pointed at Nova.

"You! If you're pathetic level of stamina is already exhausted for today, come to the weather training room tomorrow morning!" Not waiting for a confirmation (Nova would huff and ask Otto what his deal was soon after), Mandarin stomped out of sight.

He couldn't hold this off any longer. He needed to regain his power, and it was now or never.