Valkyries & Ninjas

By Belletiger BT


Summuary: Nauto is killed by Sasuke at the valley of End. Years later a blond valkyrie from the heaves and her group of chosen Einherjar must face Akatsuki and restoring the balance of the world. But why does this valkyrie has the same whiskers marks as Naruto's?


Sasuke stared down at the still form that lie before him and couldn't help but feel dead inside. He had killed ; the next step in his lifelong goal of having his revenge upon his brother. Because of it, he had attained the fearsome and most coveted form of his clan's kekkai genkai: the Mangekyou Sharingan.

But this killing had a high price; the life of the one he truly called a friend was dead. Naruto was dead now because of him. The blond, once so vibrant, so spirited, so annoying… was gone. All that remained of the tomboyish girl he had once known, the first person he had dared to call his friend, was nothing more than a slowly cooling corpse.

"I am sorry Naruto. I really am." Said Sasuke softly as tears came down of his face. He just stared at his rival and someone he could call friend. His first and only friend. " I am no better than Itachi. But I promised this Naruto, I will repay you somehow. whether it's in this life or the next."

Sasuke looked at the gem around Naruto's neck. He took it as a reminder of his mistake and promised to Naruto. The Uchiha stared to walk his way to the sound village; where Orochimaru was waiting for him. The Uchiha looked at Naruto for the last time before he leaves. The raven haired boy blinked confused; for a moment he saw a woman in a strange kind of armor standing, holding an orange crystal in her hands before she vanishes in the air; like a ghost. Sasuke couldn't understand what he just saw; could be he seeing things? After all, he almost has no chakra left in his body and maybe the exhaustion could be the explication of him seeing things. Then, Sasuke walked off to Oto, leaving Naruto's corpse behind. Not too long after sasuke left from the battle field, Kakashi arrived at the valley of end only to find his female blond student's corpse lying in the ground.


It was cold. Very could. A figure was flouting in an abyss of pure darkness. she felt nothing but darkness and coldness surrounding him.

"So, that's the true death, hun? Not bad…"

The figure flouting in the darkness was none than Uzumaki Naruto; killed in action by the one who called her best friend.

'Was it worth it Sasuke?' asked her as she thought on the last uchiha. 'The revenge was so important to you than us? Than me?' A tear rolled down on her face.

"Hold my hand, brave soul."

Naruto blinked confused as she heard a soft voice. Then, she saw a light in that darkness abyss. In the light there was a shadow figure. Naruto couldn't see the face of the figure, but she knew it was a woman because of the voice.


"Hold my hand brave soul. I shall take you away from the darkness."

The mysterious figure's voice was soft and at the same time strong. Naruto didn't know why, but she could feel she can trust in that woman. As she held her hand, a strong light blinded her. Then, a wave of images appeared in his head, and it felt like if she was being pierced with a million needles. Naruto cried in pain as she hugged her head as darkness consumed her once more.


"Wake up."

Sapphire eyes slowly opened as they saw a beautiful lady with a long blond hair and emerald eyes. She had a serene smile in her face. She was also wearing a white dress.

"Welcome back to Valhalla, Kará."

The woman helped the girl to get up from the altar. Sapphire eyes blinked in confused as they saw a mirror beside her. The girl in the altar could see her reflection; a beautiful girl with long berry golden, wearing a dress that looked like a long nightgown. She wondered if the girl in the mirror was really herself as she looked confused to the older woman. She noticed she had weird whiskers marks.

"Kará?" she whispered confused.

"Yes," she nodded "That's your name. Your mortal body has died in the battle field and one of your valkyrie sisters has bought you back to Valhalla."

The girl felt very lost. Valkyrie? Valhalla? She couldn't understand what that woman was talking about. She only smiled to her as she guides her to the halls. The older woman only looked softly at the big scar in her chest.

"Looks like the battle was too much for you,Kará. Big enough to damage your memories of Valhalla while you were a mortal. Don't worry; in due time you will understand and remember everything." The woman said as she guided the girl named Kará trought the corridors of the palace. "By the way, I am Freya; Queen of Asgard. You might not remember me or anyone here, but welcome back to Valhalla, Kará Valkyrie."

For some reason, Kará doesn't feel that palace was her true home as an image of a raven haired boy appeared in her mind for a moment.

To be Continued.

I hope you have liked the staring of my new Fem!Naruto story. From the ones who read my other story "The Valkyrie" which has a fem!Ichigo as a valkyrie and promised I would do a new version. I kinda ended up having a Fem!Naruto as a valkyrie. In this story some events will be based on the Valkyrie Profile events but of course there will be some differences in this story to the valkyrie profile games.

There will be more than 3 valkyies. In this story each valkyrie is a guardian of one alternative universe and responsible for the balance of this universe.

Odin will be not a greed and dictator bastard like his counterpart in the VP univer. Freya will be not an arrogant bitch either.

Kará is Naruto's valkyrie spirit, just like how Lenneth was the valkyrie spirit of PLatina. But unlike Lenneth, Kara's memories of her past like will be not sealed by Odin and Freya. Kara's memories were damaged by Sasuke's chidori which affected her memories of being Naruto and Kará.

Now for the Einherjar, which characters of Naruto who were killed in action should become Kará's Einherjar? You can even choose the dead characters killed before the series has stared ( like Obito and Sandaime Kazekage). One thing: Minato will be not an Einherjar. He will show up in the other way in the series.

Please, dolt forget to review. I wanna know if you liked the staring of the story. And also I am looking for a beta-writer. If anyone who's interested to be my beta, please send me a PM.


Kará: her name means "The wild stormy one".

Einherjar: A being who died but his or her soul was given another chance to live, by serving the host.

Valkyrie: battle maidens who serve to Odin. And they are the ones who decide who will die in battle. The valkyries bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin, where the deceased warriors become einherjar.

Odin: The god king of Valhalla.

Freya: The Goddess of Fertility and so called Giver of Life. She's the second in command of Odin.

Valhalla: the palace where the northern gods live and watch the events of Midgar- the human world.