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Eisen and Ridvan stood outside the room, about to enter when they heard voices.

"I shall defeat you."

"Please don't be too harsh."

The swordmaster and monk exchanged worried glances. "Your partner had better not be harming Atsumori."

I hope he's not... Eisen thought to himself.

A minute had passed. Atsumori could be heard screaming. Ridvan grabbed the doorknob, turned it and pushed the door open. "Yasuaki! You dare to harm a fellow Hachiyo?!"

Eisen peeked in and was surprised with what he saw.

Atsumori and Yasuaki turned away from the videogame they were playing. "Is something wrong, Riz-sensei?" Atsumori asked in curiosity.

The oldest in the room knelt down beside Atsumori and checked him. "You're...unharmed?"

Atsumori nodded. "Just a little upset."

Eisen found it was safe to enter so he did. "What's the matter?"

"No matter what, Yasuaki-dono always defeats me when we play this game, and I have been trying my hardest to improve enough to defeat him."

Eisen and Ridvan looked to the onmyouji who sat there calmly, holding a controller in his hand. "You always defeat Atsumori-dono?"

Yasuaki nodded. "Mondai nai."