I don't recall entering a forest. I got of off the train at my usual station and then suddenly I was surrounded by trees and a thick fog. I tried to turn back, but it seemed everything was the same no matter where I looked. Suddenly, there was a bright light before me; it was a large, brick building with writing above the door.

"Gregory House," I read aloud to myself. I did not stop to think that it could be dangerous beyond those heavy, wooden doors. I only sought shelter from this terrifying place.

Inside was dark and gloomy, yet I felt at ease for some reason; like I had been here before. The grey mouse at the front desk greeted me like an old friend, and I thought nothing of it at the time.

"Do you need a room for the night?" he asked, his voice slightly scratchy. I glanced at the door behind me, shut tight, sealing away all of the fear outside. I nodded.

"I'm Gregory, I'm the manager of this hotel," he chuckled lightly to himself, as though remembering a joke I wasn't aware of, and then continued speaking.

"You do look exhausted don't you. Well, I'll get a room ready for you." Again he laughed to himself, and while at another time I would have found it irritating as I didn't know what was funny, now it was...comforting, familiar.

"My name is Katie. Nice to meet you, Gregory."

I was lead along dimly lit hallway's until we arrived at a blue, wooden door. I stared curiously at the steel, padlocked one beside it.

"Oh, that door! Well, the creature residing in that room and is rather vicious when approached. We've had to lock it up for the safety of the guests!"

My feet approached the metal subconsciously and my hands stroked the padlock, desperate to know what it hid. Gregory slapped my hand away gently.

"Please, do not even think about opening this door, my dear! It would be a very dangerous idea indeed...."

When he opened the door to my room I was surprised at how homey it looked. It was small, and the wallpaper was a pale blue which matched the bedding exactly. There was a single orange rose in a pure white vase on the little desk in the corner. I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that orange roses symbolize passion, desire and also excitement and enthusiasm. I glanced at Gregory-suspiciously I might add- and he stared back, looking confused.

"How odd. I don't ever recall putting a rose in here. Maybe one of the other guests did?"

I sighed and decided that the old mouse was not to blame, yet if he did not place the flower there then someone must have seen me come in. I jumped as something screeched from next door. Gregory cursed.

"That damn thing's at it again!" Some thunder rumbled in the distance and the screech went off again. It was coming from the locked room.

"What kind of creature is in there exactly?" I asked the manager, who looked like he was about to explode.

"A dead creature that's what!" and he attempted to leave but I caught him by the elbow; there was no way I was letting this go that easily. He seemed to sag and he let out a deep sigh and then spoke.

"Next door, there is a cat, who is the last remnant of a family who caused us a lot of trouble. He used to be a beautiful feline with silky fur that all would admire and he lived in a mansion. Then, on a night rather like this one...." Thunder sounded again.

"Someone sewed everything shut! His eyes! His mouth! His ears! Oh how disgusting! And ever since then I have had to lock him up for safety. So please my dear...Do not enter his room...." I let of his arm, in hopes that he would not notice that I was trembling with shock.

"Good night my dear. Oh, and I would suggest locking your door, you wouldn't want to wake up and find your eyes won't open!"

My sobs joined those of the poor feline next door as the storm continued on outside....

It was 3:00 am and I had yet to fall asleep. Until half and hour ago I had been entertaining myself by listening to the footsteps of Gregory and the guests as they strolled around going about their lives. Now there was only silence, and it seemed I was the only one awake at this point. Suddenly, something moved next door. I would have missed the sound had things not been so silent, but there a tiny purr coming from next door. In a flash I was down the hall, following my mental map that let to the front desk. There hanging from a small hook was just the key I was looking for. I could tell simply because it was too large to have fit in the keyhole on my door. I grabbed it, and the second I did, I was sure my heart stopped.

"I hope you aren't thinking of taking that key young lady..." The fact that it was a woman's voice speaking and not Gregory's surprised me, and i whirled around.

"I-want-to-see-what's-behind-the-door!" I yelled before my mind began to work again. The pink lizard in front of me grinned, and laughed.

"What's your story, then?" she asked. Seemingly amused simply by me presence.

I glowered at her, and even pouted a little bit, but she did not flinch and eventually I gave in.

"My mother lives in the countryside, and I live in the city. I took a train to go and visit her, but when I got there she wasn't as alone as I thought she would be..." The nurse placed a hand to her chin and replied,

"Well, even older women need to have a romantic life as well you know, you can't deny her that." I shook my head, feeling my eyes begin to sting as the memories came flooding back.

"Fun, should not involve your daughters boyfriend..." She screeched and I actually had to cover my ears before the noise damaged my hearing.

"That's disgusting!" I nodded, my heart was growing heavy and there was a dull pain in my chest. I raised the key to eye level, and my voice cracked slightly when I spoke.

"Please, don't tell Gregory about this. I just want to see for myself what he's hiding."

She nodded solemnly, "My name's Catherine kid, but this helping you thing is a one time only deal. My needles appear to be blunt and my new ones have yet to arrive, but when they do I'll be after you and every drop of your tantalizing blood!" The lizard made an odd purring sort of noise, and though I had no clue what she was talking about, I nodded, knowing this would be the last civil conversation I would have with her.

"Goodbye Catherine."

And with those words I left her in the lobby, and continued on my journey to see the cat behind the door.

I'd just like to point out that Kat's story is more involved than what she told Catherine but I'm going to bring that in later on, this was just to give the basic idea of why she is there. Please review because I live for criticism-whether it's good or bad.
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