I do not own Harukanaru Toki no Naka de nor its characters. They are the property of Koei and Mizuno Tooko-san. If I did own the series, there'd be more shounen-ai potential between Yasuaki and Eisen.

Note: Yasuaki appears 21, but in truth is only 2 years old. If you observe him carefully, you can see he had childlike tendencies. Here are some drabbles that capture scenes between the Genbu Hachiyo when Yasuaki's childlike side comes to light.

Yasuaki wore a blank look on his face. He was hiding his emotions again, and Eisen knew it. He knelt beside his partner and shifted as close as he could. He knew what would happen next, so he wasn't surprised, but was displeased.

Yasuaki held Eisen's sleeve tight as if it was a security blanket. He truly was feeling very troubled.

"What is the matter?"

Yasuaki shook his head. He was saying nothing was wrong, but he should've known that Eisen was aware it was the complete opposite. His grip tightened.

Eisen decided if Yasuaki wasn't going to tell him, then he couldn't audibly assist him. So, he just reached over and drew his partner into an embrace. He rubbed his back with one hand, the hand which couldn't reach too much further without causing his partner to lose his grip on his sleeve. With his other hand, he stroked Yasuaki's hair.

Yasuaki closed his eyes in content and released his grip on Eisen's sleeve so he could return the embrace. There was always something better than a security blanket, and that was being held by a loved one.