Valkyries & Ninjas
Chapter 2- Valkyrie in Konoha

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"Blah blah"- Normal talking.

"Blah blah"- Black Zetzu, demon talking

"Blah blah"- thoughts


The Akatsuki gathered to perform the sealing ritual, transferring the Sanbi and Nibi into a giant golem statue. With the loss of Hidan and Kakuzu, it's taking longer to seal the bijuu than before. Zetzu who was watching the fight, he told to the other members what happened to the zombie duo and also about the battle maiden who showed up out of nowhere. Some didn't believed that some winged girl could defeated Kakuzu and Hidan so easily and then sending them to the hell. Deidara thought for a moment. No, there wasn't possible. He didn't believe that the stories of his old grandfather was somehow true.

"Hey Zetzu." Stared Deidara to get Zetzu attention " Is there any chance this girl looked something like this hun?"

With his clay, Deidara did a human clay statute of the female warrior. Zetzu confirmed , immediately garnering everyone's attention.

"Wow, Deidara-senpai. I didn't know you could do female statues with your clay." commented Tobi before a thought came to his mind. "Do you do your needs with your female statues ?"

Deidara blushed in a deep red before he stared to strangle his new partner's neck with his arms.

"I AM NOT A PERVERT DAMMIT!!!" Shouted Deidara angrily.

"That's enough Deidara. No one wants to know about your sexual life and you still need Tobi as your partner."The holographic Image of Pein spoke, as Deidara let Tobi go. But he still will punish that orange masked idiot from the early comment. "What do you know about this warrior girl?"

"Hun….not much."Admitted Deidara. "Who told me about this girl was my grandfather. You see when he was a gennin around of the age of ninja civil wars, he saw this girl who titled herself being a Valkyrie …. battle maiden or something like that hun. My grandfather told me how her beauty and fight stiles with the elements gave him inspiration for his arts. He even told me she kissed him in his forehead before returning to the place she came from; heaven. I always thought it was just some stories from an old gazer like my grandfather to fill me with his fantasies but since Zetzu has confirmed this girl is the same one as how my grandfather had described her, I guess she really exists after all hum."

"In the age of civil wars you say?" Kisame asked surprised "That was 80 years ago. Are you saying this girl showed up 80 years ago?"

Pein was quiet. He never expected this turn of the events. Thinking now, he remembered that in the tales of the sage of six paths , a warrior girl with powers as great as his own had helped him to defeat the 10 tailed beast- Jubi. They said it was thanks to this girl sacrifice that it was possible to seal Jubi in the sage's body. After all to create a jinchuriki they need do a sacrifice a life for the sealing be possible. It was clear that the girl's existence in their world might be as old as the legend of the sage of six paths. There would be a possibility of Pein facing this girl by himself. Then Zetzu spoke up, getting the attention of everyone.

"Don't forget about that detail on the girl." the black Zetzu said.

"Oh yeah, that's right. I almost forgot about that detail." The white Zetzu said.

"What are you talking about?" Kisame asked curious.

"That warrior girl….. the one who calls herself a battle-maiden…"stared the white Zetzu "… she has whiskers marks on her face. The same ones the deceased Jinchuriki of Kyuubi had in life." Finished the black Zetzu.


In Konoha Tsunade was in her Office. After Asuma's funeral and recovering after the battle against Hidan and Kakuzu, Team Asuma was giving their report to Tsunade about the events in the battle, especially involving the mysterious armored girl who defeated the duo so easily like they were gennin who just got out from academy. Needless to say Tsunade was speechless with their report.

"Are you saying this girl defeated those two Akatsuki members without any problem? "

"Yes, Hokage –sama." Izumo said as he remembered the events from the battle. "She even sent them to the hell. I am speaking literally. I saw the gates of hell with my own eyes."

"Needless to say she saved us from those two."Kotetsu said "I remember she said her name was Kará Valkyrie or something. She even said she was a servant of the gods."

Tsunade was quiet. She had hear about the gods would send a guardian to protect the balance of the world in the shape of a maiden. Her grandfather, Senju Hashirama told her stories about a beautiful and powerful maiden would always come out of nowhere defeating demons and other supernatural creatures. She always thought those story were night bed stories. Could be this guardian maiden be real?

"Kotetsu. Izumo. I want you two keep the reports of your mission be a secret. We still don't know what intentions this warrior girl have or if this girl is even in our side. At least we know she is not in Akatsuki's side." Tsunade said. "And how's Shikamaru?'

"Still taking hard on Asuma's death." Izumo answered. He couldn't blame Shikamaru for feeling like this. It was hard when a person loses a sensei. Asuma was his second father figure.

"I see. Talk to Shikamaru about the mission. I will give you three some days off. You're excused."

With that, Kotetsu and Asuma bowed before leaving Tsunade's office. The duo was going to their way out, but still taking about the girl who saved their lives.

"Hey Izumo…. Do you think we should had told her about……"

"About her whiskers marks? No, Its better this way. Hokage –sama took hard on the death of the fox girl. Remember how she reacted after Kakashi-san brought her corpse? She cried a lot and almost destroyed the Hokage Mountain with her anger. And she immediately made Uchiha Sasuke in the bingo book, kill on sight."

Uchiha Sasuke was a sensitive subject in the village. Especially for Sakura, Tsunade , Kakashi and Iruka. After the traitor left, Sakura finally decided to focus on her training to become a medic nin under Tsunade's tutoring. Kakashi blamed himself for not releasing that Sasuke would betray the village in exchange of power to kill Uchiha Itachi. He went too far on using Chidori on Naruto. Iruka had the worse. Even after three years, he still mourned the loss of his 'little sister', the pain in his heart hurting even now. He still works as a teacher at the shinobi academy, he is still respect and adored by the students, but his teaching has became very harsh. Iruka said its better to train them hard now than letting them on depending on some lazy jounin teachers who only focus on only one student. Yes, Iruka blames Kakashi for Naruto's death and he would avoid at any cost seeing the jounin or else he would get the beating of his life. Iruka can be a very violent man when he wants to be.

Both Izumo and Kotetsu didn't know what they would do next now that warrior girl had showed up.


Shikamaru was in the graveyard still looking at his teacher tombstone. He was happy to know that the killers of his teacher were in the hell, thought he was a little upset for not doing himself, in the deep he was happy for not doing. He looked at the tombstone of his late friend Naruto- killed by her own teammate because of his own desire for power and revenge consuming his heart and soul. Thought of her tom-boyish behavior, Naruto was the less troublesome girl from his class. Never acted like a fangirl, either thinking higher than the others. She even beat up some boys to defend Chouji. He remember that he, Chouji, Kiba ( with Akamaru in his head) and Naruto would skip classes together and hang out around. He even remembered Naruto telling him once in a starry night that that she wants shine like a star in the sky when she becomes a hokage. Shikamaru asked her once why not shine like the sun. She just smiled before answering.

"No matter how small the star is, the star will always have its light, no matter how big dark is."

He really missed the crazy tom-boy girl. Thought she was a troublesome girl, she was the only one who had real friendship with the boys still keeping the little bit of her feminine side she had. After her corpse was bought to Konoha by Kakashi, Shikamaru noticed the collar that Godaime Hokage had given her before their return was missing. Sakura had confirmed Sasuke has her collar after her new team had returned from the last mission involving Orochimaru and Sasuke. She saw Sasuke wearing Naruto's collar. After that he had promised he would take the collar back and return it to Naruto. And also promised to himself he would grow up and become a cool adult like Asuma . After all he wants to be Asuma's child's teacher in the future.


Meanwhile a girl was entering in the village. She was dressed in a pair of tight black pants and white undershirt with black sleeves and a thigh length Orange vest that revealed some cleavage. An ankle length Blue obi with thin red cord tied in a bow around her waist while a pair of orange gauntlets the matched her vest covered her arms. Her hair was long and golden tied in a long ponytail. She was caring a sword on her back.

"So, this is Konoha, Asuma-san?" Kará said telepathically .

After Asuma had accepted to be her Einherjahr, they went to Konoha to ask to Hatake Sakumo to aid them. Since the Valkyrie had assumed a human form, Asuma's spirit was inside of her sword. He would come out when he's in need and when Kará is in her Valkyrie form. Now both of them are looking for Sakumo's blade to summon his spirit.

"Yes." Asuma said. "A beautiful village, isn't it? As long we do not get any attention, we can find Sakumo's spirit and go to our mission without any problem."

"Well, you mean to I not cause any trouble, right? Except for the ones who has a great sixth sense, no body can really see you or myself when I am in the astral form."

As they walking around the village, Kará used her aura to feel the aura of the villagers and the shinobi. Some were neutral, some were happy and carefree and other not very pleased. But what is bothering Kará was feeling she knew this place somehow, but she can't remember where. Could be possible she lived there once? From what she learned from Freya, Valkyries were supposed to remember their past lives as a mortal and using the past lives' knowledge for their mission after they awaken from their sleep. But Kará doesn't remember anything after she had wake up. She softly puts her hand on her chest where she had an ugly scar. The scar was the wound she got from her past like and whoever who stroke her in the chest, it really messed her memories and spirit.

"I will bring you back, even if that means breaking your bones, Sasuke!!"

Kará blinked confused. Who was that voice? She swear she had heard her own voice, but younger. And who was Sasuke? Kará decided to go to an inn to rest for the day before coming out on the night to find Sakumo's blade to summon him to ask for his aid against Akatsuki. Kará lied down in the futon and she welcomed the darkness as she fell asleep.


*Dream Scene*

Kará couldn't see anything because of the dense mist. Then, she noticed something as the mist was staring to clean. She gasped in surprise when she released she was in a dome of mirrors and in there saw a dark haired boy and a blond girl with a very tomboyish look. She noticed the boy was covered with needles. The girl was holding the boy in her arms.

"You idiot! Why the hell did you butt in?!" the girl yelled at the barely conscious dark haired boy.

"I..don't ..know….my ..legs….just..moved ...on..their..own."the boy gasped blood gushing from his mouth. "Naruto…'t...die." the boy inhaled one more breath of air before collapsing against her.

"Sasuke…." The girl whispered her eyes beginning to glisten. Kara was surprised. It was the same name she had heard early. The Valkyrie's eyes widen in pure shock when she saw the face of the girl. The girl named Naruto looked exactly like her, only younger.


*End of the dream.*

Kará opened his eyes. She was sitting up, covered in cold sweat; his breathing was heavy and raspy. Sitting up too fast caused colors to swim before her own eyes. While sitting up, Kará felt huge waves of pain from all over her body, especially the side of her stomach. Even the slightest move was painful and it caused him to lie back down.

She blinked confused as she looked around her. She noticed she was back to her. She was still thinking on the dream she had. Could the younger version of herself named Naruto was one of her past lives? This Sasuke boy was important? Then, her thoughts were interrupted by Asuma's voice.

"Kará-sama? Are you alright?" Asuma asked to the Valkyrie

Kará looked at the sword beside her. She drew it out as Asuma's spirit appeared beside her. He looked a little concern about the Valkyrie The blond girl looked at the spirit.

"I am alright." she said. "It was just a dream." Kará noticed it was already dark in there, which means it was the time to go to Kakashi's house to get Sakumo's blade to summon his spirit. Kará stood up as she summoned her Valkyrie outfit. She puts sheathed her sword as she looked at her Einherjahr

"Asuma-san, why don't you see Kurenai?"


"Its true that none can see you now you're a spirit. But spirits can still communicate with the living through the dreams." Kara said as she smiled to Asuma. "You can see Kurenai, to say goodbye to her. I can look for Sakumo's blade myself."

In the deep, Asuma was thankful for Kará giving him a chance to say goodbye to his loved one. He knew that was his only chance to say how much he loves her and their unborn child before he leaves to the spirit world as soon Kara's mission is over. Asuma thanked Kará before going to see Kurenai . Kará was happy. After all, all fallen warriors deserve to say goodbye to their loved ones. Then Kará sweat-dropped. She just forget to ask where Kakashi lives.

"Ah nuts.."


Sakura was in park, sitting on the batch drinking some tea. She liked the quiet and silent of the night at Konoha park. After the failed mission of bringing Sasuke back, Tsunade had give to Sakura and her team a few days off. She really need a time off. Her new teammates were people who are not easy to deal every day. First was Sora, a monk boy who decided to join to Konoha forces for reasons that Sakura doesn't know. His main problem was his cooky attitude and trusting issues. His attitudes almost remind her deceased teammate Naruto. The second teammate was a boy named Sai. He looked like Sasuke but he was distinguished by total lack of emotion which he often masks with a false, cheerful, yet transparent facade and giving weird nicknames to the others. And there's her new jounin leader, Yamato. Yamato was the lone survivor from Orochimaru's experiences, and found himself endowed with the First hokage's abilities. And his ghoul face really creeped them out.

Sakura was angered when she saw Sasuke at Orochimaru's hideout; he was using Naruto's collar. The same collar that Tsunade had given her before they return to Konoha. She had told to Shikamaru and the other boys who were close to Naruto about this. They all promised to themselves that they would defeat Sasuke and recuperate the collar that belonged to Naruto.

"Pretty night, isn't it?"

Sakura turned around and she saw Sora. Sakura growled a little bit since she doesn't want to deal either with him or Sai right now.

"What you want, Sora?"

"Hey hey, don't get angry, Pinky. I just wanted to apologize my behavior from our mission." Sora said as Sakura blinked in surprise. "Your friend, the blonde one told me about your deceased teammate, that girl named Naruto. That's why you lose your cool to that uchiha boy, right?" Sora asked

"In a way I blame myself for Naruto's death." Sakura said as she looked her can of tea. "I was so weak , pathetic and blind back then. I even dared to leave with Sasuke. And worse I had to make Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back. The only thing I got from this was her corpse and her collar stolen. After this I trained hard to make up for Naruto." Sakura said to Sora, explained a little bit of her like involving Naruto. Then, she looked at Sora, "So Mr. Monk, why did you decided to join forces to Konoha? I thought monks do not like involving into ninja business very much."

"Well, it's because of a promise." Sora Answered to Sakura.

"A promise?"

"Yeah. You see, my mentor, Chiriko was killed by Akatsuki. I promised to myself and Chiriko-sama's soul that I would take Akatsuki down. But I know I can't do this alone, so I decide to join to your team since it misses two members ."

Sakura nodded. She understood Sora's feeling and his wishes to take Akatsuki down once for all. They still don't know what they are doing with the biju, but they knew its nothing good from them. Sora blinked, confused as he saw a shadow on the moon. Sakura noticed Sora was looking at something she couldn't see.

"What is it?" asked Sakura confused.


Kará was flying above the village still looking for Sakumo's blade. She felt a little like an idiot for not asking to Asuma where Kakashi lives before he went to see Kurenai. Then, she had an idea.

"Of course!" she slapped her forehead. "I can use my aura to look for the blade."

Kará closed her eyes and she stared to fell the aura over on Konoha, to look for Sakumo's blade. Then she gasped in surprise when she felt a dark energy on Konoha. It was full of hate, anger , disappear and pain. She knew what that dark aura was. She few off to the direction of the source of this dark enemy. Dealing with this comes first before looking for Sakumo's blade.


Standing at the very outskirts of the abandoned Uchiha District were Sora and Sakura. A cool wind breeze blew past the two as they looked to one another.

"Are you sure you saw a shadow flying to this place?" Sakura Asked. "I mean, you could have seeing things, couldn't you?"

"Of course I saw something!"Sora snapped. "And it flew right to this place."

Sakura was feeling uncomfortable as she stared at the abandoned Uchiha District. No one dared to enter this place since the uchiha massacre and no matter how much fangirl Sakura was in the time Sasuke was in Konoha, she never dared going there. This place always gave her chills in her spine. As Sakura and Sora walked past the gate, the monk boy hissed when he felt a dark aura filling the whole place.

"What's going on here?!" Sora thought as he looked the place. "this place is filled with dark energy!"

Sakura looked at Sora and she was confused with his odd behavior. The, Sakura felt someone tapped on her shoulder. Sakura spun around in alarm as she saw Sai.

"S-Sai? What the hell are you doing here? You nearly scared me!" snapped Sakura at the paled boy.

"My apologizes, Sakura-san."Sai said "I saw you two going here and I wanted to know what are you doing here in a place like this. And what's the matter with him."

Before Sakura could say anything, the three of them felt chills on their spine as Sora hissed. The monk felt something was very wrong in this place ever since they stepped their foot in there. He looked at his teammates.

"We should get out here now! " Sora exclaimed to their teammates.

Sakura and Sai looked confused at the monk confused. Why he was acting so odd like this? Before he got any farther in a sentence, a monster claw appeared from the ground and went straight through him, pushing his soul roughly out of his body, his body hitting the floor with a thud.

"Hey", Sakura said in alarm as Sora hit the floor, "Whoa! Sora! What's wrong?! What happened?!"

Before either Sakura or Sai do anything in there, they felt pain on their back. A demon claw went straight through their back, pulling their souls out.

Sora saw the demon claw in terror as the souls of Sai and Sora got out from their bodies, not understanding what was happening. 'Wh...what is happening', he thought, 'That thing... It's a monster? A demon? I can't... Breathe... I don't like this..."

Sakura and Sai looked in absolutely horror when they saw their bodies laid down in the ground. They don't understand what is happening in there. Sakura was looking at Sora, she wanted to know what was happening in there. Sora looked horrified as they saw a monster shadow behind of Sakura.

"Sakura! Behind you!!"

It was too late, the shadow grabbed Sakura and it ran off with her. Sora and Sai were trying to go after the shadow that has taken Sakura but they found themselves surrendered by monsters. They looked like demons from the hell. Sora and Sai glared at the monsters around them.

"What are those things?" Sai asked.

"Specters..." Sora hissed as Sai looked confused at him. "Specters are fallen human souls. Souls that could not move on to the after live because something happened in their lives... These fallen ones, they lose their hearts, and become monsters themselves... like these ones we see here. I never saw so many specters at once!"

The demons were growling at them. They stared to attack them. With a quick move, Sora summoned his wind techniques to blew the demons off. Sai grabs his brush and scroll as he summons his ink beasts to attack the demons. Even with them working together, there was too many of them. Sai noticed a duo of demons pouncing towards them .

Suddenly, a shadow came out of nowhere and ripped through one demon. Sai blinked in confusion when he saw a girl in armor before them; it was Kará. The demon was sliced in half at the waist. With fast moves, Kará slashed all the demons with her blades with grace. Her swordsmanship skills rivals one of Mist Swordsmen. The demons disappeared as Kará looked at them.

"Are you two alright?"

"Y-yeah," Stared Sora. "who are you?"

Kará introduced herself being a Valkyrie and she explained her mission. Sora was surprised. She was the guardian of world that his master Chiriko had told him so many times; the tales of the battle maiden- the keeper of the mortal world and the spirit world. Sai explained what happened to them as Sora mentioned they still need look for Sakura who was taken by the specters.

"I understand. First we need you two go back to your bodies." Kara said to Sai and Sora "A body can't live without a soul for very long."

"I know. Chiriko-sama told me about this once." Sora said, remembering the teachings that his master had taught him once. "Our bodies are over…..there?"

To Sora surprise, their bodies that had fall in the ground when the specters had pulled their souls out of their bodies were not in there anyone. Sora paled. Where their bodies are?! Kará was worried too. If their bodies are not in there that means spirits took the opportunity from the confusion to steal their bodies. At least the bodies were not possessed by specters.

"Er…. You two, I will help you two to save your teammate and clean this specter infestation." Kará said, smiling embarrassed as she scratched the back of her head.

"What?!" Exclaimed Sora, not believing that girl was saying. "what about our bodies?!"

"Didn't you say we need to return our bodies soon because they can't survive without our souls?"Asked Sai,

"yeah, I said, but looks like some spirits took your bodies while you were fighting against the specters. Only not corrupted spirits can posses soulless bodies." Explain Kará to them. "Specters prefer to eat bodies than possessing them. As we don't see any blood, It's safe to say your bodies are safe…. For now."

Sora groaned. Everything she said was true. As much he wants to return to his body, he needs first save his teammate from the specters before anything happens to her. Sai doesn't understand what is happening in there. He thought it's better to follow them for now. And also he wants to know about this Valkyrie that the girl had called herself. He has no doubt Danzo would be interested on this.


Meanwhile this, Sakura was lying down in the cold floor, unconscious. Three specters knelt down as they awaited the arrival of their higher authority. One of them lifted his heads, revealing his dark bony face.

"We brought the virgin, Fugaku-sama"

Then, from out of darkness, a giant pair of red gleaming eyes appeared. The presence of Uchiha Fugaku made the spirits drop their heads, almost bowing to the superior entity.

And it spoke with an imposing yet arrogant manner. "Excellent. We will prepare the things for the ritual. Meanwhile this, you take care of our guests."

"Yes, Fukagu-sama."

With that, the specters left Sakura and the specter of Fugaku alone in the room. Fugaku smirked as he looked at Sakura.

"Soon, this pathetic village will pay for what they did to us…."

To Be continued…


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