Hermione winced as she felt the whip strike her back. Although every muscle in her body was screaming with agony she would not cry out. She wouldn't give him that pleasure.



This one, she knew, had broken skin. She felt it rip the skin apart and felt fresh tears, absent since blow one, spring into her eyes.

Stay strong. For them.



He hasn't broken me yet.

Her hands clenched and relaxed on the metal grate as the blow hit. The ropes around her wrists, tying her to the gate, dug in painfully. Hermione could already see the bruises starting to form.



She could hear that malicious glee in her master's voice and knew he was wearing that signature smirk. She could feel the droplets of blood start to roll down her bare back, unlike the tears she was refusing to let fall.


"Seven. Had enough?"

"Do your worst." She snarled.

"Have it your way then." He said casually, waving his wand and directing the whip.



Harry wouldn't want you to cave. Especially to him.



By now, she knew, her back must be stained with blood. But nothing could ever make her stop fighting.



The winter wind on this hillside where the mansion took precedence was biting into her wounds, making them sting even more.



That one opened an older scar, a relic from her past disobediences.



Hermione let out her breath in a sigh and it ballooned out before her, fogging up the metal gate momentarily.

"There, Granger. I hope you've learnt your lesson."

He was standing so close behind her she could feel the heat radiating from his body. Almost delicately he did up her bra before letting it slap onto her painful back, making her gasp as a fresh wave overcame her before she could control the impulse. He zipped up the black dress for her before reaching around to her right hand and untying the ropes.

"You vowed to obey me without question," he said, holding her right hand up showing the V with a cross through it, burnt there by magic. "You're only alive thanks to me, my little slave. Disobey me again and I shall double the usual." He untied the other wrist. "Get back to work."

She turned her head and watched him going back into the house, wanting to throw something at that blond head.

One day.